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Season 5 Episode 5

Jane is turning 30! It is a big deal for her. Is her birthday going to be everything she wished? She and Rafael are not in the right place. Michael is back in the picture, which has made their relationship rocky. Mateo is not happy about the situation either.

Jorge hurt Alba is not in love with her, but she has her family support. Her family is there for her always. They have each other’s backs.

Xo having to pass out during Mateo’s grandparents’ day was very scary. I am glad that she is okay. Xo needs to make sure she is taking care of herself even when she is taking care of everyone else.

Now that Petra and JR are back together, do you think that they will stay together? I hope they do because they make a great couple. Petra deserves to be happy after everything she has been through in her life.

Love Hurts

Jane and Rafael had gotten into a disagreement, which led to Jane going back to Alba’s house. She is so upset and leaves Rafael numerous voicemails telling him how much she loves him. Jane meets up with Rafael to explain things, and she is still not over Michael. The man was her husband. The feelings are not going to disappear overnight. Rafael needs to chill out.

Marlene's Advice

Jane goes and sees Marlene. She catches her up on her life. Jane is having a hard time writing about everything going on in her life. Marlene gives her some advice, so hopefully, it helps her in the end.

Jane goes and picks up Mateo from school. He runs away from her and tells her that he hates her. She brings Mateo home after school and explains to Rafael what happened. He brushed it off like it was not a big deal. Jane is distraught by the situation. I would be agitated, too, if I were her. He is putting his feelings first before his son’s safety.

Mateo calls Jane and tells her that he is not coming to her party because he is sick. She tries to ask him a question, and Mateo hangs up on her.

Jane went off on Rafael, telling him not to have his feelings get in the way of their parenting Mateo. She thought he was faking it, but Mateo is sick. Jane is distraught.

Jane’s party is all set up and ready. Rogelio is excited and wants everything to be perfect. Jane arrives at the party and then takes off driving. Where is she going? Is she going back to Rafael’s house?

Run Away Novel

Jane is sitting by herself on a bench. Alba, Xo, and Petra go to find her. Her papers go flying, and they eventually get them back. She had written notes about how she has feelings for Michael. 

Rafael’s card is so romantic. Jane comes by, and Rafael apologizes. Jane has to figure out her feelings. Mateo is spending the night with Jane.

Jane breaks down, crying in front of Mateo after he rejected her reading a bedtime story and a kiss goodnight. Mateo apologizes. The situation may be hard on Mateo, but he should not be acting out as he has been.

Rafael throws Jane’s birthday card away, and he gets a pill out from his cabinet and takes it. What may he be undertaking, and why is it a secret? Is Rafael going to be okay?

Insurance Fraud

Jane is trying to write her next piece but is having trouble. Michael comes by to see Jane. Rafael shows up to get something for Mateo. They see Michael is there, gets mad and leaves.

Insurance Fraud

Michael came by to tell Jane that the insurance company wants their money back because they think he committed insurance fraud. Michael and Jane have to work together to prove that it was not a scam to get the money.

Jane sits down with Michael to figure out their legal issue. She shows him lots of proof that she believed he was dead.

Michael stops by and tells Jane the excellent news about the Insurance company. He only owes 10,000 dollars, and he is paying in installments. Jane offered to help, but Michael turned her request down. He also brought over her birthday present.

Jane begins to write again.

Rogelio has his Hands Full

Rogelio wants to celebrate Xo with her finishing chemo. He is taking care of his other baby girl for a couple of days. Rogelio’s daughter, Baby, cries every time he touches her.


Esteban left Darci because he took the job in Mexico that Rogelio told him about to break them apart. He drops off Baby and Darci’s belongings. Esteban and Darci get back together in the end.

Rogelio has been Xo’s rock throughout her treatment. He is very supportive, kind, sweet, loving, and much more.

Relationship Problems

Petra and JR are taking things slow. Milos canceled the shrimp order at the Marbella, so they ran out of shrimp. Now it is Petra’s mess to clean up. Milos was convicted of blackmailing, stalking, and attempting to murder Petra. He is also part owner of Marbella. Petra has to call him to get it all straightened out.

Relationship Problems

JR finds an email that Petra wrote to Milos, but Petra never sent Milos the email. Someone else emailed it. JR does not believe her at first.

Petra is trying to save her relationship with JR. Petra has proof that she was firing an employee at the time of the email that someone sent to Milos. JR has trust issues with Petra, and she does not feel safe with her. What will this mean for Petra and JR?


Jane has to figure out her feelings for Michael to save her relationship with Rafael and for Mateo’s sake. It has been very hard for Mateo. He does not want to see his family broken up, but Jane and Michael do have some loose ends to finish up. Will Jane choose Rafael or Michael in the end? I hope she wants Rafael.

Jane and Michael had some insurance issues to figure out. The insurance company believes that Michael faked his death to get the money. It is brilliant thinking, but it was not valid. They did get it figured out, and everything is okay.

Rogelio has been very supportive of Xo throughout her chemo treatments and has been her rock throughout the entire process. Will Xo be able to be clear of cancer? I believe she will be able to win this fight. She is a powerful, confident, and intelligent woman.

Petra and JR’s relationship has had its ups and downs. JR finding out that Petra may have emailed Milos, but she claims she never sent it. JR has some relationship insecurities. Will JR ever be able to trust Petra and have the happily ever after they deserve?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Jane’s 30th Birthday

  1. Mateo is taking his parent’s split pretty hard. Jane has a big decision to make, and it will not be easy. I hope she figures out what she wants sooner rather than later. Xo will beat cancer because she is a strong and brave woman. Xo does not let anything stop her from living her best life. As for Petra, JR is having trust issues with her. I hope these two can work out their problems. They belong together forever.