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Season 5 Episode 17

Jane has finished her novel and got herself an agent named Lily. Now it is time for her to sell that book. How many offers will Jane get before she accepts a deal?

Rogelio’s pilot, “This is Mars,” turned into a series. River Fields has decided to move the show to New York. Rogelio has to decide if he wants to finish the pilot there. Is Rogelio moving to New York and leaving his family behind?

Rafael started to work for Petra, and she is determined to expand the Marbella. He also works in Real Estate. Will Rafael continue to do two jobs, or is it going to become too much for him?

Jane wanted to confront Rose on everything, but Rose stabbed herself and was headed to the hospital. A white van hits the ambulance truck, and Rose escapes. Her six goons jump out of the vehicle, all dressed as her and get arrested by the cops. Rose escapes as Bobby is shot dead by the police. Will Rose successfully escape everyone and get her revenge?

Any Offers?

Jane has anxiety, and she is hoping with the lord’s prayer, everything will be okay. She is traumatized and on edge. Jane goes and talks to a therapist, and she suggests the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Lily calls to let Jane know that publishers love her book. She is sending Jane some editors to talk to over lunch. Will they show up?

Any OffersJane gets a call from her agent that the editors are not coming because Michael never signed over his life rights, so now she cannot publish her book. Oh no. Will Michael sign over his life rights for Jane to publish the book?

Jane tries to call Michael at the ranch, and he had taken off a few days ago. Where is he? Jane called his mom, and it went straight to voicemail.

Patricia calls Jane and hands the phone to Michael. He wants to talk in person about the novel, and he is in town so they can meet up.

Rafael is okay with Jane meeting up with Michael to get the signed papers of his life rights to the book.

Jane meets with Michael to get the life rights of the book. Michael is marrying Charlie, The Bookand the two despise each other. Charlie is expecting a baby. She does not want the headache of the publicity the book is going to get. Michael is not signing the papers because of Charlie.

Michael is still not signing those papers after Jane’s persuasive argument. He is standing by Charlie and what she wants. It is not just him anymore, he has a family to think about.

Charlie decides Jane can publish the book but to leave out one part of the book. What was the section in the book that she wanted to be left out?

Jane’s agent called her, and they are putting the book up for auction. They are hoping to get numerous bids for the novel. I hope Jane receives the money she deserves.

Jane’s book auction started, and the numbers keep on rising. The final bid on the book was five-hundred thousand dollars! Jane is so happy they are wealthy! Everyone is so excited that her book was published!

Two Jobs

Petra wants Rafael to quit his real estate job and go all in working at the Marbella. Will he leave his real estate job?

Petra finds out that JR’s mother has passed away. Poor JR, she has to be going through a tough time. Petra wants to go to JR’s mother’s funeral. Rafael thinks it is a bad idea, but I think JR may appreciate it.

Two JobsPetra suggested to Rafael to move back to Marbella, and his old penthouse is vacant at the moment. Will he move back into the Marbella?

Petra decided not to go to the funeral but instead send flowers with a note.

Rafael has quit his job at the Marbella and is only doing Real Estate. He made a smart decision. Luisa is so happy he has grown up so much over the years.

Jane and Rafael want Luisa at the wedding.

Moving to New York

Xo has some good news. She got into a nursing program in New York and asked Rogelio if they can move there? WHAT? They both could possibly be going to New York as long as Darci and Esteban are willing to move as well.

Rogelio pitches his reasons to Darci why moving to New York is a good idea. Darci would love to move back to New York, but Esteban has to be on board as well. Will Esteban agree to move to New York?

Rogelio and Esteban talk about everyone moving to New York, and he is not on board. Moving to New YorkHe tries to convince Esteban to become an actor again by showing him great clips of himself. It backfires on him.

Darci and Esteban later decide that they are going to move to New York. Rogelio is so excited! Everyone is on board with moving to New York!

Xo is sad that she and Rogelio are moving away from their family. It will be hard for everyone, but they will adjust to the situation. Everyone can visit with each other at any time because they are family.

Rose’s Plan Backfires

Luisa is headed to a safe house in Belize. She is being protected from Rose. Now that she has escaped prison, she is coming for Luisa.

Rose is 51 years old! Wow! Who knew she was that old? The surgeries definitely helped her look young over the years.

BackfiresJane comes home, and Rose is there in their house. She blackmails Jane to call Luisa and meet her at Rogelio’s premiere party. If she does not do what Rose wants, she will kill someone she loves.

Rose is holding Jane hostage at her house. She believes that everyone has poisoned Luisa from her. Luisa does not love her anymore. Rose and Jane get dressed for the party as aliens at Rogelio’s premiere party.

Rose is taking Jane to the roof of the building. They start venting back and forth, then Rafael comes out of nowhere and saves the day. He tackled Rose, and Jane began to run. Rose stops them, and Luisa jumps out. Luisa takes a tic tac instead of a drug and pushes Rose into the hole. Rose dies in front of everyone at the Premiere party, and it catches on fire.

Jane is Rich! What will she do with the Money?

Jane has finally published her book, and she is wealthy! She will make sure all her finances are in order and that Mateo has a college fund set up, and they will be okay. Jane and Rafael can now move into their dream home and get married.

Rafael has been struggling with two jobs lately. He is working at the Marbella and doing real estate. After thinking about it and Petra having him do a lot of stuff with the Marbella, Rafael has decided to quit the Marbella. He said it is not his dream anymore. He has new goals with Jane and loves working with Real Estate.

Rogelio received a great offer to move to New York and continue his pilot series “This is Mars.” Xo got offered to join a nursing program in New York. Everything looks like it will work out as long as Daci and Esteban are on board. Esteban was not at first, but they both decided they were moving to New York. Darci and Esteban had a plan with Rogelio and took advantage of it. Everything did work out for the better.

Luisa is in protection since Rose is on the loose. Jane comes home and finds Rose in her apartment. She blackmails Jane into getting Luisa back in her life. Luisa had other plans. She tricked Rose and pushed her down in the hole. She kills Rose, and the premiere party catches on fire. Rose has finally been eliminated!

What are your thoughts on how Rose left the show? Were you satisfied or disappointed?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Rose is Eliminated

  1. I am so glad that the Rose drama is over, and everyone can live a healthy life without the fear of something horrible happening. No one should live in fear no matter what it may be in their life. Rose has hurt Jane in so many ways over the years. She kidnapped Mateo, killed her husband allegedly, and has targeted Rafael’s family from the beginning. Now everyone can breathe and relax, knowing Rose will never be back.