Uncle Monty’s Grand Reopening Gone Wrong

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Season 5 Episode 5

Steve, Jimmy, and Fernando have bought Uncle Monty’s sub shop, and they are keeping it open. They have been working on getting everything together for the grand opening in a week. Will they have everything together in time for the reopening or not? 

DJ wants to take an interest in Jackson’s life because he is not talking to her. She gets a crazy idea and runs with it. Steve even told her it was a bad idea. What has DJ come up with now that Steve disagrees with?

Stephanie’s Peace and Quiet Goes Wrong

Stephanie’s Peace and Quiet Goes Wrong

Stephanie is having some peace and quiet time while the baby is sleeping, and then BAM! Fernando barges into the house and yells, “Kimberlina! I am here for my goodbye kisses! Stephanie pushes him out the door and sends him on his way; she really wanted her peace and quiet time this morning. Stephanie was not putting up with Fernando. 

Kimmy and Stephanie try to have some quiet time, and this time Jimmy barges in and sounds upset. Here we go again. He is not going to have all the ingredients in time for the grand opening. What is Stephanie going to have to do to get some peace and quiet around here?

Fernando is Accepted into the Racing Hall of Fame

Fernando is Accepted into the Racing Hall of Fame

Fernando is going to Monte Carlo for a week. Kimmy says, “He is being honored by the Racing Hall of Fame.” It is also almost time for Uncle Monty’s grand reopening since Steve, Jimmy, and Fernando bought it. Stephanie helps Fernando leave a little faster than he planned by shoving him out the door. Congratulations, Fernando, on your significant acceptance!

Rocket League NorCal Finals

DJ comes into the kitchen and tells Stephanie and Kimmy the excellent news. Jackson got into AP History! Jackson does not care in the world that he got into AP History, but DJ is excited for him. All he was excited about was his game. 

Stephanie tells DJ if she wants to spend more time with Jackson, then she should do what he is interested in. So, DJ decides to play one of Jackson’s video games. Jackson has no idea that it is mother, on the other end playing with him. He wants her to “partner with him and try to qualify for the Rocket League NorCal finals,” and she agrees. Steve walks in and catches her playing a video game. 

Steve tells DJ that this is a bad idea, and Jackson may catch her. I think it is a brilliant idea because if that is the only way your kid will talk to you, then go for it.

Rocket League NorCal Finals

Jackson and DJ are playing a video game, and they made a goal. Jackson decides to open up to “Doombuggy,” but it is actually DJ. He has been stressed because he got into the AP History class and is worried he will fail. Jackson thinks DJ expects him to be perfect since Max is all the time. Max also makes mistakes, so he is not all that perfect either. No one is perfect, and that is life. 

Jackson comes downstairs, and DJ wants to talk to him. His phone goes off, and he “got into the Rocket League NorCal finals tomorrow.” The tournament is live and thinks that Doombuggy is going to be excited. The look on DJ’s face was priceless. She has no idea how to tell Jackson the truth.

DJ comes by to see Stephanie and Kimmy because she is conflicted about her situation with Jackson. She talks to them and decides to tell Jackson the truth.

DJ shows up to the tournament with two minutes to spare. She tells Jackson the truth that she is doombuggy, and he laughs in her face. He does not believe her. They talk out all their problems and play the tournament.

DJ and Jackson won their tournament. Jackson tells his mom that he will take the AP History class, and she is so proud of him.

Uncle Monty’s Grand Reopening is Here!

Jimmy is on the phone with the supplier, and he sounds upset. He wants 40 pounds of Provolone delivered Friday to Uncle Monty’s. The suppliers do not know if they will be able to get it to him in time. Then Max and Ramona barge in with a big problem. The flyers they were handing out say tomorrow instead of next Friday. Now Jimmy has one day to prepare for the reopening. Will he be able to do it?

Jimmy is going over the list and getting everything ready. The line is all the way around the block. Everything is prepared for the grand opening, and everyone is excited!

Uncle Monty’s Grand Reopening is Here!

Steve goes to Uncle Monty’s and tells everyone some more bad news that they were selling the sandwiches on grand opening day for the price in 1972. The sandwich was 82 cents. Jimmy freaks out for a while but then says that they all better get to work. It is an excellent promo to do with the reopening, but there were just too many wrong mistakes being made on all of their parts. Since Fernando messed up the flyer, he gets to miss the reopening due to his acceptance in the Racing Hall of Fame.

Things are not going as good at Uncle Monty’s. They are running out of supplies and losing money. Jimmy feels like a failure, and Stephanie cheers him up and shows him her support. Jimmy gave a big speech and closed down the shop, but people decided to share some of the sandwiches they bought. Also, the suppliers showed up with more food for them to serve. Stephanie reminds Jimmy that he is the one that saved Uncle Monty’s. Stephanie is Jimmy’s big supporter, and I am proud of her standing by his side.

Family is Full of Surprises

Fernando went to Monte Carlo for a week. He was accepted into the Racing Hall of Fame. He left just in time, so they did not get a chance to tell Fernando that he messed up the flyers, and now they are all in a panic. He has no idea that he is missing it. I wonder what his reaction is to miss out on the opening of Uncle Monty’s. He made a mistake and now has to suffer from missing out on the grand reopening. 

DJ got involved with Jackson and his video game. He believed that he was playing with another teenager, but it was his mother. He was not happy about it when he found out, but everything worked out for the best. They even won the tournament. 

Stephanie never got her piece and quiet like she wanted, but everything worked out in the end. They had some supplies missing, and the opening was the next day. She was able to help Jimmy save the night at Uncle Monty’s Sub Shop; they were able to serve everyone and have a great night. 

Would you get involved with your kid’s video games just to talk to them like DJ did or not? How do you think Fernando will feel when he learns that he missed the grand opening? 

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly. 

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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