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Season 4 Episode 9

Jackson is getting older, and now he is at the age to drive. Will the driving lessons go over well with DJ? Who will teach Jackson how to drive?

Fernando’s mother is in town, and he has a lot of explaining to do. Has he told his mother about Kimmy being a surrogate? What else has Fernando not told his mother?

Max is having some issues with being a perfectionist. Will DJ help him through all of his imperfections and boost his confidence?

Driving Lessons

DJ comes in with Jackson from trying to teach him how to drive. The roles have reversed now. Danny could not teach DJ how to drive, so Jesse took her to teach her how to drive. Danny offered to teach Jackson, and everyone said no. Jackson offered Stephanie to teach him how to drive, and DJ brought up the fact that she drove Joey’s car into the kitchen. When Stephanie did that, I laughed so hard when Danny saw the car in the kitchen. His face was speechless and hilarious.

Steve stops by to see DJ, and she explains her driving situation with Jackson, and he offers to teach him how to drive. Oh, no. How well will the lessons go?Driving Lessons

Steve takes him to teach Jackson how to drive, and the car breaks down. Jackson hits only two trash cans and misses the other four. Steve has no clue how to fix a car. Jackson is a little scary for his first time driving. At least no one was hurt, and everyone was safe.

Steve and Jackson are still having car trouble, and Matt comes in to save the day. Steve and Matt manage to start the car and get it rolling again. They grilled some steaks on the engine as well. Steve may not know a lot about cars, but he knows how to cook steak on the engine.

Fernando’s Mother is in Town

Fernando’s mother is coming into town, and she does not like Kimmy at all. Nadia hates Kimmy. She refers to Kimmy as “What’s her name?” She is mad at Fernando not going into the family business, and Ramona got curious, but Fernando told her, “none of your business.” He is hilarious when he gets scared of something or someone.

Fernando’s mother does not know that he and Kimmy are divorced, and he is living next door. Also, she does not know that Kimmy is the surrogate for Stephanie and her brother. Fernando suggests she lie to his mother for special treatment. Kimmy refuses to lie. She was weak and lied to his mother and told her that it was her grandchild. Stephanie will not like this at all.

Fernando shows his mother around the house, and so far, it is going okay. Jimmy and Fernando’s Mother is in TownStephanie walk in and almost blow their cover. Kimmy saved the day, and it is all good. Stephanie goes to talk with Kimmy privately, and she tells her that the baby was her and Fernandos. Stephanie was angry at her and chased her around the house. I cannot believe that Kimmy would say a lie and hurt Stephanie.

Fernando’s mother “painted over the mural that DJ painted for Tommy while she was pregnant and working a full-time job.” She is going to be livid with Kimmy and Fernando. Hopefully, DJ will never find out.

Everyone is gathered in the living room and watching videos of Fernando. DJ finds out from Kimmy that she told her she was the maid. Kimmy and Fernando decide to tell his mother the truth. His mother apologizes to Kimmy and Fernando and wants the best for them.

Kiddie Corner Fail

Danny and Becky are doing a kid TV segment, and Max’s invention is in for the running. Max is so excited to show the world his design. He worked so hard on it. Hopefully, it will go as planned, and everyone will love it.

When Danny leaves, he takes off in Becky’s car and leaves her there at the house. She was mad that he left her there and took off in her car. I cannot believe that he did that. Has anyone ever took off with your car, or you took off in their car?Kiddie Corner Fail

Max is getting ready for the segment “Kiddie Corner” on Wake Up San Francisco. DJ is so proud of her son, Max. He has 200 youtube subscribers. As Max does his project to get a coin in the piggy bank, it stops before it goes in, and Max is so disappointed and frustrated at himself. He gets mad and destroys the set. Now, that was impressive on how he did that.

DJ and Danny talk with Max, and everything is all better now. No one needs to be a perfectionist. If you are a perfectionist, then you will never take risks or be truly happy in life. Not being perfect helps us develop into being a better version of ourselves.

Max’s first B

Max failed his social studies test, and Jackson realized that he is not the only Max's first Bdisappointment anymore. Max was terrified when he learned that he received a B on the test. Max believes that it is a failure and not good enough. Jackson told Max that he was not failing and that a B is still good. Jackson does not do well in school, but he does his best.

No One is Perfect, and That is Okay. 

Jackson and Steve went driving and broke down. Steve fixed the car and cooked steaks on the engine. Steve has some awe-inspiring skills, and I do not know anyone else that can do that. Jackson drives home and does very well. He will get the hang of it over time.

Fernando and Kimmy lied to his mother just so that she would treat Kimmy with respect. The plan backfired when his mother decided to move in. Fernando got scared and did not want that to happen. He told his mother the truth, and she accepted Kimmy in the family. Nadia has had her issues with Kimmy in the past, but they have talked and worked things out, and she is not moving into the house.

Max has created a fantastic invention where he gets the coin to go inside a piggy bank perfectly. When he presents on television, it does not go to plan. Max gets upset and blurts out that he received a B on his test. DJ sees how heartbroken Max is, and he does not realize that you have to be perfect. DJ and Danny talk to him and let him know it is okay to go easy on himself. Max should not be so hard on himself, that just brings on stress and anxiety that you do not want.

Will Jackson be able to pass his driving test with perfect colors or fail? Did DJ ever find out about the mural? Has Max learned that no one is a perfectionist and that there is always room for improvement?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Jackson is Driving

  1. Jackson will be able to pass the driving test. He is a smart kid, and it will be a piece of cake. I wonder if DJ ever found out about the mural. I can imagine that she would be furious about it. I believe that Max has learned that no one is perfect, and that is okay. Everyone has flaws and needs help at some point. That is what makes us human and who we are today.