Will Michael Ever Get His Memories Back?

Will Michael Ever Get His Memories Back?
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Season 5 Episode 1

In the last season of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael were about to move in together. He was planning on proposing to Jane. Still, Rafael found out that Michael is ALIVE! Petra lied to JR to protect herself, but then JR found out the truth that she murdered her sister.

Petra tried to explain, but JR left her until she realized that Petra was in real trouble. When JR got to the room and saw that Petra was about to get shot, JR fired off her gun. Whom did JR shoot?

Michael is ALIVE!

Jane is at the cemetery visiting Michael’s grave for the first time, and she was devastated. Her heart is broken, and she was trying to pick up all the pieces. As each year passed, she got better with her grief and visiting his grave. (They tell stories to keep the dead alive.)

Michael's Grave

Jane finds out that Michael is ALIVE! She says he is supposed to be dead and passed out on the floor. Michael has amnesia and goes by Jason now. He also has a dog named Bo. Michael (Jason) cannot remember anything from his past. Rose was behind it all, and she faked his death. Why did she fake his death, and why was he a great asset to have?

Michael woke up four years ago in a field with no memories, and some lady was there. She told him to start his life over. The lady said to him that he was in much trouble, so he did not know if he was a good guy or a bad guy. Jane tells him he was a terrific guy. Jane is so confused, hurt, and upset.

Jane looks through some videos on her computer. She tells her mother and Alba that she feels erased. Jane does not know if moving in with Rafael is the right thing to do now, knowing that Michael is alive. Jane should move in with Rafael. Michael is from her past, and Rafael is her future.

Will Michael Remember?

Michael and Jane decide to stay the night at Abla’s house. Michael (Jason) meets Jane’s family, and he does not remember Alba’s house or his female cat. Rogelio was disappointed that Michael could not recognize him.

Michael meets his mom but also does not remember her. His mom asks Jane to go to Michael’s neurologist appointment. The doctors do not know if Michael will get his memory back. His mother asks Jane to help Michael familiarize himself with some places or things that he enjoys.

Cannot Tell Mateo

Jane starts to ramble whether she is married to Michael or not and is freaking out. Jane is concerned about how Rafael feels and then does not know what to tell Mateo. Jane does not like that Michael-Jason calls her ma’am, and she does not know if she is okay. Jane goes and takes her pants off and walks back into the kitchen and rambles off more. Then she concludes that she is okay. The situation is driving her crazy.

The next day, Jane takes Michael down memory lane; the first time they met was when Jane thought her friends got her a stripper for her birthday. The Cubano truck and he made her an apology playlist that was the best music to kiss too.

Michael meets Petra and checks her out. Michael thought he had a thing with Petra. Ha-ha! That is hilarious, Michael. Jane reminds him that “he did conspire to cover up a crime with her.”

Jane takes Michael on the Ferris wheel, and that is when Jane told Michael that she only wanted to be with him too, and they came there the night before he died because it was so unique to the two of them. Michael does not remember anything about his past life.

Then Michael says that Jane talks too much, and Jane suggests sending him pictures and videos instead. Michael agrees with her. They both decide to go home.

Later, Michael shows up on Jane’s doorstep and tells her that if she wants him to go back to Montana, he will. She does not tell him anything.

Michael leaves, and Jane works on her novel. The flashbacks start with their first kiss, the wedding, finding out that Michael is dead, the funeral, and Rafael steps up to help her read the paper. Jane has been through one emotional roller coaster.

Jane and Michael meet up later that night, and Jane tells Michael that the second Star Wars movie was Michael’s favorite. He does not know what a flash drive is or how to work the computer. Jane and Michael watch old videos together, but he still does not remember.

Moving In

Jane and Rafael were supposed to get engaged and move in together. They decided to delay their move in together with Michael coming back from the dead. Rafael later decides to move in and let Jane determine when she is ready.

Moving In

Rogelio helps Rafael pack up his things to move into the house. He talks to Rafael about his difficulty with Michael’s return. Then later, Xo stops by to see Rafael and how Rafael is doing. Rafael is scared that he is going to lose Jane to Michael. He should be scared because Michael will always have a place in her heart.

Jane goes to Rafael’s job when it is his first day and tells him, “Look, I know our lives are crazy right now. And I wish I can tell Jason to just go, but I cannot. I have to help him get his memory back, but you need to know that I…” Rafael stops her and asks her if they can do this outside. Jane tells Rafael that “I rescheduled the movers for later today. Because I want to move in with you now, not in a few weeks, not when things settle down because things never seem to settle down.”

Jane said, “And I also wanted to say thank you. Because when I think about what you did, bringing Michael back, and how selfless that is, and how selfless you have been throughout this, and every day for the past four years… I love you, Rafael. And I know it feels like everything has changed, but it didn’t. Not that.” Rafael said, “We are going to get through this.” Jane said, “We are.” That is true love when nothing will stop you from being with the individual that makes you happy.

Who Shot Petra?

JR shot MILOS! What is Milos doing at Petra’s place? Milos has done terrible things to Petra. He threw acid in Magda’s face, blackmailed Petra into marriage, sold grenades out of the Marbella, regularly sent Petra yellow tulips (NOT HER FAVORITE FLOWER), and Owns and operates internet troll farms. Does he think Petra is going to help him because he has something coming to him, and it is not her help?

JR Shot Who?

Milos owns ⅔ of the hotel. Lusia gave her shares to Milos. He offers his freedom to provide Petra with his shares. When she considers it, she loses JR. JR broke up with Petra. What? We all love Petra and JR together. Petra calls Rafael to pick up the girls to stay with him for the night because Milos is back.

Later, Milos is hiding behind the bear in Petra’s hotel room. He gives Petra his hotels share in return for antibiotics. Milos writes that he gives his ⅔ shares to Petra, but there was no deal to make with Petra. Petra called the cops on Milos. He was sent to jail.

Petra runs into JR when she comes back to get her things. Petra admits she has made mistakes and that she must manipulate, lie, and cheat her whole life to survive. She tries to change JR’s mind, but she cannot get past all the lies Petra has put her through over the period they have been together.

What is Rose up to?

What Is Rose Up To?

Luisa reaches out to her brother, Rafael. He gave Rose Luisa’s location to find Michael. Rose has sent Luisa dozens of vegan doughnuts. Luisa calls Rafael and wants to help him find out why Rose took Michael. Rose is in jail and is up to something suspicious. She has a group of people to do an assignment for her. What could be the assignment?

Getting Frisky

Jane and Rafael went through a lot over the years. Jane was losing a husband and now showing up from the dead. Rafael feels like he may lose Jane and run back to Michael. Do you think she would do that to Rafael after everything they have been through in life? I would not leave Rafael to go back to Michael.

Milos thought he could blackmail Petra, and he was wrong for thinking that. Petra is a brilliant woman. What is Rose up to? She is in love with Luisa but is still trying to ruin people’s lives.

In the previews, Michael walks in on Jane and Rafael getting a little frisky on the couch.

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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  1. Jane is having conflicted feelings and does not know if being with Rafael is the right choice. Michael may have come back, but it has been four years, and it is too late for Jane and Michael to be together. They have missed their chance, and now it is Rafael’s turn.