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Season 4 Episode 7

It is about time that CJ and DJ run into each other again. DJ confronts CJ to apologize for ruining her wedding with Steve. Will CJ be able to forgive her after everything she has put her and her daughter through?

Kimmy and Stephanie’s party planning business is kicking off, and during one of the parties, a clown befriends Stephanie. Will Sudsy and Stephanie be able to resolve their issues without clown tricks?

Max Fuller is running for class president, but Rose is as well. Will the two be able to get along during the campaign, or is this the end of Rose and Max’s relationship?

Leftover Mess from Japan

CJ stops by to drop off Rose to hang out with Max. DJ wanted to speak to CJ but she dropped Rose off and left. CJ is still not over DJ breaking up her wedding with Steve. DJ wants to smooth things over with CJ, but does not dare to do so. It has to be hard for CJ to see DJ after the wedding. CJ has to be heartbroken.

Leftover Mess from JapanDJ has arranged a basket of goodies and a note to invite CJ for coffee to talk and smooth things over. Does she think a basket of goodies is going to smooth things over? I do not think so, but we shall see.

DJ stops CJ before she leaves after dropping Rose off and apologizes to her about ruining her wedding. It was a terrible thing for DJ to do, but also the right thing. CJ was glad that she did not let her marry a man that was not in love with her. CJ forgives her, and they are in a great place with each other. I am so glad there is no more tension between these two because if Max and Rose are still together in the future and want to get married, they do not want it to be uncomfortable for the kids.

Sudsy the Clown

Kimmy and Stephanie have a party for Peter. A clown shows up and does not like the fact there are two entertainers at the party. Sudsy has a problem with Stephanie, and she is not about to back down either. Sudsy the clown better watch out because Stephanie will set him straight.

Stephanie tells Jimmy about Sudsy the clown, and it turns out that Sudsy has performed at all of his birthdays until he was 29. Who has a clown at a birthday party at the age of 29? Fernando is afraid of clowns, and Stephanie has received a package in the mail. It is from Sudsy, and he knows where she lives. That is stalking. In the box was a clown nose. Is that a threat?Sudsy the Clown

Jimmy, Stephanie, Kimmy, and Fernando are all playing gin, and they hear three big bangs. There are three pies on the door and clown shoe prints left to the side. It is a warning from Sudsy. Sudsy is trying to scare off Stephanie, but that is not going to work on her. She is a tough cookie.

Stephanie interrupts Sudsy’s birthday party and challenges him to a party battle. Stephanie so kicked Sudsy the Clown out of the park. She has won the dance battle, and Sudsy will not be messing with her anymore.

Campaign for President

Max has started his youtube channel and has two hundred views on his recent post. DJ told him to run for class president, so Max is going to try out for it. Is it a good idea for Max to run for class president?

Max tells Rose that he is running for class president, but she is running as well. Rose said to Max since they are both running for class president, that they will have to put their relationship on hold for the time being. Rose breaks up with Max and leaves. He is so heartbroken and torn up by the situation. Rose breaking up with Max was probably not the best decision to handle the situation.

Max makes his video announcement, and DJ finds out that Max is running against Rose. Campaign for PresidentShe asked Max to drop out because they have put that family through enough already. DJ is right, and Max should have taken her advice, but he did not.

Max receives terrible news, and he is not going to like it. He is losing to Rose and has lost so many votes. Max is so disappointed and sad. Max decides to take Ramona’s advice, and he did whatever needed for him to win, and nothing was off the table for him. What has Max done now, and how much damage is there?

The next day, CJ has come by with Rose to talk about Max. Max has posted a video saying mean things about Rose on the internet. DJ has finished watching the video and is not happy about it at all. DJ and CJ make the children talk it out, and they have both said some horrible words about each other. Max apologizes, and Rose forgives him. They are back together. Relationships are hard, but one person has to be the bigger person and apologize. It was a mistake for Max to run for president if he knew Rose was already. He should have been supporting her and helping her win for class president instead of going against her. I am glad that everything worked out, and they are back together.


Danny and Becky stop by for a visit after work. He explains that he does not love his job right now, and he wants to be doing more exciting segments on “Wake Up San Francisco.” Will he talk to his boss about it or let it go?

Danny and Becky are not happy with the daily pieces that they talk about on the show. He wants to talk about something more serious and entertaining. Karen, the director, says that one of them is getting a colonoscopy on live television. Becky hurried up and Colonoscopyopted out, and Danny is the winner. He is not happy about this, but he did get something different to talk about on the show. It may not be what he wants, but oh well.

Danny is getting a live colonoscopy on television and has taken a topical anesthetic, so he does not feel any pain. Becky announces that they have to reschedule the procedure another time because there is a raccoon loose at City Hall. He was mad that they were rescheduling the segment later due to a racoon. Why would anyone be interested in a racoon roaming in City Hall? Call animal control to deal with the problem, not the news channel. Danny was upset by having the procedure done, but also not filming it to get it over and done. He will have to go through the entire process again. Who wants to go through the process of getting ready for a colonoscopy twice. NO ONE.

Competition Arises Between Opponents

DJ and CJ have had their differences and issues. They never put the children in between their problems. CJ has been bringing Rose by to see Max and DJ has been working the courage to apologize. When she apologizes to CJ, she forgives her for not letting her marry a man that was not entirely in love with her. They made up and have become friends.

Kimmy and Stephanie have a kid’s birthday party to do, but a clown will not let there be two entertainers. The clown tries to scare off Stephanie, but it does not work. She finds where Sudsy is doing a kid’s party and does a party battle to see who is the best. Stephanie won the battle, and Sudsy will not be messing with her anymore. Stephanie showed him who the best entertainer was.

Max has run for class president, but so is Rose, his girlfriend. When Max knew that, he should not have tried to run for it all. Instead, he should have been very supportive of Rose and helped her win. Max ran for class president and almost risked his relationship with Rose. Max and Rose resolved their issues, he dropped out of the race, and they are back together.

Do you think CJ and DJ become good friends and move on from Japan? Is Stephanie, the queen of entertainers at kids parties? Will Rose be a great class president?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Running for Class President

  1. CJ and DJ have had their differences, and they talked it through. DJ and CJ will become good friends for the children and get along better with one another. Stephanie is the QUEEN of entertainers! There is no questioning that she is the queen of entertainers. Rose will do a fantastic job being the class president. Max should have realized that the moment she told him.