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Season 5 Episode 11

Jane and Rafael find out that Mateo does, in fact, have ADHD. For a while, they had their differences about Mateo getting tested for any disabilities. Jane and Rafael worked out their issues and are in an excellent place for now.

JR has broken things off with Petra. JR believes that she needs a fresh start in Texas. Petra did not take the break up well. She was going to propose to JR.

Xo is worried that her chemotherapy worked or not. She is waiting on her PET scan results. She and Rogelio have put off their sex life for now. As for Rogelio, he has a brand new TV show. It is called “This is Mars.”

Unlike Alba, her sex life is booming. She and Jorge just got married. They went on their honeymoon.

How is Mateo going to adjust to his new life with ADHD? Is Petra going to try and win JR back or let it be? Will Xo be cancer-free or not? How was Alba and Jorge’s honeymoon? How will this situation change for everyone?

Alba’s House, Her Rules

When Jane was little, there was no man in the house until Jane was an adult. Jorge is the man of the house since he and Alba are married, and he is moving his belongings into the home.

Clean Up Your Mess JorgeJorge, Mateo, and Jane were having dinner, and Jorge did not clean up his mess. Mateo said he did not have to clean up because Jorge did not. Jorge does not have good cleaning habits and does not do much around the house. Jane had a talk with Jorge, and he agreed to her conditions, but Jane did not know that he went and tattled on her. Jorge is childish and should clean up his mess.

Alba has a talk with Jane about Jorge. Jane is right. Alba says Jorge is the man of the house, but the way he is acting is a slob and messy and does not clean up after himself. Jane wants to establish that a man can help around the house as well. She just got a lecture from Alba and was told to apologize to Jorge. In my opinion, Jorge needs to do some chores around the house instead of sitting on his butt watching TV. He is not the man of the house, in my opinion.

Jane apologizes to Jorge, but Jorge is the one that needs to apologizes. Jorge has no right to be making gestures to Jane.

Jane comes home to find Alba and Jorge having sex on the couch. OHH MY GOSH!!!!! That is a moment you cannot unsee.

Jane apologizes to Alba, and she decides to move out. It is about time! Jane deserves to have some time to herself and relax when she does not have Mateo.

Mateo’s “Meldooper”

Jane and Rafael are considering putting Mateo on ADHD medication, but Jane does not want to start with that. Rafael agrees with her. Jane and Rafael are going to start off with some modifications.

The first modification is “dietary improvements.” The second one is to “incorporate heavy exercise before school. Lastly, constant feedback, rewards, and consequences. “It is not about the days, it is about the patterns.” I wonder how long the heavy exercise before school will last?

Jane goes to see Rafael about Mateo’s behavior. They go through the notebook and talkMateo’s “Meldooper” about the instances. Mateo had a meltdown at a friend’s birthday party, and Rafael did not let Mateo have cake.

Jane finds out that Rafael is going on a date. She did not look pleased to hear that out of his mouth. Rafael, deep down, still loves Jane. He needs to get over himself and take Jane back. They belong together forever.

Jane and Mateo run to school, and she bribes him with a candy bar, and he takes the bait. They run to school.

Rafael and Jane are trying to help Mateo focus, but Mateo is a brat. Jane and Rafael go outside to have a beer, which they deserve while Mateo is playing on his tablet. They have come to a compromise with Mateo’s schedule.

Xo’s Final PET Scan

Rogelio is excited about his script, “This is Mars.” Xo has her final PET scan in 3 weeks to see if Chemo worked. Rogelio is very supportive of Xo during this tough time. Rogelio and River get ready for their pilot.

Alba and Jane sit wit Xo and wait for a call about her PET scan results. Xo is cancer-free! Finally, some exciting news for Xo. I am so happy for her!

CheaterRogelio tells River that Xo is cancer-free, and she kisses him. Rogelio is speechless, and now he needs to figure out how to tell Xo. Rogelio and Xo celebrate her being cancer-free, and he says Xo that River kissed him. She is pissed!

Rogelio sets things straight with River, and they agree to keep things professional. The director says, “it is time for you two to have sex,” and the look on Xo’s face is priceless.

Rogelio and River are on set. The director yells cut after the kiss. Then River continues to kiss Rogelio, and Xo attacks River on stage. Rogelio and another worker get the two women out of the water. Rogelio tells Xo to go dry off in his studio and to cool down.

River apologizes to Xo for kissing her husband. River kisses Rogelio again and tells him that his wife brought their cover story. River is CRAZY! Rogelio makes things very clear to River that they will never have sex with each other and wants nothing to do with her. He will go to HR if he has to. River is in trouble!

Rogelio tells Xo that River kissed him again, and she is no longer welcomed back to the set. Xo is pissed, and Rogelio is in the dog house. Xo admits she is jealous and insecure, and they make up. Rogelio and Xo had a romantic night and morning. That was a fast make up.

River has gone crazy!!! She is going to make Rogelio pay for going to the board with his problem with River, and she is not happy about it. She is about to make Rogelio pay for what he has done.

Petra’s Breakup

Petra stayed the night at Alba’s house with Jane after her break up with JR.

Petra comes by to see Jane. Petra is so upset about her breaking up with JR. She was cleaning the penthouse since the maid never showed because of a scheduling mishap.

Petra finds the ring that she was going to propose to JR with and Petra is distraught. SheThe Breakup joins dinner with Jane and her family. They pray and eat dinner.

Jane and Petra go to return the ring. She feels the weight was lifted off her shoulders.

Petra calls Krishna. Krishna is “Petra’s former assistant, blackmailed by Milos, imprisoned, and traumatized all because of Petra.”Krishna denies Petra’s offer to come back to work.

Rafael is concerned about Petra and wondering why she is redoing the entire hotel. Petra is just distracting herself from the breakup.

Jane goes to see Petra and crashes with her for the night. Petra is so upset about JR, and Jane convinces her to run with her. Jane decides to move out and Petra chooses to stop the hotel renovations.

Petra calls Krishna, and she offers her the job back with a new salary. Krishna accepts the job offer

Bumps in the Road

Jane has hit some bumps in the road. She and Jorge had some differences to adjust to, and Alba was not happy with the way Jane handled the situation. She told Jane that Jorge is the man of the house and that was it. Jane decides later that it is time for her to move out and get her own place. Alba said she was hoping it was not because of her and Jorge. Of course, it was because of Jorge! Are you crazy, Alba?

Jane and Rafael worked on adjusting to Mateo’s ADHD. They also had to resolve how to make it manageable for everyone. Mateo is a handful, and he was like this when he learned to walk and talk. Jane and Rafael worked it out and have come up with a plan. Who is this lady in Rafael’s life that he is dating? She is no match for Jane. Jane has Rafael’s heart.

Xo had her final PET scan, and it came back cancer-free! Xo and everyone were so happy for her. On the other hand, River was thrilled. She kissed Rogelio like it was normal. River Fields has filled her head with that Rogelio is in love with her. She believes that he wants to have sex with her. Rogelio has made it very clear over several times that he did not want to be with her. River did not take that very well and is planning revenge. What is she going to do to Rogelio? Is she planning on eliminating him?

Petra is heartbroken and has been distracting herself from it. She decides to remodel the entire hotel. Jane and Rafael try to tell her it is a bad idea, and she would make herself broke in the process. Petra admits that she misses JR. Petra calls Krishna and offers her a job. Krishna did not accept at first, but when Petra revised the deal, Krishna accepts. Krishna was acting strange. Is she up to something?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Jealousy

  1. Jane has decided to move out, and that was a big decision on her part. I am so proud of her for making these important life choices. I am so relieved that Xo is cancer-free. She may now live her life to the fullest. I wonder what she is going to do now that she has her whole life ahead of her. Petra is having a hard time with the breakup and making terrible decisions. She hired Krishna to work with her, but why? Krishna may be doing something behind Petra’s back. Petra better looks out for herself.