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Season 5 Episode 8

Jane has finally told her goodbyes to Michael and is finally moving on with her life. She wants to be with her true love, Rafael. He cannot be with her because it is too late, and he cannot trust her anymore. Alba is still in love with Jorge, but he does not feel the same way. Jorge may change his mind later and still love Alba.

Rogelio starts his pilot with River Fields. Petra was almost shot, and JR saved her. Rose has a plan in place and has sent Bobby to help make it happen. Luisa is falling right into the trap.

Will Rafael ever forgive Jane and still be in love with her? Will Jane get to be with her one true love forever? Will Jorge have real true feelings for Alba, or is this just so he can stay in the country? What is Rose up to, and will she be able to get away with it?

Relationships and Reading

Jane and Rafael are still not on good terms. She is scrolling through his social media because she misses him. Rafael is avoiding Jane at the moment. He needs time to figure out how he feels and what he wants in his future, which we all wish him with Jane. They belonged to each other and were made for one another.

Alba told Jane to give Rafael some space, and she does the opposite. She is sitting out in front of Rafael’s house and then texts him to see if he is home, which he obviously is. Jane spills her coffee, beeps the horn, and windshield wipers are going. Rafael sees her and closes the blind. How embarrassing is it to be caught spying on your ex?

Mateo is Struggling

Xo told Jane to back off and give him space. Rafael is going to Mateo’s book fair, and Jane is going as well. He calls and tells her there is a situation with Mateo. Jane shows up at the school, and Mateo is behind on his reading. Jane helps Mateo with his reading.

Jane and Rafael have decided to work with Mateo together on his reading. They help Mateo with his reading, and Rafael asks Jane to grab breakfast and talk, but their schedules do not match up.

Jane decides to surprise Rafael at the house he is showing clients to. She prepares a picnic on the floor as a romantic gesture. Jane apologizes to the clients and gets out of their hair. Rafael’s boss was not happy and told Jane and Rafael to leave. Rafael is upset and tells Jane to move on because they are done. Jane decides to leave Rafael alone. Poor Jane, she loves Rafael so much, but she has hurt him too much.

Rogelio’s Pilot

Rogelio’s Pilot

Rogelio’s pilot is canceled. Jane writes Rogelio’s proposal for The Passion of Steve and Brenda. They continue to work on the project together. Jane works on it by herself.

Rogelio asks Jane for the proposal, but she did not work on it. He is very disappointed in Jane. She tried to work on it, but Rogelio could have helped more instead of putting all the pressure on her. Jane apologizes to Rogelio, and he forgives her. They start to work on the proposal together and finish it.


Alba is worried about their immigration visit. It is moved up two weeks early. She knows Jorge does not love her romantically anymore, so they want to make sure the appointment goes well. They are studying. Alba and Jorge practice for the immigration meeting and Alba called it a night and called Xo saying she cannot do it. Xo offers to help the two of them.


Jorge and Alba are studying with Xo for the immigration meeting. Jane walks in and says everything went well and is excited to meet up with Rafael. She loves him, and that never goes away. Jorge and Alba give each other a look, and they know they both love each other.

Today is Alba and Jorge’s immigration meeting, and it sounds like it is going well so far. They passed the immigration meeting. Jorge decides not to leave Alba. He realizes life is too short, and he loves Alba. Alba is happy to be with Jorge for real.

The Break-In

Petra has cameras in her house to figure out who broke into her home. She asks JR to come over but catches the individual that broke into her house. They were talking on the couch, and Petra sees a red dot on JR’s forehead and freaks. Petra checks on the girls, and they were sleeping.

The Break-In

Petra’s security calls her and shows her the footage. It was her girls. The girls wanted her and JR to break up because they think she is a bad guy for shooting Milos, and they saw the blood everywhere. For the girls to see, that must have been frightening to them.

Petra decides to end things with JR because the girls are traumatized by JR shooting Milos. Petra and Rafael decide to get the girl’s therapy. Bobby is stalking Rafael and is “friends” with Luisa. What is Bobby up to, and why is he working with Rose?


Jane and Rafael are in a terrible situation. Jane tries to make a romantic gesture, and it backfires on her. He told Jane that they are done, and Rafael is distraught with her. Jane decides to leave him alone. Alba and Jorge pass the immigration and are in love and are together for real this time. Rogelio and Jane finish the script for The Passions of Santos.

Petra finds out that the girls faked the intruder, and they sent the emails to Petra to look like they came from Milos. The girls were trying to get rid of JR. JR and Petra are a great couple, and I hope they stay together. Alba and Jorge are so in love with each other, and they decide to be together.

Is he done being with Jane for good, or is it temporary? Will Jorge and Alba renew their vows and get married for real this time? Will JR and Petra stay together, or will they break up for good? What does Bobby want with Rafael?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Relationships are Complicated

  1. Rafael is not happy with Jane, and she almost screwed up his sale. He told her they are over, but I hope things will change. Jane and Rafael are meant to be together forever. Alba and Jorge are in love for real this time, and I hope they get married for real this time. A genuine wedding and commitment between Alba and Jorge. Petra’s girls are causing trouble for my favorite couple. Petra is in love with JR, and the girls have to accept that. I hope they stay together because they have been through a lot together.