Will Michael and Jane get a Divorce?

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Season 5 Episode 2

Michael came back from the “dead,” which he never died in the first place. Rafael is trying to hold on to Jane but with Michael in the picture, who knows who she will choose. Are Jane and Michael married? That sure will complicate things with Rafael if they are married.

Rogelio is very stubborn lately, but why? Maybe it has something or someone to do with it? Alba is in love with Jorge, and he is back. Is he staying or leaving?


Jane received her first sacrament in the Catholic Church (Baptism). She has gone through her Holy Rights of Passage; Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, and Marriage. Jane is moving out of her Alba’s home, and Jorge is moving in temporarily.

Still Married

Jane receives a phone call from her lawyer to find out if she is married or not, and the lawyer still does not know for sure. Jane and Rafael are setting up her belongings in the house. Mateo is starting Catholic classes, and she came up with a calendar, so it does not interrupt their lives.

Rafael finds out that Jane and Michael are still married for at least another six months. Jane does not want to get a divorce because it goes against the church. He reminds her that she broke a church rule several times. For example, birth control and lots of premarital sex. She reruns it again by Rafael that it is a sacrament, so it is different.

Rafael calls Jane to tell her that Rose explained to Luisa why she faked Michael’s death is because it was random. He asks her if she is okay. Jane wanted to say, “No. I am not.

There was a moment today where I thought Michael got his memory back, and I had a panic attack because I am so scared of what would happen if he did. I do not want anything to happen because I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Instead, Jane says, “Yeah. Hanging in. Mm. You?

Rafael wanted to say, “In hell. I am just so terrified of Michael’s memory coming back. Please, Jane, promise me… that no matter what happens… You will choose me. Instead, Rafael said, “Same.” The Rose and Michael situation is putting a significant strain on their relationship.

Jane tells Rafael that Jason kissed her, and he freaks out. Jane says, “I do not know why he did it.” Rafael says, “I do. Because you are his wife, Jane. Of course, he thinks you are still interested.” Jane says, “You know I do not want to be married to him.” Rafael says, “Well, get a divorce. Be done with it.”

Jane says, “I just feel so guilty.” Rafael says, “Oh, come on, enough with the Catholic guilt.” Jane says, “It is not because I am Catholic. It is because I wish he never came back. And I am a terrible person to wish that or want that just because I was happy.”

Michael's Death Was Random

Rafael said, “I am glad that you were happy.” Jane says, “So happy. With you, with our whole life. Which is not fair to him.” Rafael says, “None of this is fair.” It is not fair to the two of them, especially Rafael. Four years have passed since Michael allegedly died.

Jane says, “Still. I am wracked with guilt every second. But maybe that is Catholicism. Which is why I took Mateo out of CCD, by the way.” Rafael says, “What?” Jane says, “I just do not feel like there is a plan right now, you know? To anything. And if there is not, then what is the point of it all? What am I asking Mateo to believe in?”

Rafael says, “Well, far be it from me to fight for religious education. But I think that plan or no plan, it has been a force for good in your life. It has made you into the woman that you are. The person I fell in love with.”

Jane says, “You win. I will put him back in,” and She is going to divorce Michael (Jason). Rafael feels hurt that Michael (Jason) kissed Jane. Yes, Michael is still Jane’s husband, but she is with Rafael. Jane felt upset by the whole situation as well.

Divorce Papers

I Want My Money Back

Jane and Rafael were about to have relations, and Michael walked in. Jane is helping Michael to get his memories back. They are going through his belongings. Michael was asking to get the money back from his car that Jane sold, and She got a phone call from the lawyer, and they are still married.

Michael (Jason) came by to tell Jane that he is not going through Michael’s crap. She does not want him to quit trying to get his memories back. Michael says he is not stopping; he calls it “I call it walking away from a bad experience.” Jane goes over to Michaels and apologizes for pushing him to remember the old Michael and not getting to know who he is now.

She learns about the new Michael (Jason). His favorite color is brown, he likes to do for fun is watch NCIS, and he also lines dances. Jason takes Jane to a bar to have a pickleback drink and dance.

The Kiss

Jane and Michael were line dancing, and he swoops her in close and kisses her. OH MY GOSH! Jane was upset and told him that he knows she is with Rafael. She goes and gets the car. They went home. Is Michael (Jason) falling for Jane knowing she is with Rafael?

Jane goes to see Michael (Jason) for the divorce papers. He apologizes for kissing her. Bo ate the divorce papers after Michael had signed them, so Jane must get new ones drawn up. After Jane left his place, he tossed the divorce papers in the trash. He had lied to her about Bo eating them. Why did Michael (Jason) throw away the divorce papers? Does he know more than what we think? Does Michael think he has a chance at winning her back?

The Passion of Santos

Jane’s father Rogelio launched the American version of The Passion of Santos, and River Fields is his costar. Xo is still going through chemo. He is worried about her. Rogelio does not like the script, so he talks to the writers, but he goes to the production instead, then he goes to the writers and sees that River Fields gave the writers cookies.

Real Amnesia

Rogelio wants his monologue restored, but the writers will not budge. “He wants to hire Michael as an amnesia consultant on his telenovela.” Michael wants 600 dollars to be his consultant, and he will call it even with Jane for selling his car. Michael works for Rogelio, and he loves River Fields.

Rogelio is being stubborn about reading his line. Xo pulls the cancer card and says her cancer is flaring up because he is stressing her out. River Fields gives Xo a paper to pass along to Rogelio. She freaks out. What was on the paper that made Xo freak out?


Alba is also having a rocky relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jorge which she is married to now. They have received their marriage certificate. Jane tells Alba she is getting a divorce. “I do not feel married to Jason, and I do not want to be.” Alba understands, and Jorge is leaving. Alba is protecting her heart. Do you think Jane and Alba are doing the right thing?

Rose’s Assignment

Mystery Number

Rafael and Luisa are going to see Rose, “Rose will tell Luisa why she wiped Michael’s memory.” Dennis is helping Luisa and Rafael. Dennis Chambers is “Michael’s old partner, recently promoted to Captain of Sin Rostro Task Force, and also, went on a date with Jane.” Rose has done some terrible things; “killed Luisa and Rafael father, kidnapped Mateo and Luisa, and never has the same face.”

Rose made Rafael mad by saying that “Jane will go running back to her one true love like she always does?” Luisa demands an answer from Rose on why she took Michael’s memories away from him.

Rose tells Luisa, “You and I had just gotten back into town after our submarine tour. I had my Eileen face on, and I ran into Michael, and my phone fell. As we both bent down to pick it up, my mask came unglued, just a little. I did not know if he saw, but he and I were going to be formally introduced later that week. And when he saw me with you, he could have put two and two together. Don’t you see Luisa? I did it for us.”

The Day Michael Died

Luisa tells Rose, “No. You did it for yourself so that you would not end up in prison.” Luisa is right. Rose did do it for herself. What is Rose’s agenda?

Rose tells Luisa, “If that were the case, I would have just killed Michael. But I promised you that I would not kill anymore, so… I faked his death with a paralytic, and I hired some fake EMTs, and, and I gave him amnesia. Which was way harder, by the way.”

Luisa says, “I do not believe you. I think it has something to do with this number.” Rose says, “So you are working with the police now?” Luisa says, “What if I am?” Rose says, “Tell them there is no chance in hell they’ll ever figure out what that number is.”

Rafael drops Luisa off at a condo where she will be safe from Rose. Luisa’s neighbor, Bobby, was working on an assignment for Rose and brought her pie. She is so blind.


Jane and Michael are married! Rafael is not very happy, especially finding out that he KISSED JANE. Rafael does not want to lose Jane, but it could be a possibility. He also has his hands full with Rose as well. She made him mad, saying that Jane will run to Michael.

Luisa is being played by Rose with Bobby. He is working for Rose. What is his agenda with Luisa? Alba told Jorge to leave, and she is protecting her heart from getting hurt. Xo receives a paper from River Fields and freaks out. What could possibly be on that paper? Does it have something to do with Rogelio or someone else?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Will Michael and Jane get a Divorce?

  1. Michael believes he has a chance to win Jane’s heart back and get back together with her. Rafael is upset and hurt by the situation. Michael should sign the divorce papers and let Jane move on with her life. She is in love with Rafael, but will always hold a place in her heart for Michael. They are just not meant to be forever. Her partner in life is Rafael because he has always been there for her.