Moms Night Out Turns into a Bridal Shower

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Season 5 Episode 4

Stephanie has been taking care of baby Danielle since she was born. Jimmy, Fernando, and Steve have been running Uncle Monty’s Sub Shop since they bought it. The she-wolf pack was initially not happy about the situation, but they came around to the idea.

The women have been working very hard since the birth of Danielle. The she-wolf pack decides it is time for a mom’s night out without the children. Someone joins in on their mom’s night out. Who could it be? Will the mom’s night out go as planned?

Gia’s Fourth Marriage and Matt is Surprised!

Gia’s Fourth Marriage and Matt is Surprised!

Matt, Rocki, and Gia stop by to visit. Rocki went upstairs to see Ramona. Matt and Gia need a favor from DJ, and Kimmy assumes they need help to dispose of a body. Of course, there is no body, but they do have some big news to share. What is the crucial information that they need to share?

Matt and Gia got married! WHAT? DJ does not look enthusiastic about it. They have not been dating that long and decide to get married. It is Gia’s fourth marriage, and Matt was surprised. He did not know that was her fourth marriage? What else do you not know about the woman that you got married to? Everyone is finding out about Matt and Gia’s wedding. They are all excited for the two of them. Maybe everyone, not sure about DJ. The marriage definitely surprised her, and she was not expecting that from them.

Stepfather Number Three!!!

The guys are left at home to babysit while the girls have a night out. Matt wants to spend time with his new stepdaughter, Rocki. So far, it is not going so great. Rocki is not making any effort to get to know him. She has been through it before with her mother’s other marriage and believes this one will be the same. I am sure Matt is not like any of the other men her mother married. Matt is a wonderful man and will be astounding to both of them. 

Stepfather Number three!!!

The men make a toast to Matt on his new marriage using apple juice boxes. Max and Steve have a great relationship with each other, and Matt wants the same thing with Rocki. Steve was scared of Max at the beginning, but now they are best buds. 

Fernando leaves to go to the club and hang out with the moms. He always wants to be the center of attention. 

Matt decides to go and talk to Rocki and let her know that he is here for her. She decides to give him a chance and see how it goes with Matt being her stepdad. It is sweet seeing the two of them getting along.

Will Jackson and Rocki get back together?

Rocki talks about her mom’s new marriage to Matt, and she and Ramona were shocked. Gia went off to Vegas with Matt and got married while her daughter was at camp. What mother goes and gets married without her daughter? How do you come back from vacation and tell your daughter that you are married? Did Gia consider her daughter’s feelings at all? I do not think she did. Jackson walks in to talk to Ramona and sees Rocki. He is still in love with her, and she has no feelings unless she is hiding them really well.

Will Jackson and Rocki get back together?

Ramona and Rocki are hanging out in the kitchen, then Matt and Jackson come in and want to talk to Rocki. Matt wants to hang out and talk to Rocki to get to know her. Rocki wants nothing to do with Matt. She does not realize how important it is to him. Jackson makes her see that he wants to connect with her and that he and Matt would like to know her and her family. 

Rocki talks to Jackson and lets him know he was right. She gave Matt a second chance and is giving him a second chance as well. Hopefully, he will not screw it up this time. Rocki made the right decision for herself.

Moms Night Out does not go as Planned.

DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy go out for a mom’s night out. Stephanie tells DJ that she cannot go out with them tonight, and DJ does not take no as an answer. DJ realizes that Stephanie is becoming more like her. Stephanie says, “Oh, Mylanta, how could you say–Ahh. I will be back in five.” She runs to go change as fast as she can. Stephane is hilarious, and she is terrific. 

Matt suggests that Gia go out with the she-wolf pack since it is a mom’s night out. They went to Club Euphoria to hang out. The look on DJ’s face is priceless. DJ does not want Gia to go out with them. DJ has never liked Gia, but will they ever get along for the kid’s relationship? 

Moms Night Out does not go as Planned.

Gia and the gang arrive at the club and make a slash for Gia that says, “Gia’s Bridal Shower.” Club Euphoria is not the club the she-wolf was looking for, and it has made some significant changes. Gia blames DJ for ruining her bridal shower. It is undoubtedly not DJ’s fault that it was not what they expected.

The mom’s night out is not going as well. The club shut down the fun night because of noise complaints. The gang decides to leave until they run into someone. They run into Max and Val, DJ and Stephanie’s dancing partners. They were so excited to see each other. 

The moms are disappointed about not being able to dance at the club, so DJ thinks that she can declare dancing at the club just because she is a notary person. She does not have the authority to do that, so she is technically breaking the law. Then Fernando arrives. He could not let the girls have a night out without him. Everyone is dancing to the song Footloose and Gia thanks DJ for throwing her an amazing bridal shower. They go home and have a she-wolf howl together before going into the house.

Stephanie was so happy to see her daughter when she got home. DJ was so excited to tell Steve what she did with her notary stamp. DJ is always full of surprises.

A Wonderful Night for Everyone

The she-wolf pack and Gia go out for a girl’s night out. At first, it was not going as planned, but in the end, it turned out to be a fantastic night for everyone. Gia got her amazing bridal shower party at Club Euphoria. They get to dance and have two amazing friends join them as well. 

The guys stay home and watch the kids while the ladies go out for the night. Matt gets to spend time getting to know Rocki. His marriage to her mom was a shock to everyone. Matt and Rocki were butting heads at first. It did not go well, but in the end, she was willing to give him a second chance as well as Jackson. Rocki and Jackson are back together and hopefully, forever. 

Do you think Matt and Gia’s marriage will last forever? Will Matt and Rocki be able to get along? Are Jackson and Rocki back together for good? Do you think DJ and Gia are becoming more like friends now since she is married to Matt? 

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly. 

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Moms Night Out Turns into a Bridal Shower

  1. I believe Matt and Gia will be happy together. Matt brings the best out in Gia, and he is trying to be a stepfather to Rocki. Rocki will accept Matt into her life and knows that he will be here for her and her mother. Jackson and Rocki have had their differences, but deep down, they like each other. DJ and Gia will get along for the sake of Matt. They both love Matt in different ways now, and DJ will always have Matt’s place in her heart.