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Season 4 Episode 8

DJ is so excited about the “Vet of the Year” award, and she is hoping that she will win this year. DJ says Dr. Jeffries wins every year, so she has no chance. Will she win this year or Dr. Jeffries?

Stephanie gives Jackson some advice that DJ does not agree. What information would she give Jackson that DJ does not accept?

Jesse and Becky are in town to host the BAASBA awards. They also have a mommy and me group session for Pamela. Will Pamela love her new mommy and me group, or will Jesse be enjoying it more?

Jackson and Ramona have their first high school party. DJ tells them no drinking and to have fun. Will Jackson and Ramona listen to the rules or break them?


DJ was practicing getting an award from the “Bay Area Small Business Association.” She believes that Dr. Jeffries will win it because he earns it every year. Will he be the one to win the award this year?

Jesse and Becky are in town and host the BAASBA awards.

JealousyMatt Harmon won the “Vet of the Year” award. Not DJ and Jesse told her to sit. Matt did not thank DJ during his speech, and the situation hurts her. DJ was hoping to win the award. She should have won as well, and Matt should have thanked her during his speech.

DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy arrive home and help Kimmy take her shoes off. DJ was disappointed that she did not win the award.

DJ goes into work the next day and finds a banner hanging up with Matt’s name saying “Vet of the Year.” Now no one wants to see DJ because she is not the “Vet of the Year.” People are rude and a little ridiculous over an award. DJ thinks it was a bad idea to work together with Matt. She leaves and goes home to cool down.

DJ goes to see Matt because there is an emergency. DJ shows up to help Matt, and he apologizes for the award. DJ realizes that Jackson needs his mother, and she needs to be there for support. She and Matt talked it out and forgave each other. They are so much better at working together. Matt should not have been a jerk in the first place.

Teenage Stephanie

Stephanie, at the awards ceremony, disclosed that she dated a woman in her life. Go Teenage StephanieSteph! I would have never guessed or known if she never said anything.

She told Jackson the best way to cure a hangover is to go to Denny’s and order a cup of coffee. How many times has Stephanie gotten drunk to know that?

Mommy and Me

Jesse and Becky are hosting the award ceremony. They also brought Pamela with them. She is so cute and adorable.

Jesse is doing the mommy and me class. Women love and admire him. Becky walks in, finding the women all around her man. She interrupts them, and one of the ladies thought she was a nanny. Becky was mad, and he has a lot of explaining to do. Becky does not want any other woman messing with her man.

Mommy and MeJesse does the mommy and me class again. They do the hokey pokey, and the woman goes and grabs Jesse’s butt. He then goes to kick everyone out of the house. Jesse set her straight and lay down the rules on her. Jesse loves Becky and always will.

Jesse plans a romantic dinner with Becky and explains what happens. Becky understands that they have not been giving each other the attention they need. They are going to come up with a schedule that works for the two of them. I am so glad they worked things out, and Becky handled the situation very calmly.

High School Parties

Jackson and Ramona are going to their first high school party. They are going to be playing Mario Cart and hanging out. Is that what they are doing?

Fernando gets a text from Ramona to come to get them from the party and to be discreet. Jackson is so drunk and does not want him to tell his mom. Jackson is going to be in deep trouble when DJ finds out.High School Parties

Fernando, Jackson, and Ramona arrive home the same time the She-Wolf Pack does. They sneak in the back door and head upstairs. They are so lucky they did not get caught.

Ramona goes to check on Jackson, and she says to him, “You were really out of control last night. You ran around the party naked.” Jackson freaked out, but he did not do that. If he did do that, there would have been a video, and it would have gone viral.

Jackson heads downstairs, but he stops to hear DJ say how disappointed she was at him, but she was referring to Matt. Jackson told on himself, and DJ is so disappointed in him. Her face was speechless and angry when she found out that Fernando knew about it.

Fernando tries to escape and leave the house. DJ tells Fernando to let her parent her kid the way she wants to. DJ is not happy with Fernando at all.

DJ makes things right with Fernando and apologizes. She goes to talk to Jackson, and he is so grounded. DJ talks with him and explains to him that he needs to make better choices. She is right, and there are way worse consequences to drinking then he even realizes.

Not Having the Best of Time

DJ is not named the “Vet of the Year,” but Matt sure is, and he is so excited. DJ was disappointed that he did not thank her during his speech. DJ told Matt that it is best if they do not work together, and she left. They talked and worked things out. Now they make sure to appreciate one another at work.

Jesse’s mommy and me class were getting a little frisky. When things took a turn, he kicked everyone out of the house. He told Becky everything that happened and that he handled the situation. The two of them realized that neither of them was giving each other the attention they needed. Becky and Jesse made a schedule to spend more time together that works for them.

Jackson made some poor life decisions, and he did not follow the rules. When DJ found out, she was disappointed in Jackson, and he was so grounded. DJ was proud that they had an adult pick them up instead of getting in a car with a drunk person. Jackson realized what he did wrong and will never do it again.

Is DJ truly okay with not being named “Vet of the Year?” Has Jackson learned his lesson of not drinking at a young age?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Vet of the Year

  1. I believe that DJ is okay with not being named “Vet of the Year.” It is just a trophy and not necessary. It is not something worth fighting over and hurting her relationship with Matt. As for Jackson, he has definitely learned his lesson not to drink at a young age. He knows it was wrong, disappointing his mother for not listening and following the rules. Jackson is so grounded for what he did and will have to earn DJ’s trust back.