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Season 5 Episode 19

The final episode is here!

Jane was accidentally inseminated with Rafael’s sperm. She gave birth to Mateo, and a few years later, they got together. Now they are engaged and about to get married. Time flies when you are having too much fun and excitement in your life.

JR and Petra broke up, and Petra was devastated. She was going to propose. Jane was there for Petra after her breakup. They have grown so close over the years and are proud to be sisters.

Xo and Rogelio have gotten married, and so has Alba. Now it is time for Jane, the last woman Villanueva to get married.

Jane’s book took off and was sold for $500,000! Now, what is she going to do with all that money?

The I Do’s

Jane and Rafael are getting rid of their couch. Jane is upset because it was their first big purchase together. So, Jane wants to splurge the money on something, just not an expensive piece of furniture that Mateo will jump on.

Three and a half weeks later, Jane has finished her book. She completed all her editor’s notes. Finally, Jane and Rafael go over some finishing wedding details, and they practice their wedding dance.

Rehearsal Dinner

Jane’s dress fitting went tremendous, and Rafael is excited to see her in it. Jane and Rafael are having a family sleepover with all the kids.

Everyone is at the rehearsal wedding, and it is not going as planned. Rogelio’s mother comes into town for the wedding.

Lina is pregnant! Jane is so excited for her!

Everyone is at the rehearsal dinner and giving their speeches. Luisa’s speech was hilarious! She said, “Jane, a long time ago, I was going through a rough time, and I accidentally inseminated you. So I just wanted to take this moment to say…you’re welcome.” Everyone starts to laugh.

Jane gets inspired to write something at the dinner table, and she runs off to finish the ending of her book and emails her editor. But, unfortunately, Rafael thought she was writing her vows, and he got a little upset when he found out that she was not.

Jane has finished her vows and apologizes for earlier. Jane and Rafael decide to go on their honeymoon right after the wedding.

Rogelio goes by to see Rafael and gives him something before the wedding tomorrow. First, he apologizes for putting Rafael in the spotlight at dinner to call him dad. He is just not ready yet, which is understandable since his birth parents have passed away.

The Night Before

Alba, Jane, and Xo spend one last night together as a family in Alba’s house before the big day. They forget to cut off the light, and Alba gets up to turn it off. She has so many flashbacks and memories of the house. It was so beautiful, and now everyone is going their separate ways after the wedding.

It is Wedding Day! Jane, Xo, and Alba are all crying on the “porch of tears.” Hair and makeup arrived at Alba’s house, and they were all starting to get ready.

Rafael calls Jane and asks if she turned her final ending into her editor. When Rafael heard she did not, he took off to finish the job. The presses took care of what Rafael needed to be done. He tried to leave, but the ticket machine took his ticket but did not let him out. So, he runs through the gate, and then a cop pulls him over. He gets arrested and calls Jane to tell her what happened. She goes to get him out of jail. These two are so romantic.

Jane gets on a bus to go to the jail and pick up Rafael. Jane’s family meets her to get picked up to go to the wedding. Rogelio falls, and two individuals recognize him from “This is Mars.” They are on their way to the wedding, and Jane is getting ready on the bus. Rafael is so nervous! Who knew that Rogelio had been married three times.

Rafael, Jane, and her family arrive at the wedding. The wedding is beginning, and it is so beautiful. Then, finally, Jane comes out and starts to walk down the aisle. Jane’s passions included her family, God, grilled cheese sandwiches, writing, and Rafael Solano.

Alba is so happy to marry Jane and Rafael. Xo and Rafael start the Mexican wedding tradition, and Rafael calls Rodelio Dad! He is so pleased that he called him Dad.

The Kiss

Jane and Rafael start to exchange their vows. Rafael tried to go first, but he began to cry, so he told Jane to go first. Jane could not read hers without crying first either, so they read each other’s vows to themselves. They got so caught up in the moment that they started to kiss. Alba was like; it is not the time for that yet. In the middle of the exchange of the rings, Jane cannot keep her hands off him. She kisses Rafael again.

Finally, at the end of the ceremony, Jane and Rafael are officially married and happy. The wedding photos looked gorgeous.

Rafael’s Birth Parents

Luisa goes to see Jane and talk about something, and it does not sound great. She found Rafael’s birth parents, but they are dead.

Rafael's Birth Parents

Jane tells Rafael that Luisa found his birth parents. They died in a car accident. They lived in Italy and owned a bakery. He has all the information on his birth parents.

Rafael is disappointed that he will never meet his birth parents, and Mateo and the girls will never meet their grandparents. But, he realizes that he has a family, and that is all that matters. He has everything you could have wished for in his life.


Rogelio and Xo tell Jane they are moving to New York. Jane is sad that they are moving, but it is exciting.

Xo and Alba are packing her and Rogelio’s belongings to get ready to move to New York. Jane stops by Xo’s house to get Mateo because she needs to talk to Rafael.

Disappointed Mateo

Mateo unpacked all Xo’s belongings, so they did not need to move. However, Mateo is upset about the move and does not want Xo moving.

“This is Mars” is getting some buzz online before it airs in the Fall. Rogelio is so excited about his premiere.

Xo tells Rogelio that she cannot move to New York. Xo offered the option of commuting on weekends just for the first year. Rogelio agreed if it made her happy, then he was willing to do it for her. Rogelio looks so devastated.

Jane goes to Alba’s house to see her and Xo. Xo explains why she does not want to move. Alba and Jane helped clear her mind and made a decision. Xo decides that she is moving to New York and will not let fear get in the way.

JR is BACK and in Love

JR is Back and In Love

Everyone is at the wedding, and Petra is stalling until the bride and groom arrive. Then, finally, JR shows up at the wedding and finds Petra! Petra is so excited to see her!

Rafael is the one who called her and gave her a long speech about life and death. After that, she decided to surprise Petra at the wedding.

They are officially back together and forever!

Goodbye Forever. We will miss you!

Jane and Rafael get ready for their wedding, and he gets arrested on his way. Jane bails him out, and they are late to their own wedding. The wedding ceremony was funny and beautiful. Finally, Jane and Rafael are officially married and get to spend the rest of their lives together.

Lina, Jane’s friend that has been trying to get pregnant. Well, it turns out that she is officially pregnant. I am so excited for her to become a mother.

Rogelio’s pilot has taken off and was aired in America. He was so excited about it. Then he had two individuals recognize him in public. He is officially famous. Xo was having some doubts about moving, but she has pushed the fear away and will live her dreams.

JR shows up at the wedding and surprises Petra. She was so surprised to see her, and they told each other that they never stopped loving each other. Petra and JR also got their happy ending as well as Jane and Rafael.

Did Lina have a baby boy or girl? Where are Jane and Rafael going on their honeymoon? What was written for Jane and Rafael’s vows? Do Petra and JR eventually get married?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

Thank you, Jane the Virgin cast, for an incredible five seasons. We may never know the answers to these questions, but please let me know your thoughts.

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  1. I hope Lina had a baby girl and that Jane and Rafael went somewhere romantic and relaxing for their honeymoon. Jane and Rafael’s wedding vows must have been passionate, but I wish we knew what it said. I hope that Petra and JR do get married. It is upsetting that the show has ended, but it had a happy ending.