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Season 4 Episode 11

Kimmy is getting closer to her due date. Soon, the baby will be here in a blink of an eye. Once the baby is here, everything will change, and the baby will number one priority. Are Stephanie and Jimmy prepared for a new life with a baby? Has Kimmy started feeling any contractions? Are Stephanie and Jimmy prepared for the baby? 

DJ is meddling into Stephanie’s life again. Once DJ has something on her mind, she will not let it go until it is resolved. DJ is always trying to solve everyone else’s problems. What could it be that she is meddling in Stephanie’s life? 

Ramona has not been on a date in a while. Kimmy decides to set her daughter up with someone. Who is this Bachelor? Is Ramona ready to date? Will Ramona and the guy hit it off, or will they just be friends?

False Alarm

Kimmy comes into the living room, and she is having contractions. The baby is not due for another month and a half. I cannot believe that she is having a baby. I am so excited to see if it is a boy or girl. 

False AlarmI thought she was pretending and joking around DJ and Stephanie to see how they would react, but she was not. They headed to the hospital, and it was a false alarm. Kimmy was experiencing indigestion and was not going into labor. There is no baby yet, and I am a little disappointed. The baby is almost here, and I just have to wait a little longer.


Stephanie wants DJ to go with her to Yoga at the rec center. DJ does not seem like she wants to go to the rec center. She is feeling lazy and thinks the rec center is full of older adults. DJ should be spending as much time with her sister before the baby is born because the baby will be Stephanie’s number one priority. 

DJ and Stephanie fall asleep after their yoga class. A dodgeball coach throws a ball, and it hits Stephanie. Ouch! That has to hurt. He tells her and DJ to get off the court. After Stephanie and the coach have it out, she decides to join in on the dodgeball tryouts. The coach was impressed with Stephanie’s skills. She proved to the coach that she is the best player he will have on the team. 

DJ and Stephanie come home, and DJ is worried about her and Jimmy’s relationship. SheDodgeball keeps meddling in their lives like Kimmy does with Ramona’s. DJ is trying to protect Stephanie because she is the big sister and wants her best.

DJ and Steve go to Stephanie’s dodgeball tournament. Max calls DJ to let her know that Jimmy is leaving. She wants him and Jackson to stall Jimmy before she gets there. Jimmy should not be going to work now. There is a baby on the way and should not miss the birth. 

DJ tells Stephanie that Jimmy is leaving on an assignment. Stephanie and DJ apologize to each other, and Steph runs home to see Jimmy. Hopefully, she makes it back before he leaves.

Ready for a Baby

Stephanie wishes Jimmy would start being there more and stepping up for the baby. She wants him to be part of the baby’s life and does not want him to miss anything. Stephanie does not tell Jimmy how it feels, so DJ takes it into her own hands. Steph needs to step up and let Jimmy know how she feels, or there will be problems in the future.

Ready for a BabyDJ sits down with Jimmy and talks with him. Jimmy is not concerned that there is a baby on the way, and nothing is prepared. DJ is worried about Stephanie that Jimmy is not taking anything seriously. A baby is a big responsibility and needs a lot of attention. A baby cannot take care of themselves. 

Jimmy tells Stephanie that he was never planning on leaving her before the birth of their child. He was packing the bags for the hospital. Jimmy also put together the crib in the kitchen. He surprises her by being ready for the baby. Jimmy is terrific, but sometimes not the brightest. We all love him, though. Am I right?

Ramona’s Date

Kimmy has her first high school intern. His name is Casey, and he is helping her with the Party Planning Business. Kimmy realizes when Casey leaves that he would be perfect for Ramona. Fernando thinks she should fire him because he is adorable. You cannot fire someone just because they are cute. Here goes Kimmy again, meddling in her daughter’s life again. 

Kimmy tells Ramona that she set Ramona up with the perfect boy, and she tells her to stop meddling in her life. Kimmy wants her daughter to be happy and find love again. She wants the best for her daughter. Ramona’s Date

Kimmy set Ramona up with a gay guy, and she did not know. Casey tells Ramona how lucky she is to have a mom talk to because he and his mother do not have a lot in common. Casey likes Ramona’s mom. It has to be hard on some kids where they feel like they cannot tell their parents everything. It is upsetting that some parents are not as accepting as other parents would be. 

Ramona talks to her mom and lets her know that she is going to prom with Casey. Also, she tells her that Casey is gay, and she is not mad at her this time for meddling. I am proud of Ramona. She is a wonderful young lady like her mother, Kimmy.

Always Meddling in People’s Lives

Kimmy’s contractions were a false alarm, and there was no baby. Stephanie and DJ tried to get a hold of Jimmy, but no answer. If it indeed were the time for the birth of the baby, Jimmy would have maybe missed it. Stephanie would feel upset and hurt if he did. DJ convinces Stephanie to talk with Jimmy before the baby is born because it may get worse as time goes on. She talks with him and explains that she does not want him to miss the birth of their child. She wants to be there for him or her. Jimmy has no plans to leave anytime soon before the baby is born. 

Kimmy tells Ramona that she set her up on a date. Kimmy is always meddling in her daughter’s life. Ramona says she will meet the guy and go on one date with him. When Ramona meets Casey, she knew he was gay and was not surprised that her mother did not pick up on it. Casey helped Ramona realize that her mother cares about her and loves her. Not every parent is like Kimmy. Casey wishes that his mom was like Kimmy. All Kimmy wants is the best for her child.

Has Jimmy realized how important the birth of his child is to Stephanie for him to be part of the process? Has Ramona realized that her mother is wonderful, loving, and caring? 

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly. 

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Unexpected

  1. Jimmy will not miss the birth of his child for anything. He cannot wait to become a father to his son or daughter. Ramona knows that her mother loves her, and that is why Kimmy meddles in her life. Kimmy is a wonderful mother to Ramona.