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Season 5 Episode 2

Stephanie decides to sit on a nice pile of warm clothes. Kimmy sits on a warm pie for relaxation. Stephanie and Kimmy’s way of relaxing is so funny. Who would sit on a warm pie for relaxation?

Stephanie and Jimmy have baby Danielle and now have to juggle being parents and an Aunt and Uncle as well. It was so sweet of them to name the baby after Danny. I would have figured they named the baby after Stephanie and DJ’s mom. They do not talk much about her in Full House or Fuller House. 

Kimmy was feeling an empty nest and loved being pregnant. Fernando helped her realize that she is still part of the baby’s life, and Danielle will need her. Kimmy is going to be a wonderful godmother. 

So, a Renaissance Faire is coming up. Who is going to the Renaissance Faire, and will they make it there in time?

Cooking Class Competition

DJ has picked the last three dates that she and Steve have gone together. They went to hot yoga, scrapbooking, and a two-day seminar on closet reorganization. DJ picks some of the book dates. Who chooses a lesson on closet reorganization for a date? DJ is undoubtedly turning into her father as the years go on, and it may get worse from here on out. Steve has planned their date, and they are going to cooking class. Way to go, Steve! A cooking class can be a romantic date for the two of them. 

DJ and Steve are at the couple’s cooking class. They have to cut up a chicken, and Steve surprised DJ. He can cook, and she did not know that about him. Steve had cut that chicken up so fast in a blink of an eye. DJ was so shocked. Cooking Class Competition

DJ has gotten herself in a competition against the other cooks and is not backing down. DJ is very competitive and a little scary when she is competitive. DJ lets Gloria know that she is going down, and she and Steve are going to win the competition. Gloria does not look scared at all because she believes they will win. 

DJ and Steve are making Napoleon, and they have a strong feeling about winning the competition. DJ puts a statement berry on top, and Napoleon collapses. They did not win the cooking competition. Gloria and her husband won the cooking competition and took home the prize. They win every year, and DJ and Steve did not stand a chance. Steve was not upset that they lost, he was happy because he got to spend time with DJ. Steve is the sweetest man in the world.

Fernando is a Formula One Race-car Driver

Jackson is playing a race car game, and Fernando wants to join. Jackson says, “Sorry, Fernando. It is a little harder than it looks.” Fernando says, “You forgot, I am a recently retired famous race-car driver.” Jackson says, “I did forget that, and I still forget it now.” Fernando is not lying about being a Formula One race-car driver. Fernando is a Formula One Race-car Driver

Ethan is the Postmates dude and delivers Jackson’s food. He sees Fernando and recognizes him for being a Formula One race-car driver. Fernando has “caused more spectator injuries than any racer in history.” Jackson did not believe Fernando was a real race-car driver. Fernando is full of surprises. Who would have thought that he is a famous race-car driver?

Ramona’s Postmates Soulmate

As Ethan is taking a picture of him and Fernando, Ramona is coming down the stairs and catches his eye. Fernando is looking at Ethan with a mean staring face, and he does not like this at all. She trips and falls down the steps. I hope she is okay because it surely did not phase her. Ramona is okay and gets up to talk to Ethan.

Fernando gets mad because Ramona has met someone, and his daughter is growing up. He pushes Ethan out the door and tells him to leave. Ramona got so angry and stormed upstairs. Kimmy comes down and gets mad because she missed something dramatic. Kimmy is always wanting to be part of something dramatic and has a lot of action. She loves plays and always wanted to be in Hamilton.

Ramona is upset about her Postmates soulmate, Ethan. Kimmy tries to cheer her up and explains that he will be back. Ethan shows up with Lasagna, and Ramona tries to ask him and get his number. He had to take off for delivery. Fernando walks in and asks why Ethan was back. He definitely does not want Ramona dating anyone. Kimmy says, “The older you get, the more I am going to scheme with you.” Ramona is growing up and Ramona’s Postmates Soulmatedeserves to go out with someone. She is not a child anymore. Romona is growing into a beautiful young woman, and the guys are going to want to ask her out. 

Ramona is getting ready for her date with Ethan, and Fernando is not happy. He tries to stop Ramona from leaving the house. Kimmy stops Fernando by tripping him and making him fall. Ramona runs to the door and takes off with Ethan for a walk. Ramona has escaped the house and went on a date. 

Kimmy apologizes to Fernando for clubbing him with the Swiffer. Fernando and Kimmy have a talk about Ramona starting to date again. They both have to accept their baby girl is growing up and will not need them as often as before. Ramona goes to see a movie with Ethan. 

Ramona comes home from her date with Ethan and asks what she had missed. The entire family was celebrating a Renaissance Faire for Max. When it comes to the Tanner-Fuller family, anything can happen.

Renaissance Faire and the Sword

Max is all dressed up for the Renaissance Faire, and Stephanie forgot. She goes to change Danielle’s diaper. It takes Stephanie a long time to get baby Danielle and herself ready to leave. 

Stephanie’s attention is going straight to the baby, and Max wants to spend time with her at the Renaissance Faire. Max feels left out and does not get enough attention from Aunt Steph as he used to. 

Max missed the Renaissance Faire because of Aunt Stephanie. He is upset that she doesRenaissance Faire and the Sword not care about him anymore. He understands that Stephanie has more pressing priorities and that everything will be okay. Poor Max, when it comes to bringing a new life into the mix, things will change, and you may have to miss certain things in life. 

Stephanie puts together a Renaissance Faire in the backyard to make it up to Max. He loved what she did, and he got to pull the sword from the rock. It made his day. Max was so grateful that Stephanie did all of it just for him.

Significant Changes, More Surprises!

DJ and Steve’s cooking competition date was incredible. They had fun cooking together and learned new things about each other. DJ is very competitive and does not want to lose. Steve enjoyed his time with her and was glad they got to do something they both enjoy. Steve and DJ are getting more and more committed as their relationship grows. They both learned new things about each other and surprised one another every once in a while. 

Fernando is a Formula One race-car driver. I cannot believe it, and he has fans. The Postmates delivery boy, Ethan, was smitten with his daughter. Fernando tried to keep them apart but was not successful, and Ramona is a young lady and will start to date again. Ethan may be her Postmate soulmate. We will never know unless she starts dating. 

Max wanted to go to the Renaissance Faire with Aunt Stephanie. She had baby Danielle to take care of and could not take Max. Stephanie planned a Renaissance Faire in the backyard to make it up to Max for missing it. She is the best Aunt anyone could ask for, and Max was so surprised. He could not believe what Stephanie did to make it up to him. 

Do you think Steve and DJ have what it takes to make a lifetime commitment? Will Fernando accept that his daughter is dating and growing up? Has Stephanie realized that even though the baby is here, that family is essential and needs to spend time with her nephews? 

If anyone knows who would sit on a warm pie for relaxation, let me know in the comments below. 

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Renaissance Faire Gone Wrong

  1. DJ and Steve will last forever. They are each other’s one true love, and that will never change. Fernando has accepted his daughter dating just a little, so hopefully, Ramona will not push him over the edge. Stephanie realizes that it may not be the same as before the baby, but she is trying to make sure she spends time with Max and everyone else.