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Season 4 Episode 2

Steve left his job to be with DJ, and they have their official first date in decades. Will the first date go as expected?

Stephanie has been supper protective over the baby and Kimmy. Has Stephanie gone too far? Will Kimmy retaliate?

Jackson and Rocki have seen each other and only been making out nothing series. Will they finally make it official?

The Official First Date in 25 Years

DJ is all dressed up for her date with Steve, and he is all dressed up as well. Steve is taking DJ to Wine Country, The French Laundry. Kimmy and Stephanie get the two of them all nervous about the date. DJ and Steve leave to go to dinner, and Stephanie and Kimmy believe they have made it better for them, but they have actually made it worse. They are so nervous.

NervousDJ and Steve are still nervous and stuck in traffic. After a while, they are still sitting in the car nervously in traffic. DJ and Steve have lost their reservation due to traffic. Where will they eat now?

They enter into a trivia contest on the radio. Steve has gotten 19 in a row correct on Trivia. If he answers one more correctly, he will win a Three Tenors tote bag. Will he answer the question correctly?

DJ calls Max to get the last answer to the question, and he blackmails her into letting him watch Blue Bloods. Steve and DJ win the tote bag.

DJ and Steve are doing a musical number, and others join in. They did not realize that they did it.

DJ and Steve drove to get burgers and Fanta instead. They are sitting on the car’s engine, looking up at the beautiful sky in the moonlight. It turned out to be a romantic night for the two of them.


Kimmy is pregnant, hungry, and angry. Stephanie came down and told her to step away from the microwave because she read mommy blogs. Kimmy tells her not to read mommy blogs because they will fill you with panic and worry.

Kimmy is watching Shark Week and eating popcorn. Stephanie scoots the couch back Canoodlingbecause she is sitting too close to the TV. She then turns the TV off, and Kimmy says she has “become a real wombzilla.” Fernando walks in and starts to cuddle up with Kimmy. Stephanie forbidden Fernando to be cuddling up with Kimmy.

Stephanie and Jimmy start getting all close, and Kimmy walks in. She said, “If Fernando and I cannot, neither can Jimmy and Wombzilla.” Kimmy told her!

Kimmy insists Stephanie go outside and check out the moon. Stephanie finds Jimmy outside, washing a vehicle, and looking so sexy. Kimmy’s plan worked like a charm to let her and Fernando cuddle.

Blue Bloods

Max tries to get an extra hour before bedtime to watch Blue Bloods. DJ tells him no, he cannot stay up past his bedtime. Max was upset by her decision, but it will come in his favor soon enough.

Max had blackmailed his mother into letting him stay up and watch Blue Bloods for him to give her an answer to a trivia question. His plan worked to his advantage. Max may now stay up to watch Blue Bloods and tweet about it.

In a Relationship

Jackson and Rocki are not an official couple yet, but Jackson wants true love. He wants a commitment with Rocki. Ramona tries to give him advice, but he takes it to extreme measures. Jackson changes his Facebook status from single to in a relationship with Rocki. He is moving too fast, and he should have talked to her about it first.

Rocki stops by to see Jackson after he posted in a relationship with her. Rocki is mad that In a Relationshiphe posted that to Facebook. Jackson explains he wants to be in an exclusive relationship with her, but she does not want to put a label on it. She signed up for Facebook just to block Jackson. Rocki is mad at Jackson for what he did.

Jackson tells Ramona that it backfired on him, and he wants Rocki back. Ramona said for him to take a step back and relax. It will be okay. Jackson did not listen to a word that Ramona had said to him.

Max and Ramona are sitting on top of Jackson, so he does not “go over to Rocki’s or call her.” Rocki stops by to see Jackson. She tells him that they are in an exclusive relationship. Jackson is pumped, and they kiss.

Life Does Not Go As Planned

DJ and Steve had their official first date in twenty-five years. They were trying to go to Wine Country, The French Laundry, but traffic had other plans. DJ and Steve ended up getting burgers and Fanta. They ate under the moonlight and stars, and it was a romantic night for the two of them.

Stephanie has been overprotective of Kimmy and the baby. Kimmy could not take it any longer, so she came up with a plan. Kimmy had Jimmy out there, washing a vehicle and looking HOT that Stephanie could not handle it any longer. Kimmy’s plan worked, and now she and Fernando get to cuddle.

Max wanted to watch Blue Bloods, but DJ told him no. He blackmailed her into letting him watch Blue Bloods if she wanted an answer to a trivia question. So, he is now able to view and tweet about Blue Bloods while DJ is out on a date.

Jackson realized he wanted to be in a relationship with Rocki. She did not feel the same at first. Rocki realized after a while that she wanted to be in a relationship with him as well. They are an official couple now.

Is this the start of a new beginning for DJ and Steve? Has Stephanie learned to not get involved with Kimmy and Fernando’s relationship? How much longer until the baby is due? Will Jackson and Rocki’s relationship last?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Wine Country

  1. It is the beginning of Steve and DJ’s happily ever after. They had their first date in over 25 years, and it went perfectly for the two of them. They had a beautiful night with each other. Stephanie definitely learned to stay out of Kimmy and Fernando’s relationship. Kimmy’s plan was terrific. She knew Stephanie would cave. Kimmy is getting bigger every day, and the baby should be almost here. Jackson and Rocki’s relationship will last; he may be a little goofy, but they make a cute couple.