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Season 5 Episode 3

Stephanie has been raising baby Danielle on her own ever since Jimmy went off to work. She has been struggling to juggle being an aunt and a mother. Stephanie is excited for Jimmy to finally be coming home to her after all this time.

Fernando has been in a slump ever since he retired as an Indy Car driver. The new season kicks off, and he is not there to enjoy it. Kimmy gets worried about him because he has never been so sad before.

Steve comes by, and DJ suggests he take the boys to Monty’s and cheer Fernando up. They go to Monty’s to get a sandwich but come back with a surprise. What could Steve, Fernando, and Jimmy get into at Monty’s?

DJ’s Big Speech at a Vet Conference

DJ’s Big Speech at a Vet ConferenceDJ has a big Keynote speech to give about “Feline fecal impaction and what your litter box is telling you” at the vet conference. She is so excited to be giving a speech.

Steve decides not to go to the vet conference with DJ and go hang out with the guys. He did not want to sit through one of her uninteresting vet conferences again.

Max’s Fear of High-Diving Boards

Max goes to a day camp and jumps off of a high-diving board. Does he go through with it and jump off of the diving board? Will he chicken out and get scared?

Max is nervous about doing his high jump off of the diving board. He stands on the diving board, looks down at the water, and gets so worried that he is too scared to come down.

Max arrives home on a firetruck and does not want to talk about what happened. MaxMax’s Fear of High-Diving Boards had gotten so scared that a fireman had to get Max down off the diving board. Jackson and Ramona tell him that he cannot be scared or give up. Jackson and Ramona tell him both an embarrassing story to make him feel better. Jackson was named “Hot Buttered Boy” for the longest time in school. Ramona liked a picture of a boy from so many years ago on his Instagram.

Max never jumped off the diving board, but Taylor lost his trunks in mid-air, so he is the laughing stock now at school. Max is not the hot gossip at school anymore; Taylor is, and that makes Max so happy.

Ramona’s Stalking Image

Jackson catches Ramona looking at Ethan’s Instagram. Jackson accidentally likes one of Ethan’s photos on Ramona’s account. Now he is going to think that Ramona is a stalker. Jackson has screwed up again, and it is not looking pretty for him.

Ramona comes downstairs and asks Jackson to record her. He recorded himself instead. She is so worried about what Ethan is going to think about her stalking him on Ramona’s Stalking ImageInstagram. Has Ramona screwed things up with Ethan?

Jackson is trying to cheer up Ramona with new Instagram videos saying her phone was hacked. He is so funny, and he comes up with the craziest ideas.

Ethan deep-dived on Ramona’s Instagram and liked one of her old photos. Ramona is not the only one that is an Instagram stalker now.

Uncle Monty’s Sub Shop Surprise

Stephanie is happy that Jimmy is working, but would love to see him more than his job is letting him. Will the two be able to compromise, so everyone is happy?

Kimmy is worried about Fernando retiring from Formula One. He is moping around in a Uncle Monty’s Sub Shop Surprise - Fernandobathrobe that is not his. Fernando looks awful and needs someone or something to cheer him up.

Steve comes by to see DJ, and he is not going to her vet conference. He is going to try and cheer up Fernando and see what is going on with him. Steve is going to take Fernando and Jimmy to Uncle Monty’s to hangout.

Jimmy arrives home to see Stephanie and Danielle. Stephanie talks to Jimmy and lets him know that she wants him back home more and has a job to support her and the baby.

Steve, Jimmy, and Fernando go to Uncle Monty’s for lunch and hangout. Uncle Monty tells the three of them that he is closing the shop up in a week. He is moving to Florida. Fernando and Jimmy are upset by the situation. What will they do to keep Monty’s open for business?

Stephanie and Kimmy were talking about wedding plans. Fernando and Jimmy come home to tell them something. What could it be, and will Stephanie and Kimmy love the surprise?

Uncle Monty’s Sub Shop Surprise - Restaurant Owners & ShockedOH MY GOSH! Fernando and Jimmy bought Uncle Monty’s! Stephanie and Kimmy’s faces are priceless; they look so shocked and surprised. Steve is the purchasing investor of Uncle Monty’s. The three of them are owning a restaurant together. The girls look so worried about the situation. Wait till DJ finds out that Steve bought a restaurant. Will she be okay with the situation?

DJ comes home and tells Stephanie and Kimmy how terrific her speech went today. DJ sees that they are mad and wondered why the three men were out spending time together today. They bought Uncle Monty’s without their permission. DJ knew how it happened but was not expecting them to buy the restaurant.

The she-wolf pack goes down to Uncle Monty’s to talk to the guys. Fernando and Jimmy help the women realize that they did it to stay close and give each other space. The she-wolf pack realizes that they did it out of the kindness of their hearts. Everyone is on board with them buying Uncle Monty’s sub shop. They now get free sandwiches as well.

Family and Friends Discount at Uncle Monty’s

DJ got Steve to take Fernando and Jimmy out to have some guy time together. When the men come back from lunch, they tell the she-wolf pack that they bought the restaurant Monty’s. Stephanie and Kimmy were shocked and could not believe what they heard. DJ was in so much trouble when they found out that she was the one that got all of them together. Everyone was okay with the three of them owning a restaurant, and it works out for the best.

Ramona and Ethan have hit things off and are going right. Jackson had caught her stalking him on Instagram and accidentally liked an old photo. Ramona was so scared that he was going to think she was a stalker. Later, Ethan loves one of her old photos as well.

Max had day camp and had to jump off of a diving board. He got so scared that a fire truck had to come and get him down. Everyone had made fun of him, and he was the laughing stock. The next day, Taylor jumps from the diving board and loses his trunks. Now, he is the laughing stock at camp. You should never make fun of anyone because it will come back to bite you.

Will Steve, Jimmy, and Fernando be able to work together and have a successful restaurant? Are Ramona and Ethan going to make it official soon and become a boyfriend/girlfriend? Will Max ever get over his fear and jump off of a diving board?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Uncle Monty’s Going Out of Business

  1. Jimmy, Fernando, and Steve made the right decision going into business together. It gives Kimmy her space away from Fernando, and more time for Stephanie with Jimmy. Steve is a very generous man that loves to invest his money. Ramona and Ethan should make it official and get together. They would make a cute couple and each other happy. I hope Max will eventually get over his fear of high diving boards. No one should live their life in fear and live in the moment.