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Season 5 Episode 10

Jane was working on “This is Mars” with her father, which is a remake of “The Passions of Santos.” “This is Mars” is an excellent opportunity for her and her father to spend quality time together.

Mateo is falling behind on his reading. Jane and Rafael put aside their feeling and worked together with Mateo. Mateo will get the hang of his reading eventually. He just needs to practice.

JR lost her job because of Petra’s lies. They worked on their relationship and got into a better place. Now JR has a job opportunity in Houston. It is going to be hard for Petra and JR with the long-distance relationship.

Jane and Rafel decided to let Luisa meet Mateo for the first time. Dennis calls up Rafael, he tells him that there was money funded into Luisa’s account from Rose’s Satin Road. Luisa is in a lot of trouble.

Will “This is Mars” become a success? Will Jane and Rafael working together with Mateo, bring them closer together again? Will JR and Petra stay together? Has Luisa lost her brother for good? Is there any coming back to make this right with Rafael?

Mateo’s Learning Disability

Jane and Rafael go to the school to talk to Mateo’s teacher about his reading. Rafael is excited about closing his deal on his first house and has an appointment for his second house.

Evaluated for ADHDMateo’s teacher wants him evaluated by a professional to see if he has anything, learning disabilities, ADHD, etc. Jane wants to get him tested, but Rafael does not want too. She ignores him and makes the appointment.

Rafael stops by to see Petra, and she is leaving a sexy voicemail to JR as he walks in. Rafael tells Petra the situation with Mateo, and she agrees that he should have the test done.

Rafael goes to see Jane and tells him that they should make an appointment for Mateo to get tested, so Rafael makes the call to the doctor, but Jane has already made the appointment. He is upset with Jane for going behind his back.

Jane and Rafael take Mateo to his learning evaluation. She apologizes to Rafael for going behind his back, and he lawyered up so that she may not make any more medical decisions without him. Rafael is not happy at all with Jane.

Rafael gets in his car and takes off. Jane gets in her car and follows him. Rafael gets into a fender bender, and Jane takes over showing the house to the clients, and he walks in perfect timing.

Rafael is worried that Mateo has a learning issue, and Jane eases his pain. They go back to meet with the doctor and pick up Mateo. Mateo has been diagnosed with ADHD, and Jane is worried about his future. Rafael eases her worries, and they are there for each other.

Jane is trying to adjust to all the changes with Rafael, Mateo, and her writing. It has been a struggle for all three of them during this time.

The Novel and Telenovela?

Rogelio walks in and asks what Jane is doing. She is writing her novel since it is quiet in the house because Alba and Jorge are on their honeymoon.

Rogelio says, “Quiet time is over!” Rogelio is so funny! He wants her to write the pilot Telenovela Moneyscript. Jane is so excited! Dina is helping her write the script.

Jane goes to see her mentor Marlene, and she is thrilled. Marlene has a new lover! Marlene’s new lover is a woman! I am so happy for Marlene. She wants all Jane’s focus on the novel. How is Jane going to balance the book and the telenovela?

Jane and Rogelio meet up with Dina to go over the notes for the script. Dina does not want Rogelio involved and will not speak to him. Rogelio gets upset and leaves.

Jane works on the script for Dina. Marlene calls Jane, and she wants the pages done for the book in two weeks. TWO WEEKS? How is Jane going to do the telenovela and get her novel done in 2 WEEKS?

Jane is working on the script, and Rogelio lets her know that she does not have to continue writing the script. Jane is a little relieved. Thank Rogelio to the rescue.

Rogelio begs for Dina’s forgiveness and asks her to stay working with him on the script. She would not accept his apology, so Rogelio brought in three important women that he has also mistreated and disrespected over the years.

He abanded his wife for his career. Rogelio’s ex, he broke his contract and ruined her reality tv show. As for his co-star, he burned off her eyebrows, got her toe bitten off by a wolf, and paralyzed half her face.

She agrees to sign the contract Rogelio drew up. Rogelio has done some awful things to these women but not intentionally, though.

Rose’s Bank Accounts

Luisa goes to apologizes to Rafael, but he does not believe that she was not involved with Rose. He said, “Rose is too dangerous. I can’t risk it.”

Luisa goes to see Rose, and she did sign the papers for the accounts. Rose also tells herRoses Bank Accounts that she had to stop Michael, and she would do anything for her. She also tells Luisa that she is the one that sent Bobby to look after her.

Luisa tells Rafael that she did sign the papers to Rose’s accounts. Rafael tells Luisa to never come near him or his family again. Luisa goes to see Bobby and agrees to work with him and Rose.

Luisa has put herself in a tight situation with Rafael. He will not forgive her and has moved on from Rose’s games. Luisa gets rejected by Rafael, so she decides to work with Rose. This is trouble and does not look suitable for Rafael.

Job Opportunities

JR packs for her job in Houston. Petra is very supportive of JR going to Houston and that she should not pass up the opportunity. It is good to see Petra be supportive of JR even though the situation will be hard for her.

Petra and JR are struggling to keep in contact while JR is in Houston. They had facetime sex! OOOLLAALLAA!!!

JR comes home and sees Petra. JR tells Petra about the job opportunity she received Houstonfrom home, and Petra says that she helped her get the job. JR does not want Petra’s help with getting a better job opportunity. Oh no. Petra has stepped on some toes.

JR wants to break things off with Petra, and she wants a fresh start. Jane continues to write her novel, and Petra goes to see her after her break up with JR. She is very upset about it. Petra was going to propose to JR. Petra is hurt by the situation, but hopefully, it is for the best.

Luisa is in so much Trouble

Jane and Rafael are having parenting issues. Mateo’s learning disability has taken a toll on the whole family. He will get through it and know what helps him learn in the best way.

Jane has been struggling between her novel and her dad’s telenovela. Her heart is telling her to finish the book. Jane’s head has been telling her to end the telenovela. Her dad comes and tells her to focus on her novel. Her novel needs to be her priority at the moment.

Luisa has signed a document that gives her access to all of Rose’s accounts if anything happens. Luisa believed she did not sign them, but she sure did, drunk one night. Rafael has had enough of her lying to him. He told her to stay away from him and his family. Rafael has to protect him and his loved ones at any cost, even if that means his sister is not part of his life.

Petra and JR have also hit a rocky road in their relationship. JR does not want to be in a relationship and wants a fresh start. She broke things off with Petra, but Petra was going to propose to JR. It would have been great to see them get married.

Will Mateo’s reading disability get better? Will Jane and Rafael get back together anytime soon? Has Luisa lost her brother for good? What is Rose planning to do? Will Petra and JR get back together?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “The Struggle

  1. Mateo will learn to read and get caught up with the other kids. Jane and Rafael will probably get back together. Rafael does not want to admit it, but he is so in love with Jane. Luisa has lost Rafael for good. She cannot be trusted, and he is not going to let her be in his life if Rose is in hers. Petra and JR should get back together. They compliment each other and bring the best out of each other.