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Last Two Weeks of December 2020

In the last couple of weeks, we have had a bomb explosion at the floating rib. Numerous people were injured in the incident. Julian Jerome set off the bomb, given orders from Cyrus. Julian did not know it would go off as soon as he made a phone call from the phone Cyrus gave to him.

Dustin Phillips was severely hurt and as well as Lulu Spencer. Dustin wanted to marry Lulu, but Dante came back into the picture, which interrupted their plans. Dustin and Lulu arrive at the hospital. While everyone is concerned for the more severe, Lulu was the last person on the General Hospital’s staff’s minds. Lulu ended up in a coma from all of her injuries and has been for a while. We were hoping she may wake up in time for Christmas, but I am afraid it is not looking so good.

Sam was devastated to hear an explosion at the floating rib where Danny and Jason were hanging out. It has pushed her over the edge. Danny is alright, and Jason went to the Quartermaines to drop off Danny before meeting up with Britt. Sam has officially ended things with Jason. She is not the same Sam we grew up with, that was fun and adventurous. She has kids to think about and make sure they are safe.

While all of this is going on, Sonny and Jason go to track down Julian. They find him at a train station in New York City. Jason gets stopped by one of Cyrus’s guys. Sonny goes after Julian, and he is demanding information from him. As Sonny has a gun pointed at Julian, ready to shoot, the bridge collapses, and both Sonny and Julian fall into the water.

Will Lulu ever come out of the coma and return back to the show? Will Sam find a new love interest that is safer for her in her eyes? Has Jason found a new love interest yet? Britt has been very flirtatious with Jason lately; could they become an item? Will Sonny and/or Julian survive the bridge collapse? Who will die?

Cyrus is Laura’s Brother!

Laura finds out that her birth father had other children with another woman. She has two brothers, Cyrus Renault and Martin Grey. Cyrus’s mother, Florence Grey, blames him for her husband’s death and says he killed him, but how?

Cyrus is the reason why his father is dead. He jumped into the truck and ran him over. Cyrus killed their father, and his mother blames him for it. Cyrus had given Laura clues to figure out that Cyrus was her brother. He did it so that she would figure it out for herself. Laura wants Cyrus to leave Port Charles, but Cyrus is not ready to go.

Laura is missing her daughter and is planning to see Lulu on Christmas day. Martin brings presents to the hospital and runs into Laura and Kevin. Marty joins Laura and Kevin for a Christmas Eve dinner at Kelly’s.

Laura and Kevin went to see Lulu on Christmas and sang to her. The next day, Laura meets up with Jackie. Jackie is taking over Lulu’s story that she started about Cyrus. Laura has been going around, telling everyone that she is Cyrus’s brother.

Sonny Helped Lulu and Dante Buy their Dream Home

Dante stops by to drop off gifts, and Carly thinks it may be Sonny. Dante and Lulu would have never been able to afford the house they own unless they had a little help. Sonny paid the difference for the house, so Dante and Lulu could get their dream home. Sonny did, in fact, help Dante and Lulu get their dream home.

Dante meets Donna for the first time since he arrived home. They need to show more of Donna on the show. Raise awareness of spina bifida, and let others live through the show. General Hospital should not be afraid to show Donna on TV.

Someone is keeping an eye on Dante. Who could it be? Is it Obrecht?

The Bridge Collapses, and Julian is DEAD!

Sonny and Julian fall into the water as the bridge collapses. Will Jason be able to bring Sonny home in time for Christmas? There has been a body recovered from the water. Who’s body may it be? The police pull a body out from the water, and it is JULIAN JEROME! JULIAN JEROME IS DEAD! Where is Sonny???

Jason goes to see Carly and is wondering where Sonny is, but he is nowhere to be found. Jason comes home to tell Carly that the bridge collapsed and no sign of Sonny! Jason and Carly leave to go to New Jersey to find Sonny. Jason and Carly look around but do not see Sonny anywhere. They have people and crew looking around to find him.

Olivia receives a phone call letting her know that Julian is dead. Leo is going to be heartbroken to hear that his father is dead. Sam gets the news at the PCPD that Julian, her father, has been found dead. Sam and Lucas identified their father’s body and Sam said, “He definitely got what he deserved.”

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas Eve at the Corinthos family house. Jason and Carly arrive home and have to tell everyone that Sonny is not coming home yet. Carly tells the kids that Sonny is still caught up with business and will not be home for Christmas. Jason leaves to meet up with Sam.

Sam wanted to know if he killed Julian, but of course, he didn’t kill him. Jason decides to stay the night at Sam’s place for the kids.

Michael invites Lucas to come in and join them for Christmas. Lucas decides to stay and celebrate Christmas with his family. Carly is upset that they cannot find Sonny’s body and wants him home for Christmas. The cops show up at the Corinthos house with news. What could it possibly be? Have they found Sonny?

Carly opens the door to find Chase and the officers. They have a few questions they need to ask. Chase tells Carly that a bridge collapsed and Sonny was on it. Michael, Willow, and Brando find out that Sonny is missing and has been in a terrible accident. Chase tells the Corinthos family that Sonny has not been found yet and has a few questions for Jason Morgan.

Carly was worried that the police would tell her that they found Sonny’s body, but so far, nobody means a possibility that he is alive.

Britt talks to Jason about Julian and is worried that she caused Julian’s death. Jason reassures her that she did not cause Julian’s death. Britt is going to be helping Sonny and Jason bring down Cyrus. She told Jason that they are making a new drug that could help benefit Cyrus. Britt’s hand starts to shake really bad. Will this put her in the line of fire?

Jason meets up with Brando. Jason tells him that he has to meet up with Cyrus. Jason has a plan in motion for Cyrus. Will he be able to go through with the procedure without any obstacles in the way?

Carly hears the front door slam and thinks it is Jason, but it really is Sonny! He came home!? Is this true or a fantasy of Carly’s? Carly is so happy that Sonny is home and says that they need to call Jason to call off the search. She turns around and POOF! There is no Sonny, and it was all a dream. Carly was so disappointed.

Dante and Jason stop by to see Carly, and Dante is wondering how Sonny is involved with Julian’s death. Dante gets mad when he finds out that Cyrus is the person behind the bombing that put Lulu into a coma.

Carly is worried about Jason going to the meeting alone. What is she going to do? She probably will ruin his plans. Laura goes to see Carly about if they can bring down Cyrus. Laura wants Carly to fight back.

Cyrus knows about Brando’s deal with Sonny about Dev. He knows that Dev was not a legal American citizen. What does this mean for Brando? He may be in more trouble than he can handle.

Cyrus meets with Jason, and he has something else in mind. Jason and Cyrus have a talk and hope to be civil, but we all know nothing is considerate about Cyrus. Cyrus gives Jason an ultimatum, he could let Cyrus do his importing of goods and get a sociable slum of money or else.

Jason does not take Cyrus’s deal and makes Cyrus mad; he starts shooting at Jason. Carly shows up with a backup and disrupts Jason’s plan to eliminate Cyrus. Cyrus is so furious that Brando did not shoot Jason. He threatens to reveal the truth about Dev’s identity. Brando needs to speak up about what Cyrus has against him and how it affects everyone. Brando has been threatened twice now. Is he going to tell Jason that his life may be in danger as well as everyone else’s?

Laura says Cyrus has something that they can use against him. What could it be? Is it his mother, perhaps? Laura believes Cyrus’s weakness is her. Laura explains to Carly how she found out all the information. She had herself admitted as a patient, and Carly looked shocked.

Carly makes a phone call to someone after Laura leaves. Who did she call, and what is she up to now?

Jason and Carly arrive home, and he is so mad at her for showing up. He could not survive if she was shot. Jason is angry at Carly because he had a shot to kill Cyrus, but she was there, so he could not go through with the plan. Jason could not have her as a witness. Carly tells Jason that she has solved their problem, and he is wondering what she has done now.

Cyrus arrives at the Metro Court, and Laura shows up. Laura speaks to him about keeping the people and the street safe in Port Charles. He agrees to help her with the matter. Cyrus receives a call from Mountain Landing Long Term Care and gets some devastating news. Carly and Laura have taken their mother out of the facility. What will Cyrus do to get revenge?

Dr. Kirk is Dead!

Dante has been working with Dr. Kirk, and he is now dead because of Liesl Obrecht and Scott Baldwin. They stabbed him, and he died. Obrecht got rid of the body. Franco decides to leave where he is supposed to receive treatment because Dr. Kirk is gone (as Franco believes). Detectives show up looking for Franco and ask him some questions. The detectives tell Franco that Dr. Warren Kirk is dead!

Obrecht has decided to return to Port Charles and help Franco with his treatment. Franco sneaks Obrecht into General Hospital to help with his diagnosis. Franco is still curious as to who tried to kill him last year. Franco goes home to see Elizabeth and the boys.

Franco comes home with presents and surprises Elizabeth. Terry stops by to see Elizabeth before her flight home to see her parents. She confesses to hiding Franco’s diagnosis from Elizabeth. She understands that Terry could not legally tell her due to being a medical professional.

Scott shows up at Franco and Elizabeth’s for Christmas Eve. Liz and Terry talk about how they sang Christmas carols when they were young. Cameron decides to pick up his guitar and play a few songs. He has not touched his guitar in months.

Is There a Romance Brewing Between Sasha and Brando?

After her severe overdose, Brando checks on Sasha that may have killed her if he did not rush her to the hospital. Brando has been running into Sasha a lot after her overdose. She wants him to stop following her, but what if he is starting to fall for her. Is there a possibility that the two of them will get together?

Brando and Sasha are talking, and a little flirting may be going on. They seem to be getting closer and closer together. Sasha kisses Brando on the cheek! OH MY! It is starting to heat up here with these two love birds!

Where is Sonny and Who May Be Helping Him Come Home?

Cyrus is Laura’s brother, but that is not stopping her from bringing him down! She will do everything in her power so Cyrus cannot hurt anyone ever again, and how does she do it? She takes his mother out of the facility and hides her! Cyrus is so mad at her.

Dante has been working with Dr. Kirk on a mission to bring down Peter. He has been contacting him every so often and has not heard back from Dr. Kirk for a while. Dante does not have a clue that Obrecht and Scott stabbed him to death. Someone was watching Dante get into the elevator. Who could it be?

Julian is Dead! He is never coming back to General Hospital in the role of Julian Jerome. Sonny has been missing and nowhere to be found. Cyrus believes that Sonny is dead and never coming back. Everyone else is convinced he is alive and returning home at the perfect opportunity to bring down Cyrus, or he has amnesia.

Do you think that Cyrus will get revenge on Laura if she does not return his mother back to the facility? Do you believe that it is Obrecht that is watching Dante? Does Sonny have amnesia, or will he pretend he does just to help bring down Cyrus?

Sasha and Brando have been very flirty with one another lately. Is there a possibility that there is a romance in the making, or are they teasing us?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to General Hospital Writers.

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