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Season 5 Episode 6

Jane is in a love triangle with Rafael and Michael. He is taking the separation hard. Rafael is having issues of his own and is taking some pills. What is he taking?

Alba still has feelings for Jorge. They are married so that Jorge can stay in the United States. They have their immigration visit. Will the appointment go well?

Petra and JR are having issues in their relationship as well. Will JR be able to trust and forgive Petra for everything she has done?

Rose knows that Luisa is working with the police. Can Dennis and Michael crack the code and figure out what the piece of paper means? What is Rose hiding?

Satin Road

When Jane was 25, she thought she was saying goodbye to Michael for the last time, but that was not true.

Jane texts Michael, and then he calls her to hang out. Jane thinks she put it on mute, but it was on the speaker instead. Michael heard every word that she said.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Michael calls Jane to let her know about the Rose situation. They are trying to figure out what the number means. Michael and Jane walk through the day to remember what happened the day he disappeared or allegedly died.

Michael and Jane look up the email, and it has been in his draft folder this entire time. Jane gets suspicious of a car that drove around twice now, and Michael thinks they were trying to find a parking spot.

Michael remembers that when Rose dropped her phone, it said Buttercup. He figured out that it is a username for Satin Road and that the number is the password. He calls Dennis. Then Jane realizes that the car is following them. The guy that is following them is for protection.

Jane finds out that Michael lied to her about him leaving the task force. He was still working on the Rose case when he died.

Michael figured it out, and they are inside Satin Road. It is Rose’s criminals on craigslist. One of her gooroos shut down the satin road and is helping Rose. Dennis wants to know if Michael will come back to the force.

Jane and Michael still have feelings but are entirely different people. He asks her to go with him back to Montana for just a couple of days. She says, “let’s go.”

Rafael is Taking Pills

Rafael is Taking Pills

Jane goes to pick up Mateo and the girls from school. Rafael looks horrible. Mateo saw Rafael take pills, and the twin girls say he is on drugs. Jane looks petrified from what Mateo said. Jane reassures him that daddy is not taking drugs.

Jane goes by Rafael’s house to apologize. He did not want anything to do with her. All Jane wants is to help him, but he keeps pushing her away.

Petra is Keeping Secrets from Jane

Jane talks to Petra about Rafael’s pill problems. Petra said she would talk to Rafael. Petra gets new security on her laptop since hers went out of date.

Petra goes to see Rafael and asks if he is taking drugs. Rafael and Petra talked, but what did they talk about behind closed doors? Petra is not telling Jane anything about her conversation with Rafael.

Petra has been very snappy with Jane lately. I wonder why she is so upset with Jane?

Romance Problems in the Bedroom

Rogelio masturbates daydreaming about Xo. Rogelio and Xo planned a romantic evening, just the two of them. They both want to have sex with each other. He lit candles all around the room, and they start kissing, but it does not go anywhere.

Romance Problems

Xo and Rogelio go and see her doctor. She is experiencing chemo-induced menopause, and Alba gives Xo some advice on her sex life. She suggests she use a vibrator.

Xo takes advice from Alba and tries out the vibrator. Xo seems to be having fun with it. Rogelio interrupts. They try to have fun together, but Xo is just not ready. She wants to figure it out on her own. Xo has the right to experience it on her own.

Immigration Visits are Over!

Alba and Jorge get a visit from immigration. Alba and Jorge got their final interview with the immigration. The meeting went well. They no longer have to go through immigration services.

Everlasting Friendships 

JR and Petra are out at a lesbian bar with JR’s friends. Jane shows up at the lesbian bar to see Petra. She needs to talk to her about Rafael. She is so worried.

Having Fun

Petra tells her that he is taking antidepressants. Jane tells Petra to get over herself and support her because Jane has helped Petra through all of her decisions. She wants support in return. Petra and Jane do the tushie contest.

JR’s best friend is worried that Petra is going to hurt her again. JR decided to sleep over, and then the girls started to scream. They said a man was in their room. Who could have it been?


Jane has been focused on Michael and Rose’s situation. Rafael is taking antidepressants to make him happy.

Petra is in the middle of the entire situation, and she wants Jane to support her as well. Petra has been there with Jane from the beginning when she lost Michael.

Michael and Dennis cracked the code and figured out that it is Satin Road. It is her criminal craigslist. One of her gooroos shut it down, but will they be able to retrieve it?

Alba and Jorge are officially done with the immigration people. They may now live their lives as they pleased. Sadly, Jorge does not feel the same for Alba because I think they make an adorable couple.

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Mystery Number

  1. Jane has turned Rafael’s life upside down. He is taking antidepressants because of her. She has made him feel like he does not matter. Michael and the Rose situation is getting intense. The code that Dennis and Michael were able to crack was Satin Road. It is a criminal craigslist of Rose’s. Michael and Dennis are smart, so I believe they will be able to retrieve the list.

    Alba and Jorge have had their ups and downs over the years. Alba has fallen deeply in love with Jorge, but he does not feel the same. I think Jorge will come around and find love with Alba again. There is still hope for the two of them.