Relationships are Heating Up in Port Charles! Will they survive?

Relationships are Heating Up in Port Charles! Will they Survive - Social Media
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Last Two Weeks of December 2020

Relationships are heating up in Port Charles!!! Maxie and Peter are pregnant and about to get married, and she does not know everything about Peter. Will she find out who the real Peter August is before they get married? Is Maxie having a boy or a girl? 

Finn has been keeping a big secret from Anna; he and Jackie slept together a long time ago before her wedding to his father! That is a big twist right there. How could she have slept with Finn right before her marriage to Gregory? Will Anna know what the secret is before they get married?

Alexis and Ned slept together too recently. Ned has not told Olivia yet about it either. Can Alexis and Ned avoid each other so it does not bring any attention, or will it all come spilling out? 

Michael and Willow have agreed to see where they stand with their feelings for Sasha and Chase. Will it cause some complications down the road? Will Michael and Willow move on from their marriage relationship or end up staying together because they may have to after all?

Molly also has a secret that she has been keeping from TJ, but she is not the only one. His mother, Jordan, has been keeping secrets from him as well. Will Molly tell him the entire truth, and what will TJ find out about what secrets his mother is hiding? How is Jordan’s marriage going with Curtis?

Maxie and Peter Reveal the Gender of the Baby

Maxie and Peter find out the sex of the baby, and received the letter of the gender from the doctor! Maxie and Peter open the envelope and reveal the baby’s gender. Will it be a boy or a girl?

Maxie and Peter tell Anna and Valentin that they are having a baby girl! Peter believes that since he is having a girl, she will not turn out to be like her father, but he has something huge coming his way. Anna is not his mother, Alex is, and he will have the shock of his life when he finds out that Anna has been keeping it a secret from him.

Maxie has come up with the perfect name for her baby girl. They are going to name her Louise and call her Lu. Maxie and Peter run into Britt, reveal that they are having a girl, and invite her to dinner with Maxie’s parents.

Obrecht catches Peter and Britt hugging, and she plans to reveal the real Peter August. What are her plans to take down Peter? Will she be able to do it with the help of Dante?

Finn has a Big Secret and Reveals it to Anna.

Finn has been holding a big secret for a long time, and he has not told his father. He slept with Jackie the night of her and his father’s wedding night. Now, there is a bigger question in play here. If she slept with both men in the same week, who is Chase’s father?

Jackie made up a lie to cover up her affair with Finn. She had told her soon-to-be ex-husband. Jackie told her husband that Finn was not at their wedding because his dad and Jackie did not wait for an appropriate amount of time after his mother passed. Finn is ready to come clean with Anna and tell her the real reason why he was not at his father’s wedding. Finn is ready to come out with his secret. Will Anna understand why it happened?

Finn reveals that he and Jackie slept together the night before her wedding to Gregory. After a year, Finn reaches out to Jackie and Gregory but finds Jackie holding a baby boy. Is Chase Finn’s son? Has Jackie been lying this entire time? If it is true, how will Chase feel?

Jackie reassured Finn that Chase was not Finn’s son. Should we believe her? We do not know much about her at all. She could have lied to him and let him believe Chase was not his this entire time.

Jackie sees all the calls and messages Robert has left her and asks if “Finn” is okay. Why is she so worried about Finn? Does she still have feelings for him? Gregory and Jackie are separated and may get a divorce. Jackie is going to be Robert’s plus one to Anna and Finn’s wedding. That should be interesting.

Should Finn tell Chase and Gregory that he slept with Jackie after all these years? Should Anna tell Peter that she is not his biological mother and Alex is?

Anna and Finn went to go see Chase at the Polar Bear Annual Charity Drive. Afterward, Finn’s father wants to talk to him, so he stays to hang out, and Anna goes home to see Charlotte.

Jackie goes to see Anna. Jackie stops by to see how Finn is doing after getting shot by Alex. Jackie finds out that Finn is a father, and she is so surprised! Jackie has brought up her and Finn’s past. 

Anna and Jackie talk about the dirty little secret that Finn has been holding in for years. Anna kind of gives Jackie some insight on how the little secret is tearing up Finn inside. In my opinion, the truth needs to come out, and it is up to Chase and Gregory to figure out what is next for everyone.

Anna tells Jackie that whatever Finn’s decision is to tell Chase and Gregory, the truth is up to him.

Are Anna and Valentin onto Dante? Will his Cover be Blown?

Anna and Valentin believe there is a different reason for Dante’s return to Port Charles. Valentin is worried about Charlotte being around Dante. Anna and Valentin are onto Dante about his real reason for coming back to Port Charles. Will Dante be able to handle the two of them without blowing his cover to bring down Peter August?

Alexis Refuses Treatment!

Alexis is in lockup, and Diane shows up as well as Sam. Ned slept with Alexis, and Alexis told Olivia that she needs to worry about her own marriage and not her. Olivia does not know they slept together. She is going to be so devastated and disappointed in Ned for not telling her. 

Alexis has also started drinking again. Also, Tracy lied to the cops telling them that Alexis was driving when it was actually her. I do not like Tracy and never have. She has always been troubled.

Diane gives Alexis a lecture for calling her because she is locked up in jail for a DWI. Tracy lies to Detective Chase, Ned, and Olivia. Sam does not believe her mother because she has lied to her so often and has been drinking. Tracy is messed up in the head and should have stayed with Luke. 

Alexis has two choices but will she pick the right one? She can leave with Sam and go to rehab or stay the night in a cell. Alexis chose to sleep in a cell. Diane is done with Alexis if she is not going to rehab. 

After Alexis leaves TJ’s mom’s place, She gets an alert that Julian is dead. It will push her over the edge.

Finn still has not come clean with his father. Will he just rip the bandaid off already? Alexis shows up drunk in the park and has a deep cut. Tracy, Ned, and Olivia have lunch together to spend time together before she leaves. When is Tracy going because she is a trouble that no one cares for?

Alexis brings up her and Finn sleeping together a long time ago to Finn’s father. Finn takes her to the hospital and stitches her up. Finn stitches Alexis’s arm up and sends her home.

Ned receives a call from Finn to come and get Alexis. Ned comes to take her home. Ned shows up to take Alexis home. Alexis knows that she did not drive the car off the road, and Tracy set her up. I do not like Tracy at all. She needs to leave and go back to be with Luke.

Tracy left Olivia alone for five minutes, and Olivia has left to go meet with Ned at the hospital. After Alexis says that she will avoid Olivia at all costs, she shows up at the hospital. Alexis leaves Ned and Olivia at the hospital, and she leaves.

Does the Polar Bear Annual Charity Dive Bring Chase and Willow Together?

Willow and Chase are doing the Polar Bear Annual Charity Dive together. Chase and Willow jump into the water, and they get out freezing. Chase confesses that Finn knew after the fact that he did not cheat on Willow. Willow completely understands.

Chase asks Willow to dinner in hopes to maybe have something more in the future. Willow agrees to go to dinner with Chase. Could this be the beginning of something new? Could it be a fresh start for the two of them?

Molly Slept With Brando!!!

Molly bails her mother, Alexis, out of jail and does not want her to ruin Christmas Eve up for everyone. Alexis is starting to spill secrets on Christmas Eve, and she slipped some alcohol in her drink when no one was looking. Molly is worried that her mother may spill her secret that she slept with Brando to TJ and his mother. Alexis may ruin Christmas Eve for everyone.

Molly catches her mother drinking and kicks her out. Molly decides to come clean to TJ. Molly gets the courage and tells TJ that she slept with someone else. TJ is mad that she slept with someone else, and he is curious as to what his mother said to her.

Molly explains that she lost faith in their relationship. She came clean now because she did not want to go through a commitment ceremony with a secret. Molly tells TJ that it was Brando that she slept with, and he was shocked! TJ is very upset that she slept with Brando and told her he needs time. She grabbed her belongings and left his mother’s house.

Jordan walks in, and TJ tells her that Molly slept with another man. TJ concluded that Jordan knew about his abduction all along and never said a word to TJ. TJ demands answers from Jordan and wants the entire truth. She is not telling TJ everything about his abduction, so he decides to leave.

TJ finds Molly, and they talk things through. They are going to take it day by day to see where it goes.

Jordan’s Marriage is Falling Apart. Will Curtis Find Someone Else to Satisfy His Needs? 

Trina is upset that people knew her father was alive when she didn’t and thinks Curtis knew. He did not know and found out with everyone else. If Curtis did know, he would be at home with his family. Instead, he is out and about walking around and moping.

Curtis has had enough of Trina. She is a troubled kid and always has been. She will just not stop complaining till she gets whatever she wants. Well, Trina, no one gets what they want in life.

Curtis is so disappointed at his wife for keeping a massive secret from him. She knew and helped Marcus Taggert fake his death. Portia is also furious with Taggert that he faked his death and did not tell her. Curtis is tired of all the lies Jordan has been keeping from him.

Alexis is drinking and starting to run her mouth. She spilled the beans about Taggert being alive, and TJ was shocked. Jordan explains to everyone how she knew about Taggert’s alleged death. Jordan leaves to go find Curtis and bring him home for Christmas.

Jordan finds Curtis so they can talk. Curtis and Jordan’s marriage is put to the test about honesty. Jordan has not been that honest to Curtis, and he is tired of it and all her lies. Jordan and Curtis talk it out and say that their marriage is not the one he wants. Is Cyrus going to be the reason they get a divorce? 

Curtis is not happy with Jordan, and she leaves Curtis to go back home to be with TJ. She will be disappointed to go back home and find him after the argument he and Molly just had together.

Secrets are Going to Explode!

Maxie and Peter are having a baby girl and going to name her Louise, Lu for short. It is a beautiful name and helps keep Lulu’s spirit alive. Hopefully, Lulu will wake up soon when Peter gets arrested for his crimes, and Maxie needs a shoulder to lean on and be there for her. Anna is not Peter’s real mother, so that explains who he is as a person. It is in his DNA. Hopefully, Maxie can prevent it with her little one. 

Finn finally tells Anna the truth, and she is very accepting. He has not told his father or brother that he has slept with Jackie the night before the wedding. Jackie told Finn that Chase is not his child, but is that true? Is she lying to him to protect herself? 

Chase and Willow spend some time together at the Polar Bear Annual Charity Dive. Then they go get hot chocolate and agree to go to dinner together soon. Chase is stepping his game back up and wants Willow all to himself. Will he win over Willow? 

Molly slept with Brando and wants to still be with TJ for the rest of her life. He has a lot of thinking to do and has a lot to work on as a couple. As for Jordan and Curtis, their relationship is also on the rocks. Jordan has lied to Curtis over and over again as well. 

Will Maxie find out the truth about what Peter has been up to, and will he find out that Alex is his real mother? Is Finn really Chase’s father? If so, how do you feel about it? Do you want Chase to be Finn’s Son? 

Michael and Willow need to figure out their feelings for Chase and Sasha. Will they end up staying together or move on and be with other people? Are there going to be many obstacles in the way that makes it harder to decide what the heart wants? 

Will Molly and TJ give their relationship another shot and hope for the best? Is Curtis done with Jordan for good? Will he move on with Portia, and Jordan move on with Taggert? 

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to General Hospital Writers.

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