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Season 5 Episode 13

Jane and Rafael have been broken up for a while, and now after everything, they are back together. We are so excited that they are back together, and now they may be getting married soon.

Petra and JR are still broken up. Will JR come back to be with Petra? She did get Krishna back to work for her, but was that a mistake?

Milos is threatening to sell the Marbella if Petra did not lie in court for him. Krishna and Milos are working together to get revenge on Petra. Why are they going after Petra?


Jane and Rafael are back together and very happy. She is moving back in with Rafael, and he is going to propose! It is so exciting!

Mateo was “low-key” about Jane and Rafael moving back in together. He is not himself, and Jane is concerned about him.

Jane is hoping Rafael proposes to her soon. She starts to snoop, and he catches her. He hands her the ring box, but it is empty. That was very smart of Rafael to hide the ring from Jane. He knows her so well.

Petra stops by to get the violin books for the girl’s lesson and catches Jane at Rafael’s apartment. They tell her that they are together. Petra is okay and happy for them.

Jane and Rafael are watching a movie all cuddled up on the couch. They are concerned the meds are taking a toll on Mateo’s emotions.

Lotería ProposalRafael starts the game, and on the third saying, it was a ring, and he used it to propose to Jane!!!!! She was so surprised!! The first two spots on the board were the mermaid and tree, which are significantly important to them. She says YES!

Everyone celebrates the engagement! Mateo is sad because he thinks the wedding will not happen. He says they always break up. Jane and Rafael decide to get married at the courthouse.

Jane goes to tell Petra that she is engaged and that they are getting married at the courthouse. Petra got upset because she wanted to be a bridesmaid, so she kicked Jane out and told her to leave. That was rude of Petra to be so harsh to Jane.

Jane got Petra a poofy mint green dress so she can be her maid of honor. That was so nice of Jane to go out of her way and get her a dress.

Jane and Rafael go get their marriage license at the courthouse and take a peek at the location where they will be getting married. They are starting to rethink about getting married at the courthouse. Jane accidentally rips Petra’s dress and has to sew it up before the wedding in three weeks. Rafael wants to celebrate after the wedding at Le Coeur. Jane is so excited!

Mateo is worried that Michael is going to come back and take his mommy away again. Rafael is wondering what happened in Montana with Michael. Jane explained what happened, and Rafael was unsure about it. He needs to know that Jane is in love with him and only him.

Jane brought Petra the dress, and as it turns out that Petra was not upset about being Bridesmaid Dressleft out of the wedding. She was distracting Jane, so she would not blow Petra’s plan to get the hotel back. Jane was upset that Petra lied and that Jane has to get married wearing a brace because of Petra’s dress. Petra looked sad about what she has done.

Jane does not want to get married today. She is only doing this for Rafael, and she has put him through the wringer too much. It is not fair to her if she is not happy on her wedding day as well.

Petra goes to see Rafael, and she is worried that he is rushing things. He is afraid Jane will back out of the wedding. She will not back out of this wedding because she loves Rafael so much.

Jane goes to see Rafael and tells him that this is not the way she wants to get married. He tells her about his worries, and she explains that she is not going anywhere unless it is with him. Jane and Rafael push off the wedding.

Jane and Rafael fight over Petra to see if she is going to be a maid of honor or grooms woman. Jane compromises, and Petra will be a groom’s woman.

Jane and Rafael have a small wedding with Mateo and stuff animals. Of course, it is not a real wedding, but they did not want to disappoint Mateo. That was so sweet of them to do that for their son.


Jane packs up her stuff to move in with Rafael, and Jorge wants to host a game night. He wants to play Lotería. Xo, Alba, and Jane were concerned about the game he chose. They do not play Lotería in the family at all. Xo and Alba have had their differences playing the game.

Everyone is at Alba’s for game night, and they are playing Lotería. Xo tells her mom not to cheat again. Why did Alba cheat the game in the first place?

Rafael said it was bingo, and Xo says yes, but with Riddles and Alba says they are sayings, not riddles.

Hair Stuck in Sewing MachineThe next day, Jane and Rafael decide to get married tomorrow. Jane is working on Petra’s dress, and Xo came in to tell Alba and Jane that she is not going to nursing school. Jane then got her hair caught in the sewing machine.

Alba said Xo is not quitting now, and Xo told her she cannot make her life decisions anymore. They are going to play the game to see if Xo goes to nursing school or not. Alba left Jane with her hair stuck in the sewing machine.

Jane helps dispute this arrangement between her mother and Alba. Xo and Alba are at it with the game to see who is going to win. Xo and Alba are down to their last piece on the board. Who will win the game?

Alba won the game, and Xo has accused her of cheating! Alba did cheat this time, but when she was little, it was her father that cheated on the game.

Nursing School

Xo’s got some tests done at the doctors.

Rogelio has to do some reshoots for his pilot, and Xo is ignoring her calls from the doctor’s office.

Xo’s doctor calls a second time, and she takes it outside. Rogelio and Alba are concerned she is hiding something from them. Her cancer is not back, but Rogelio is still concerned. Xo wants to go back to school to be a nurse. Everyone is excited.

Xo is looking at courses for nursing school, but she gets anxious, and Rogelio is so Nursing Schoolsupportive.

Xo is furious at Alba for cheating. Rogelio is upset with Xo for not trying to make her dreams come true. He explains that he has worked so hard for him to get where he is now in life. Xo realizes he is right, and she should not give up.

Xo is going to nursing school, and everyone will help her in the process.


Krishna goes to see Milos in prison. Milos signed over all his shares of the hotel to Krishna. Petra has to fight to get the hotel back.

Krishna comes back to work, and it turns out they were working together this entire time! I did not see this coming! They both outsmarted Milos! Petra will be the full owner of the Marbella, and Krishna is getting a big bonus out of it.

A Stuff Animal Wedding

Jane and Rafael are engaged! They were going to get married at the courthouse, but that turned out to be a dump. Jane and Rafael have decided they are going to have their family and friends at the wedding. Still, they did not want to disappoint Mateo. The three of them had a ceremony with stuffed animals. Mateo was the officiant of the wedding.

Xo and Alba had their differences with the game Lotería. Xo believed it was her mother has been cheating all these years, but it actually was her father. Xo did not want it to be right, and she got upset.

Rogelio supports Xo going back to school, but Xo did not believe in herself. She gave up so quickly because she got scared. She was afraid of it getting complicated, but Rogelio told her that she has to work at it to make her dreams come true just like he did.

Krishna was working with Milos to get revenge on Petra as I thought to believe. It turns out that Petra and Krishna were working together this entire time and got the hotel back! That was a devious plan they came up with, and it was brilliant.

When is Jane and Rafael’s wedding and where are they going to get married? Did Xo sign up for nursing school, and if so, when does she start? How will Milos feel when he finds out that Krishna betrayed him? Do we really care, though?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Rafael’s Lotería Proposal

  1. Rafael has finally proposed, and Jane said yes! I am so happy they are getting married. I hope Xo gets into nursing school. She will be an excellent nurse, and I am so proud of her. She has come a long way to get to this point in her life where she is happy. Milos was played very well and got the sweet revenge he deserved. No one messes with Petra, or you get hurt in the process. Milos had it coming, and it all worked out because of Krishna.