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Season 5 Episode 9

Rafael told Jane he needed space, and they could not be together at the moment. Jane’s novel “Snow Falling” was a success, and she is a published author. Jane has been helping her father with his proposal, and they decided to call it “This is Mars.”

Petra and JR were cuddling on the couch, and JR had a target on her. Someone was after JR. It was Petra’s daughters, and they did not want their mother to be with JR. They decided to work through it and give it another shot.

Alba and Jorge have finally decided to be together. Finally! I am so happy for them. Will Jorge and Alba get married? If so, when is the wedding?

The Script Proposal

Jane and Rogelio give their speech on the proposal, “This is Mars,” and they sold it. They propose their idea to River, and she loves it, but River does not want Jane to be the writer of the show.

Jane is working on the script even though River does not want her to be the writer. Jane and Rogelio go over the script. He wants her to make a few changes, and then she is sending it to River.

Jane's Book

Jane asked her father why her editor’s number was written on the back of one of the scripts. Rogelio makes an excuse that he wanted to send flowers after her book launch. Jane did not buy the reason, so she called Jeremy to find out what Rogelio did for her, and he told her to ask her dad.

Jane went to confront her dad, and he told right on himself. Rogelio used his resources on her behalf. He “promised to pay the publishers back if 10,000 copies of your book did not sell”. Jane turned on her dad and is retyping the script in favor of River.

Jane found out Rogelio bribed the publishing company so that all her books were sold. She is upset and talks to Alba and her mom.

Alba tells her not to throw away an opportunity. Jane understands why Rogelio bought all the books. He never stopped to do whatever he needed for Jane. Rogelio apologizes, and Jane accepts his apology.

Jane’s script is a go, and she is writing a novel about her father.

Alba and Jorge’s Wedding

Jorge proposes to Alba for real this time, and she says YES! They threw a party at the Marbella. Alba and Jorge are celebrating their engagement.

Xo is planning Alba and Jorge’s wedding. She wants to go all out and make this special since Alba’s first wedding was cut short. Xo and Alba are having fun planning her wedding.

Alba's Wedding

Jorge and Alba decide to move the wedding up. They do not want to wait a couple of months to have sex. They are so in love and want to be with each other now!

They decide to get married the next day, and Alba is excited about getting married. Jane invites Rafael to the wedding.

Xo ordered flowers for her mother’s wedding, and they will not be in time for the ceremony. Xo explained to her mom that she wanted to just do one beautiful thing for her because she has done a great job raising her.

Alba and Jorge get married!!! Jane is going through the wedding pictures and is going to make Alba a wedding album.


JR is getting along with the girls, and the bar refused to give JR her license back.

JR takes the girls to get ice cream, and the girls start to make a mess. JR tells them, “Clean this up right now and stop being such spoiled brats!” Jane gives her a worried look.

Petra was wondering why JR spilled red wine on her favorite jacket and did not tell her about it. JR opened her mouth about her yelling at the girls, and Petra said it was not her place, so JR said she should not be here either, so she left.


Petra goes by Rafael’s and runs into Jane. She asks Jane why she did not tell her JR yelled at the girls. Jane said it was not her place, and Petra said Jane was “1-800-NOSY”. Jane gives Petra some advice and tells her she needs to talk to JR.

Petra apologizes to JR for how she reacted to the situation. JR and Petra talk and make up. JR and Petra are getting along great, and JR gets a job opportunity, and the job is in Houston.

Luisa is Working with Bobby and Rose

Rafael goes to see Luisa, and he agrees to let her see the girls as long as Jane and Petra are on board.

Rafael asks Jane if his sister can meet Mateo, but she is unsure Luisa has changed. Jane takes a day or so to think about it and gets back to Rafael with her decision. Later, Jane decides to let Luisa meet Mateo. She is so in love with Rafael.

Luisa is Working with Bobby and Rose

Luisa meets Mateo for the first time, and they decide to go to the beach.

Rafael gets a call from Dennis and tells Rafael they think Luisa is working with Rose. There was money deposited into her account from Rose’s Satin Road.

Bobby breaks into Rafael’s apartment.

Making Poor Decisions

Jane and her father, Rogelio, work on a script called “This is Mars.” She learns that her father bought her books, and that is why she became a published author. Jane was distraught with her father at first but discovered he did it out of love. She forgave him and continued to work on the script with him.

Jorge proposes to Alba, and she says YES! Alba and Jorge are in love, and Xo starts planning their wedding. They booked the church, and it would be three months before Alba and Jorge could get married. Alba told them the next morning they were getting married that night. The wedding was perfect! Jorge and Alba had the best sex of their life that night.

Petra got mad at JR for yelling at her kids. JR left and went to work at a bar. Petra runs into Jane and gives her a piece of her mind. Jane gives her some advice and tells her to talk to JR. They talk and made up, but then JR receives a call about a job opportunity in Houston.

Rafael gets permission from Petra and Jane to let Luisa meet the kids. Rafael receives a call from Dennis. He tells him that Luisa may still be working with Rose. Bobby breaks into Rafael’s apartment.

Will “This is Mars” be a success? Will JR leave Petra and the girls for a job in Houston? Why is Luisa still working with Rose? What is Bobby looking for in Rafael’s apartment? What could Rafael have that would be an advantage for Rose?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “This is Mars

  1. “This is Mars” will be a success for sure, and I hope they turn it into a series. JR will definitely leave Petra and JR for the job in Houston because she wants to better herself and start fresh. I do not know why Luisa would work for Rose and jeopardize her relationship with her brother. Bobby may get caught in the process of breaking into Rafael’s apartment. I hope Rafael catches him in the act.