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Season 5 Episode 16

Jane and Rafael had a baby boy and named him Mateo. Sin Rostro kidnapped their baby, but they got Mateo back, and years later, Jane writes a book about it. Jane got an agent to publish the book.

Petra got the hotel back with Krishna’s help. Petra offered Rafael a job at the Marbella. So, he has two jobs now, the Marbella and Real Estate.

Jane did not know her father until she was 23 years old and about to get married to Michael. Rogelio has been in Jane’s life for only seven years but feels like a lifetime.

Rogelio is ready to take a step back from the spotlight. His priorities are more focused on his family. River says she is not ready because she does not want to be alone. She has a daughter that does not speak to her. Rogelio decides to help River get her daughter back in her life.

Luisa is still involved with Rose and is helping her. Bobby and Luisa find a big vault full of cash. All of Rose’s goons are dressed like her.

Will Jane’s agent love her book enough to publish it right away? With Rogelio’s help, will River get her daughter Pond back in her life? Why is Luisa helping Rose with her plan?

Mateo Switched?

Jane meets with her new book agent, Lily Lofton. She is “super smart and super blunt.” She loves Jane’s book but wants more crime climax in the story. Jane will get what she needs because Rose is planning something no one expects.

Mateo SwitchedLily suggests that Rose may have swapped the babies out. Jane looks so worried and scared. Lily does not realize that the book is based on her life, and that is what happened to her.

Jane tells Rafael about what Lily said to her today about her novel. He jumped up and freaked out. After a while, they calm down and do not believe that Mateo was switched at birth.

Jane is struggling to write the ending of her novel. She looks back at pictures of Mateo when he was born, and he has a birthmark on his left shoulder. Does he still have that birthmark?

Jane meets a lady that gave birth to a baby boy the same day as she did. He had a birthmark just like Mateo did when he was born. She freaked out, but It was all a fantasy. Thank goodness it was only a fantasy.

Jane talks to Rafael about getting a DNA test done on Mateo. She doesn’t want to but believes that she has to get one done. Rafael and Jane both agree to have the test done. Jane and Rafael get a DNA test and have Mateo swab his cheek. Jane and Rafael should not worry. I am sure Mateo is their child.DNA Test

Rafael and Jane are at her mom’s house with Alba. They are practicing for their wedding dance. Alba finds out that Jane’s novel talks about her and Pablo from Rafael. She is so angry and upset with Jane putting in her book that she lost her virginity to Pablo before they were married. Will Alba forgive her?

Jane is working on her novel, and Xo is watching Mateo. Rafael is so nervous about the results of the DNA test. You can never be so sure about Rose, she can do anything, and nothing is off-limits with her.

Alba read Jane’s novel and had a lot of notes about the grandmother. She did not like how the grandmother was betrayed at all. Jane takes all the notes and rewrites the book.

The DNA test results come in, and Jane and Rafael open the letter. Mateo is the biological child of Jane and Rafael. I am so happy to hear that. I was starting to worry that Rose would have switched the baby.

Jane works on her novel. Xo goes to Alba’s house to see Jane. She thought a change of scenery may help her finish the book. Jane is worried that if she publishes the book that Rose will come after her and her family. Xo reassures her that nothing is going to happen, and everything is okay.

Alba comes by to see Jane, and she changes her mind about the book. Well, Jane had something to do with it because she went over to see Jorge and talk to him about it. Jorge helped Alba change her mind. He reminded her that things are different now and that they have each other. Alba has nothing to be scared of because she has her family to have her back. The Villanueva’s are strong women.

Jane is working on her novel, and Alba told her what happened to her today with Magda. Then Jane realized that she needed to work on the Heroine of the story in her book.

River’s Daughter

River tries to bond with her daughter over cupcakes with a picture of the two of them on it. Her daughter said that “cupcakes are not going to make up her entire childhood.” River’s DaughterRogelio tries to cheer River up, and he receives a phone call. The network wants to turn “This is Mars” into a series! Rogelio gets upset when River tells him that she does not want to do the pickup.

Xo’s nursing school starts in three days. She is nervous about it. Xo has nothing to be worried about because she is a smart and intelligent woman.

Rogelio goes to see River’s daughter at a coffee shop. Her daughter is mad at her because she did not acknowledge her daughter when she won the 2004 Emmy Award. Rogelio comes up with a plan.

Rogelio helps River reunite with her daughter by reshooting a moment in time with her daughter at the Emmys. They have recreated her bedroom, and her middle school friends have also joined in to do the remake. Pond, River’s daughter, decides to go along with the remake. She has not seen her friends in fifteen years.

Pond stole Tay Tay’s boyfriend when they were kids, and she was angry. I am surprised Tay Tay showed up today. They do the entire reenactment, and River does her speech. Pond forgives her mother.

Xo’s first day went great, and Rogelio gets a call from River. She decides to go forward with the show but is moving back to New York, and River wants to put family first. Rogelio has a decision to make, and it will not be easy. He has to decide if he wants to move his family or not. I do not think he will, but we will see.

Alba’s Revenge

Petra is so nervous about Clarissa James coming to the Marbella. She is an “investor that specializes in hotel franchising.” Petra meets with Clarissa James and her assistant. Her assistant is her mother, Magda, but she is going by Maggie. What does Magda want?

Magda makes Petra an offer if she wants Clarissa, she has to give her half of the hotel.

Petra shows Clarissa around the hotel with Magda. Alba runs into them and sees Magda.Alba’s Revenge Alba looked like she wanted to say something, but she held back this time.

Petra is about to close the deal with Clarissa. She does not want Magda in the way, so she shoved her in the closet and locked it. Then called for security guards to watch her. Petra is hilarious!

Magda is trying to convince the security guard to let her out, and he looks like he wants to, and he does. She kicks him in the privates, and he goes down. Magda escapes from the closet.

As Magda escapes and she opens the door to the stairs. She turns around and finds Alba. Alba recorded the entire conversation she and Magda had and told her that she would take this to the police if she saw her around the Marbella again.

Petra closed the deal with Clarissa, and Magda leaves town the next day.

The Escape Plan

Luisa comes by to see Rafael and tell him goodbye permanently. Rafael told her to just leave. He wants nothing to do with his sister as long as she is involved with Rose.

Jane decides to go confront Rose, and Rafael backs her up but does not think it is a good idea. They are headed to see Rose, and a van almost hits them on their way there.

The Escape PlanRose calls the guard in and stabs herself in the leg. She is losing lots of blood. Bobby goes to see Luisa and tells her to hurry up and grab her bag. Rose is in an ambulance getting bandaged and headed to the hospital. The white van that almost ran into Jane and Rafael and hits the ambulance truck that Rose is in. Rose escapes from the ambulance. The white van has all six of her goons in there dressed like her. They all start running, and no one knows which one is the real Rose.

Jane and Rafael find out that Rose escapes the prison. They did not capture her, and Jane is so scared. She is so worried about what Rose is going to do. Rose has done enough damage to her family already.

Luisa and Bobby meet up with the REAL Rose. Luisa has been working with the cops this entire time, and a police officer had Luisa’s mask on. The police were able to figure out Rose’s escape plan and capture her finally! For Good! Unfortunately, Rose escaped, and Bobby was shot dead.

Where is Rose?

Jane and Rafael had nothing to worry about with Mateo. He is their son and so glad that he was not switched with another baby. Jane’s novel needed a few tweaks to make it pop, but her agent was not the only one that thought that.

Alba was furious when she found out that Jane wrote about her and Pablo’s sex life before marriage and that they were undocumented. Jorge reminded Alba that things are different now, and she has her family to support her and be there for her.

Rogelio helped River get her daughter back in her life. They recreated the night her mother won the Emmy Award and acknowledged her daughter’s support in her speech. Tay Tay, Pond’s friend, was angry fifteen years ago when she stole Tay Tay’s boyfriend, and that is why they stopped being friends.

Magda has been blackmailing Petra, but she was not going to let her win. Petra had Clarissa James coming into town, and she plans to win her over. Magda got herself into a predicament with Alba. The tables have turned, and Alba has Magda where she wants her. Alba recorded their conversation so she would have leverage over her. Alba won the war, and we will never see Magda again.

Rose’s plan is coming together, and she begins her escape. Jane and Rafael go to see Rose, but when they get to the prison, they find out that she has escaped. Rose stabbed herself, so she was in the ambulance truck headed to the hospital. Her goons are in the white van, and it hits the ambulance. Rose escapes, and her goons jump out of the truck. The cops arrest all the goons but not her. She has run away into a secret wall and has no idea where Rose went.

Is Rogelio going to move his family to New York, or is he going to give up his dream for his family? Is Magda gone for good? What is Rose planning to do? How is she going to finish the job now with Bobby dead in the process?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Rose Escapes

  1. I hope Rogelio and Xo move to New York. He has been waiting for this moment in his life. Rogelio deserves it, and Xo may be able to do her nursing school there in New York. Rogelio may not do it, though, because he loves his family too much and cares about them. I think Magda is gone for good and will not be messing with Petra anymore. She has too much to lose if she comes back to see Petra. Nothing stops Rose from her plan. Rose will finish her job and escape, or she could end up dead.