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Season 4 Episode 6

When Steve and DJ get back from their date, the she-wolf pack decide to have a girl’s night out. When they arrive at the place, it is not what they expected. Where did they go for their girl’s night out, and what did they end up doing?

Joey comes into town to watch the boys. The boys are not that excited when he comes to babysit because he is known to do pranks. What pranks does Joey have planned for tonight?

Ramona has made two new friends, and they are going to the movies. Her father, Fernando, wants her to spend time with him before she leaves the nest for college. Will she go to the movies or stay with her father?

Draw and Sip

Draw and SipSteve and DJ went to Draw and Sip and drew a picture, but DJ also had a lot to drink. Stephanie said, “Do I know you? You look a lot like my older sister, who I have not seen in ages, but she is way prettier.” Stephanie and Kimmy want some girl time. They are all going out and having fun.

Girl’s Night Out

DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy go out for a girl’s night out and are going dancing.

DJ comes downstairs, all dressed up. She is wearing a purple sparkling tight dress that is v-neck and a pink furry coat. Kimmy is wearing a pink dress, and Stephanie is wearing a silver jumpsuit. They are going to a 70’s night out and are dressed as Charlie’s angels.

The she-wolf pack is headed out to have fun, and have to be home by 11pm. Kimmy gets hairspray out, and she starts to spray Stephanie and DJ. When she starts to do her own hair, she sprays Joey and he accidentally inhales it and gets in his mouth. The reaction Joey had was hilarious.

Girl’s Night OutWhen the she-wolf pack arrives on the ship, they realize it is a seventies night for people over the age of seventy. When Stephanie told the lady that she was 36 years old, she did not believe her. The lady wanted to know the name of their doctor.

Kimmy steals a woman’s scooter and has planned her funeral. She “bought the plot next to Urkel.” James walks in and sees Millie. James and Millie used to be married and were both detectives. Millie goes to the other side of the boat to get away from him. Then James went into the other direction. All of a sudden, the lights go out, and the diamonds are missing. The blackout was a setup, so someone could steal the woman’s jewelry. The she-wolf pack is going to solve the mystery. Who took the diamonds?

The she-wolf pack split up and looked for clues to find the missing diamonds.

Kimmy found out who the jewel thief is and she did some research on all the passengers. “She discovered that one guy did a dime upstate for grand larceny. James.” DJ climbs the latter and throws a life ring to catch him, and it works. Is he the jewel thief?

It turns out that he is not the jewel thief, and Irma found her diamonds a long time ago. The crystals were not an object, they were people. Their names are Marilyn and Herschel Diamond. “They were downstairs playing Mahjong with the Golds and the Silvers.” They thought the night was a disaster. DJ said, “This night started out as Charlie’s Angels, and it ended as The Love Boat.”

The she-wolf pack arrives home from their girl’s night out, and they had fun.

Joey’s Crazy Babysitting Pranks

Joey is in town to babysit the kids for DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy. The kids are not a fan of Joey babysitting. Max preferred Aunt Becky to babysit.

Max has an operation in place. He is going to Gladstone (OGG). Three years ago, Joey “ambushed, humiliated, and toilet-papered Max and Jackson.” The plan is to lull, lure, launch, and laugh. “Step one is to lull the victim into complacency. Step two is to use his childlike innocence to lure the human to the booby trap.” Will the plan be a success?

Joey outsmarted the kids and did not fall for the booby trap. Max and Jackson instead get trapped in the net that was supposed to be for Joey. Joey said, “You thought you could lull me into complacency, but you, yourselves, got lulled.”

Joey's PranksTommy is crying, and Joey goes to see what is wrong. Instead, it was a recording of a baby crying on the phone. The boys have set a trap for Joey. The plan is going according to plan. The boys trap him and throw different colors of powder, and Joey goes down. They have won this round, but it is over yet, not until the she-wolf pack gets home.

The boys got Joey, and he never saw it coming. Joey decides to clean the mess up before the women get home. He tells the boys to take a shower and get all cleaned up before bed. What did Joey do in the shower before they took a shower?

Joey plans one last prank before he leaves. The boys’ skin turned purple when they were in the shower. Kimmy says, “Looks like the old, classic dye-in-the-shower prank.” Joey is not a good babysitter at all.


Fernando is watching his daughter Ramona, but she has other plans. Ramona is going to the movies with her friends Rocki, and Ashlyn. She ends up canceling her plans with her friends and is not happy about it.

MoviesFernando has prepared all of Ramona’s favorite foods for dinner. They eat dinner, and afterward, Fernando wants to watch his favorite show, “Argentinian telenovela. Fat Susanna.” Ramona tells him that she rather be out with her friends than being home, spending time with her father. Fernando feels sad that his daughter does not want to spend time with him.

Ramona comes home from hanging out with her friends. She came home early because she realized that she can hang out with her friends anytime. Also, the movie was terrible, and the two of them watch Fat Susanna together.

A Fun Night Out

The she-wolf pack went out for a girl’s night, and it turned out to be an adventure. They had the mystery of the missing diamonds on their hands. When they figured out it may be James, they trapped him and said he was the diamond thief. As it turned out, the diamonds were people and not objects. There was no real mystery. The she-wolf pack had a fantastic night out with each other.

Joey babysits the boys, and he pranks them bad. Max and Jackson thought they had him pranked and won, but Joey had other plans. He had them take a shower and dyed them purple. The boys were not happy, and the look on DJ’s face was priceless. I do not think Joey will be babysitting anytime soon.

Ramona is going to the movies with her friends tonight, but Fernando has other plans. He wants to spend quality time with his daughter before she leaves the nest. He plans a dinner with her favorite foods, and she tells him she would rather be at the movies. Ramona goes but comes back early. The film was awful, so she came home to watch her dad’s favorite show with him. Ramona made the right decision after the fact when she got to the movies.

When are the she-wolf pack going to have another girl’s night out? Will Joey be babysitting anymore after the pranks he did? Has Ramona realized that family is the most important in life?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “The Missing Diamonds

  1. Hopefully, the she-wolf pack will have another girl’s night out soon because soon, the little one will be here before we know it. I do not know if DJ will be letting Joey babysit anymore after what Joey did to the boys. Ramona has realized that family is what’s most important in life. You only get one experience to enjoy the family you have before it is their time to leave.