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Season 4 Episode 4

Steve and DJ have been dating for a couple of weeks now. Their anniversary is right around the corner. What will the two get from each other for their two-weekiversary?

Stephanie has agreed to help Kimmy with the kid’s parties and be the entertainer. Will the first party go as planned?

Ramona’s friend Lola has left school for some time now. Has Ramona made any new friends yet?

Jackson has joined the football team. Did his first practice go well?

Kids Birthdays

Kimmy has two kid’s parties lined up, and Stephanie is the entertainer. Stephanie feels nervous about it and is not sure if it will go well. Kimmy hands her how much the job pays, and she said, “that is a buttload of fuss.”

Kimmy and Stephanie have their first kids’ party together. Stephanie is dressed like the sun and comes out singing a vegetable song, and the children do not like the song. Kids BirthdaysStephanie makes the kids cry, and Kimmy hands the lady the bill. The first kid’s party did not go as planned.

The kid’s party did not go well, and Stephanie is upset. She gets even more shocked when Kimmy says, “It does not necessarily mean you are going to be a terrible mom. Just because you made the birthday boy cry does not mean your kid will hate you.” Stephanie wants to quit, but Kimmy and DJ tell her not to.

Kimmy begs Stephanie to be the musician. Stephanie is not sure because she does not want to get booo again. Stephanie cannot let one party put her down. There will be more opportunities for her in the future.

Love Competition

Steve comes by to see DJ. He starts to talk to Fernando and asks him what he got DJ for their two-weekiversary. Steve did not get her anything, and Fernando works him up so much that he thinks he has to get her something.

Steve shows up and gives DJ a teddy bear and flowers for their two-weekiversary. He leaves to go to work. Then Kimmy walks into the room and asks DJ what she got Steve for the two-weekiversary. She did not get him anything. DJ was wondering what to get Steve and Kimmy says, “Does not matter as long as it makes his gift look like crap.”Love Competition

DJ called Steve over to give him his Two-weekiversary gift, and it is a sandwich. It is not just an ordinary sandwich, but it is a “fourteen foot party sub. One foot for every day they have been dating.” Fernando and Kimmy are turning it into a competition.

Steve surprises DJ with another present, and it is an “American Ninja Warrior: Two-weekiversary Edition.” She loved the surprise and adventure course she had to do.

Kimmy is trying to one-up Steve on the surprise gifts. Will DJ go through with what Kimmy has in mind or turn her down?

Steve is upset at Fernando for getting him into this two-weekiversary business. He needs to talk to DJ about it. He wants to give DJ the real gift that he got her. Steve gave her “the first note she ever passed him in high school.” The note said, “Steve, you have better hair than Joey Lawrence. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves comes out on Friday. Wanna go with me?” Awwww. That is the sweetest gift ever.


Ramona is hanging out with the popular girls, but one of them is mean.

Ramona is supposed to meet Sienna and the other girls to get burgers at Burt’s. Instead, the girls stood up Ramona at the burger joint to go to the movies without her.

Ramona is upset that her friends ghosted her, and she has not had a friend since Lola moved to Fresno. The She-Wolf-Pack tries to cheer her up but no luck.

Later, Ramona comes downstairs to show her mom that Sienna and her friends are all at Burt’s eating without her. Ramona believes that there is something wrong with her, and that is the reason no one wants to be friends with her. No girl should ever feel that there is something wrong with her. Every girl should be supporting other women. They need to unite instead of tearing each other down.

FriendshipsKimmy had enough and said, “That is it. I am going down there and giving those girls a good talking too. No one hurts my Ramona.” Stephanie and Kimmy go down to Burt’s to teach the mean girls a lesson about friendship. Stephanie gives them a taste of their own medicine. Ashlyn, who works at Burt’s Burgers, said to Stephanie, “Wow. I wish my mom would handle business for me like that.” Stephanie explains that she is not Ramona’s mother. Ashlyn said, “Well, whoever mom you are is one lucky kid.” She will be a wonderful mother to her child soon.

Ramona made a new friend, Ashlyn, from Burt’s Burgers. They are going to hang out over the weekend and go to a “rally against cruelty to animals.” Kimmy and her mom take a “post talk selfie.


Jackson is on the football team as the placekicker, and he never gets dirty. He says, “Wait.Football Is that why no one believes I am really on the team?” Then Max makes fun of him for breaking his thumb doing a close-up magic trick. Jackson defends himself and says, “Hey, that was a brand -new deck of cards. They put that cellophane on really tight.”

Bright Futures Ahead

Stephanie and Kimmy are going to continue to do the kid’s parties together. Stephanie was a little skeptical after her first party, but Ashlyn helped her realize that she has a lot of potential. They make a great team.

DJ and Steve stop the two-weekiversary gift exchange. It was getting a little of hand due to Fernando and Kimmy getting inside their head. Steve ended up giving DJ the real present he wanted to give her. It was the first note she passed to him in high school. The letter was romantic, funny, and sweet.

Ramona had made some new friends in school. She was supposed to meet them at Burt’s Burgers, but they never showed. The girls went to the movies without Ramona. Kimmy and Stephanie did not have it. They went down there and defended Ramona. Then later, Ashlyn and Ramona became friends and are hanging out this weekend.

Jackson had his first practice at football, and he is the placekicker on the team. It went well, and I think he enjoys playing on the team.

Will Stephanie’s dream of becoming a serious musician be a reality one day? Will Stephanie be a wonderful mother one day? Will Jackson continue to play football after a few practices?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Two-Weekiversary

  1. Stephanie will become a serious musician as long as she does not give up on her dreams. Stephanie’s child would not want her to give up on her dreams. The child would want her to follow her dream and make it a reality. Stephanie is going to be a fantastic mother because she is already a cool aunt. Hopefully, Jackson will keep up with football, and he may be a famous football star one day.