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Season 4 Episode 5

DJ and Steve just celebrated their two-weekiversary. They have been dating for a while now, and they are planning on doing an escape room. Will Matt be dating anyone, and will he join them?

Stephanie and Jimmy need to start planning for the baby. Will they take a Lamaze class to prepare for the child?

Ramona has made some new friends at school and knows what she wants to do in the future. Is she doing any extracurricular activities lately? How is football practice going with Jackson?


Matt and DJ are at work, and he was on the phone talking to a woman calling her “Little Bunny.” Matt tells her that he started dating someone. His nickname is “Big Thumper.”

DJ offers Matt and his girlfriend to join her and Steve to do an escape room together. Matt mentions that Steve sent him a foot-shaped box of chocolates. He tries to tell DJ about who his date is, and she said she did not want to know more. Who is Matt dating?

JealousyDJ and Steve arrive at the escape room. It has a British mystery theme. Matt and his girlfriend show up a few minutes after; his girlfriend is Gia. Gia and DJ do not get along at all. “They will have to solve a series of puzzles to liberate you from this prison of knowledge. When the raven crows, the door will be locked.”

DJ, Steve, Matt, and Gia have to figure out how to find all the clues to escape the room. DJ suggests that they split up into teams to solve the puzzle. Gia and Steve are steady finding clues left and right. DJ is getting jealous and goes over to the owl. She rips the head off the owl and thinks there is a clue inside. She is going to have to pay for those damages. There was a sign that said, “Please do not touch the owl.”

DJ and Steve find a clue, and Matt and Gia get the evidence for them because Steve couldA Clue not get the note. Then DJ was struggling to read the paper, and Steve said that “they will be able to figure it out since they are both doctors.” DJ does not believe that Steve is a real doctor. They split up and work by themselves to find clues.

Steve found a clue, but since he and DJ are not working together, he tossed it to Matt. He unlocks it to find a key that unlocks the entrance. They solved the puzzle. Steve and DJ did not have fun at all in the escape room, but Matt and Gia sure did.

Steve came by to see DJ, and she apologized to him. Steve asked her, “if it bothered her to see Matt dating another woman.” She says no but thinks Matt could be dating someone better than Gia. The two of them makeup and are better now that they have talked things through.

Lamaze Class

Stephanie and Jimmy get ready for the Lamaze class. Fernando comes in wearing scrubs. He said you need to be “prepared because seven women are going to be in the house and may give birth.”

Stephanie and Jimmy’s Lamaze class is about to start. Kimmy explains to the Lamaze teacher that it is not her baby weirdly and confusingly. They begin the Lamaze course.

Lamaze ClassStephanie and Jimmy are swaddling the baby, so it feels warm and safe. Jimmy wraps the baby doll up, and Stephanie is impressed. They go to high five, and he drops the baby on the floor. Everyone is watching them, and he said, “They will not do that.”

During the Lamaze class, the instructor asked everyone for a silent visualization of the child’s birth. Kimmy gets in the middle of the floor and screams like she is giving birth and yells, “You did this to me!” She screams some more.

In the Lamaze class, they are at the stage where the mother just gave birth. You need to hold the baby up on your chest. Kimmy and Stephanie started to fight over the baby doll and ripped its head off. So far, the class is not going well.

Kimmy takes off running, and Stephanie chases after her. Kimmy is worried that her job will be over once the baby is born. She does not realize that Stephanie is going to need her more than ever when the baby is born.

The Football Jersey

Jackson is going to the rally so he could show off his jersey to everyone. Max had TommyThe Football Jersey put on his jersey and roll around in the dirt. They made it look like he actually played, and Max has Cosmo wearing Jackson’s football pants to get them dirty.

The School Rally

Ramona is setting up a rally “to get a student rep onto the school board.” She explains to Jackson that they need a student rep to “get new textbooks, updated technology, and a more diverse curriculum.”

The School RallyJackson left the rally early. Ramona was interviewed by the press because the rally was a success. She pulls up the footage and finds that they used Jackson instead. He said what Ramona told him earlier. She got upset with him. Ramona told him, “I organized the rally. And some jock who does not understand the issues takes all the credit.”

Max comes downstairs with the phone saying there is a reporter on the line from the San Francisco Chronicle. He wants to talk to Jackson about the rally.” Jackson realizes that it is Ramona’s idea, so she should be the one to answer all the questions.

Everyone is Fired Up

DJ and Steve had two extra tickets to an escape room. DJ offers Matt and his date to join them. When everyone shows up, DJ finds out that Gia is Steve’s date. It did not go over well for DJ. Then DJ and Steve started to have issues because she said he was not a real doctor. After the escape room and everyone goes home, Steve stops by to see DJ, and they apologize and makeup.

Stephanie, Jimmy, Kimmy, and Fernando are doing the Lamaze class together. During the session, Kimmy and Stephanie start to fight over the baby. Then they ripped the baby’s head off, and Kimmy took off running. Kimmy is worried once the baby is born, she will not be part of the baby’s life, and Stephanie will not need her anymore. Stephanie explains that she will always need her and help with the child.

Ramona’s rally was successful, just not the way she thought. Jackson ended up taking all the credit for her idea about the student rep. She got upset with Jackson and took off to her room. Later, Jackson receives a call from a reporter to ask him a few questions. He starts to answer them but realizes that this is Ramona’s time to shine. It was her idea.

Who do you think is a real doctor, DJ, or Steve or both? Was DJ jealous about Matt’s date?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “The Escape Room

  1. DJ and Steve are both real doctors in their own way. Neither one of them works in a hospital, and they both treat different things. DJ was a little jealous of Matt’s date, and she did not want him to be dating Gia. She does not have a say in his love life because she broke up with Matt to be with Steve. Her only concern should be Steve and his feelings in all of it.