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Season 4 Episode 12

Prom is here, and Ramona is excited! She and Casey are going together and have decided they do not need dates. Will they both be able to go all night without partners? Ramona is maybe sorts of determined, but Casey knows she cannot.

DJ and Steve are chaperoning the prom as well as Gia. Steve will do anything to make it a beautiful night for DJ because he loves her and wants her happy. Will the night be magical for the two of them?

Jackson asks Rocki to go to prom with him. Will she say yes or reject him? She does not see the type of girl to go out and have fun, but will she surprise everyone?

The Past

DJ and Steve are chaperoning the prom. Cosmo and DJ did a sweep at the gym and found no contraband; he got into the donuts and ate the last maple bar. Steve is upset that he did not get the last one, so he is not speaking to Cosmo. Cosmo has a sugar rush, and the dog is running around going crazy. Steve is funny that he did not want to share with Cosmo.

DJ is already giving kids a hard time. She is the prom police for the night. DJ runs into Gia as well, chaperoning the prom. Gia has to volunteer to chaperone the dance because she is in trouble with the law. Gia is always in trouble, and her middle name is trouble. She smoked while she was in high school. No one should start smoking in high school because it leads to many health problems. Gia is not the best role model.

The PastSteve tries to do a redo from DJ’s senior prom. He wants the DJ to play their song. He is so romantic. The DJ was not letting up and did not want his car windows to be smashed. Steve is a man that you should never let go of because there are not that many Steve’s out there in the world.

DJ goes to get some punch, and she notices that Gia is adding vodka to her drink. DJ tries to stop her; instead, DJ gets the drink spilled on her. DJ should just leave Gia alone. Gia is a grown woman and can make her own decisions. She may not make the right decisions, but it is not up to DJ to stop her from making them.

DJ and Steve come home from chaperoning the prom and have some chili. Steve plays their song and dances to it in the kitchen. I love the two of them together. DJ and Steve belong to be together forever.

Steve and DJ wonder what if. They cannot look back on the past. It will just haunt them if they do that. They have a bright future together, and that is all that matters.

Sienna’s Date

Ramona’s prom is coming up, and Kimmy and Casey took her shopping. They found the cutest prom dress ever. The prom’s theme is Under the Sea. The dance will be a magical night for everyone.

Jackson, Rocki, Casey, and Ramona are all dressed up for prom and look fantastic. They all take rideshare and head to the dance. Rideshares are dangerous and should not be allowed for children under the age of 18. I cannot believe that DJ and Kimmy just let their kids take rideshare.

Ramona and Casey get pictures done, and they run into Sienna, and Popko is her date. Sienna’s DateShe gets upset that he is Sienna’s date. Ramona does not need Popko. It is his loss and should have never let the best thing ever in the world slip through his fingers.

Ramona and Casey were dancing, and Ryan Cooper was checking Casey out. He goes over and talks to him, leaving Ramona all alone. Casey has a chance for romance, and hopefully, everything will work out.

Sienna ditched Popko at prom, and he hung out with Ramona. Popko apologizes to Ramona for everything, and they become friends. Everything is good with the two of them, and they dance together.

Football Team

Jackson puts together his prom proposal for Rocki. He put up a banner that says, “I’ll Go Bananas If You Will Be My Primate Prom Mate.” Tommy comes in wearing a donut costume and a paper that says, “Do-Nut Say No.” He is so adorable. She agrees to go to prom with him, but she is not going to have fun. Jackson says, “No one will. My mom is chaperoning.” Jackson better not mess this up with Rocki, or it could be the end of the two.Football Team

Jackson is getting too popular with the football team, and they started to make jokes about Rocki. He did not defend her, and instead, he made some insults as well. She overheard him, saying them and stormed off. Jackson is in so much trouble. He should have never made those insults about her. He takes off running after her. Has Jackson messed things up for him and Rocki?

Chili Cookoff

Stephanie took a BuzzFeed quiz, and it told her that she was a sloth as an animal. She should know that you cannot believe those BuzzFeed quizzes. All it is to get your information and sell it. You should never trust those random quizzes or surveys.

Kimmy and Stephanie take some time to spend together before the baby arrives. They are going to have snacks and cake while watching movies that make them cry. It sounds like so much fun having a girl’s night. Too bad, it will not last.

Fernando and Joey are hanging out and have a chili chilipalooza of chili. Fernando hidesChili Cookoff the DVD player from Stephanie and Kimmy so they can be judges instead. They did not agree to this, and Stephanie and Kimmy should be resting before the baby gets here. Once the baby is here, there will be no fun and no sleep.

Stephanie and Kimmy try Joey’s chili, and it is so spicy. Stephanie goes and drinks from the gallon of milk in the fridge. Her mouth was on fire! Spicy foods may help speed up the pregnancy, so Kimmy should be careful and not hurry into labor. We do not want her risking the baby’s health.

Stephanie and Kimmy make it a tie for the chili cook-off, and Max was the tiebreaker. He decides to mix the two chili’s to create a masterpiece. So, in the end, no one won the chili cook-off. They decide to go watch the movie “Beaches” together. I am glad no one won because no one gets their feelings hurt, and everyone’s a winner.


DJ and Steve had an exciting night chaperoning the prom. Gia was also there because of her legal trouble. DJ does not like Gia at all, and she was getting under DJ’s skin the entire night. DJ needs to loosen up and ignore Gia. Steve was trying to be romantic and play their song, but the DJ was not lightening up. It is okay because Steve played their song and danced to it in the kitchen. They are the cutest couple, and we love seeing them together.

Ramona and Casey are having fun at prom. Then they run into Sienna and her date, Popko. Ramona looked hurt and upset by his choice. Ramona does not need Popko or any other man. She is a strong independent woman that can take care of herself. Towards the end of the prom, Popko apologizes to her, and they are friends. Good for her for standing firm to Popko and only being friends.

Jackson takes Rocki to the prom, and at first, they are having a wonderful time. Then Jackson gets to hang out with his football buddies and make fun of Rocki. He should have never agreed with the players and said a few hurtful words about her. I do not know if Rocki will be able to forgive him after what he has said.

Has Steve and DJ rekindled the love they had from the past? Will Ramona give Popko a second chance and go out with him again? Is Jackson down in the rabbit hole for good this time? Is there any chance he may be able to get Rocki to forgive him?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “The Prom

  1. Steve and DJ have always had a spark that never went away. They are each other’s true love and forever. DJ and Steve belong together.

    Ramona should leave Popko in the past. He has hurt Ramona, and she should not open the door to more hurt. She needs someone that is going to respect and care for her always.

    Jackson has messed up big time with Rocki. I do not know if there is any way he could come back from it. Rocki may forgive him but not forget. They may become friends but only friends.