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Season 5 Episode 12

Jane is still madly in love with Rafael Solano. Mateo is struggling with ADHD, and they have been getting along for his sake. Jane and Rafael are going to take other options into consideration before putting him on medication.

Jane was currently living with Alba, then Jorge moved in. It was getting crowded, and tension was rising because of Jorge moving in. Jane decides to move out and get her own place.

JR and Petra broke up, and JR moved to Houston. In the meantime, Petra asked Krishna to come back and be her assistant.

Xo found out that she is cancer FREE! Everyone is happy for her and is glad she made it through this tough time. River was so pleased about the news that she KISSED Rogelio! When Rogelio told River that they will never be together, she is plotting revenge.

When will Jane and Rafael get back together? Where did Jane move to? Is Krishna up to something, or is she coming back just to be Petra’s assistant? What is River planning to do about Rogelio?

Rafael’s Dating Life

Rafael is helping Jane find an apartment with no carpet. Jane hands Rafael a list of everything she wants in her new place. She is always so prepared.

Rafael's Love InterestA lady walks up and asks if she is interrupting. My guess is Rafael’s new girlfriend, Julie. We will see how long this rebound lasts.

Jane is stalking on Julie’s Instagram on her mom’s phone, and Julie calls Jane a clingy koala bear. Someone is jealous of Rafael and Jane’s co-parenting relationship.

Rafael and Jane go apartment hunting. When they come back, she runs into Julie. Now, what does she want? Julie was curious if Jane and Rafael still have some sparks. Jane lied and said no, but we all know that there is, and they will always love each other.

Rafael gets upset with Jane about her meddling in his personal business. Rafael admits that he does not like Julie and was hoping it would fizzle out. They both laugh. Jane decides to buy the apartment that Rafael showed her. They decided to leave, but the door handle broke off. They are trapped inside.

Jane looks over the list that Rafael created for his love interest. Jane tells Rafael to give Julie a chance. Then they get rescued out of the apartment.

Rafael calls Julie. What was the conversation about? Did they break up? They did, in fact, break up!

Finally! Rafael realizes that he is still in love with Jane! They kiss so romantically and are very happy to be with each other.

Mateo’s Musical

Mateo is in a school musical, and he is a tree. His school musical rehearsal is not going well so far, and the kids blame him for ruining everything. He knocked the trees down for the musical.

Mateo got kicked out of the musical at school because he was throwing a tantrum and destroying the props. Rafael thinks it is time for the medication. Jane wants to wait a couple of weeks and reevaluate.

Jane goes to see Mateo’s teacher. She tells Jane that he is very disruptive and distractingMateo’s Musical the other kids. Jane takes it upon herself to teach Mato the song and dance moves at home. Xo decides to teach him the musical so Jane can focus on finding an apartment.

Everyone goes to Mateo’s Musical, and it was going great until the baby was crying. Who brings a baby to a school rehearsal? Why didn’t they get a babysitter? Mateo yells, “stop crying!” He stopped the production of the play. Jane realizes it may be more serious, and Mateo admits he does not want to be this way anymore. I think he realizes that he cannot handle it anymore, either. Jane and Rafael know what they need to do. She decides to call the doctor the next day.

River’s Revenge

Xo loves her new life with no cancer. Rogelio is struggling with something, and it is River. Rogelio knows that River is going to retaliate. Xo thinks Rogelio is paranoid. Is Rogelio paranoid, though? This is River that we are talking about, and she can be a little crazy.

River’s RevengeRogelio and River are filming “This is Mars,” and a light that was hanging fell and almost hit Rogelio. River planned that to happen, and Rogelio is scared for his life. He does not trust River one bit.

River is looking for Rogelio, and he shows up with his bodyguard. Tells him to keep an eye on River.

Rogelio wakes up from a nap, and his bodyguard is nowhere to be found. He finds his bodyguard with River. They have some interests in common. River’s best revenge was to do nothing at all, and it worked like a charm. She wanted Rogelio to drive himself crazy, and he did exactly that.

River’s plan was not the only plan that was successful. Rogelio and Darci planned to get the bodyguard so he could send a man right to River. So, River is distracted by the bodyguard and will leave Rogelio alone.

Xo feels sad, but she believes she should feel happy. Rogelio tells her it is okay to feel sad, and she does not have to be happy all the time. Xo needs to find her own passion and do what she loves.

Selling The Marbella

Krishna starts her first day back as Petra’s assistant. Krishna tells her that Milos is selling the hotel. Krishna set up an appointment for Petra to visit Milos in prison about it.

Jane goes to see Petra and talks about Raf’s new girl. Then Jane brought up JR and that she may be seeing someone. Petra freaked out and got jealous.

Petra goes to see Milos in prison. Milos wants Petra to tell the truth at the trial that the Selling the Marbellabreak-in was an accident then he would not sell the hotel. Petra is not budging, and Milos is not kidding about selling the hotel.

Milos sent some investors to the hotel to look around and hope to purchase it. Petra’s lawyers cannot stop Milos from selling the hotel.

Jane calls Petra and convinces her to go out with her. They hit up the bar and shots of tequila.

Jane and Petra both create a dating profile. Jane gets a text from Rafael asking if they can talk.

Krishna goes to see Milos in prison. They team up to bring down Petra. What are they planning to do?

Back Together Forever!

Finally, we have gotten our questions answered. Jane and Rafael are back together forever! We all knew they would at some point. They have been great co-parents for Mateo. Rafael finally understood what his heart wanted, and that was Jane.

Mateo had his first school musical, and it did not start off well. He knocked down all the trees in the play, and the kids were upset with him. Mateo got kicked out of the school play, but Jane convinced the teacher to let him back in the musical. Xo taught him the dance moves and the song. The night of the school musical, Mateo was doing wonderfully until a baby started to cry. Jane and Rafael knew it was time for the meds because Mateo had enough as well.

Rogelio is convinced that River is after him. She made a light fall from the ceiling. He was not playing any of her games. He hires a bodyguard that backfires because River falls in love with him. River tells Rogelio that she did nothing. He drove himself insane. She said it was the best revenge ever.

Milos owns two-thirds of The Marbella. He can sell the hotel at any point of time he wants. Milos sends investors to the hotel to scare Petra. Milos wants her to lie to the court for her to get the hotel back. Krishna goes to visit Milos and teams up with him to destroy Petra.

When is the wedding for Jane and Rafael? Will Xo find her passion? Are Rogelio and River in a great place? Will Petra get the hotel back and realize her assistant is in on it with Milos?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Mateo’s ADHD

  1. YES! Rafael and Jane are together forever this time! I am so excited about the wedding. It is going to be a moment we all will never forget. Xo will find what she loves to do and go for it. It is going to take some time, but she will get there. I hope Petra gets the hotel back, and I cannot believe that Krishna would go behind Petra’s back. Maybe Krishna wants us to think that she is working with Milos, but actually, she is working with Petra this entire time.