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Season 3

In the last season of Fuller House, there was heartbreak, love and relationships, growing families, and moving back to where it all began, home.

Is he ready to get married? The whole gang finally decides to move back to San Francisco. DJ and Matt break up, as well as CJ and Steve because DJ and Steve still had feelings for each other. But on a sweeter note, Stephanie and Jimmy decide to have a baby, and Kimmy chooses to be their surrogate.

Will DJ and Steve stay together? Will they break up after waiting so long to be together? Will Stephanie and Jimmy have only one child or more? I think that they will have twin girls since we already have twin boys, Nicky and Alex. DJ and Steve will stay together, but there will probably be a lot of obstacles. Unfortunately, not all relationships are perfect.

Before the Japan Wedding

CJ and Steve decide to get married in JAPAN! Say what? Why Japan? Well, CJ’s stepfather lives in Japan and is also paying for the wedding. CJ and Steve’s wedding is also three weeks away. Kimmy becomes Steve’s wedding planner.

Matt tells DJ that he loves her, and she says it back. DJ and Matt also work together at Harmon-Fuller Pet Care. Everyone gets together to prepare for the wedding. DJ plays her and Steve’s favorite song from high school. Everyone is staring at them because they know they have unresolved feelings for each other, and they will not admit it until the last minute.

DJ goes to the tux dress place to help Steve with his tux. DJ tries on this beautiful dress and is in love with it but realizes it is CJ’s dress. CJ shows up and finds DJ wearing her dress. CJ forgives DJ for wearing her dress. CJ later finds another wedding dress.

The Gibblers

The Gibblers

Stephanie and Jimmy become suspicious of Fernando, so they decide to follow him. They found him hugging another woman. Stephanie and Jimmy concluded that he must be cheating on Kimmy. They were shocked. Well, as it turns out, Fernando bought the Gibbler’s original house for Kimmy and Ramona.

Fernando recreated the Gibbler’s house to surprise Kimmy. The She-Wolf Pack and Matt go to see the Gibbler’s house. Uncle Jesse is watching the children. Kimmy says that there is a ghost in the house, and Matt is scared of ghosts. Of course, there was not a ghost in the Gibbler’s house.

Stephanie, Jimmy, and Kimmy?

Aunt Becky comes to visit and takes Stephanie on a girls’ day. Becky made Stephanie a fertility specialist appointment to double-check to see if she can get pregnant. Stephanie found out that she will be able to become a mother through in vitro.

Can I Have Kids?

Stephanie realizes that she does not have the money to afford to go through the process. Everyone is going to chip in and help make her dream of becoming a mother a reality.

Stephanie is thinking about having a sperm donor as her baby daddy. Stephanie does not want Jimmy to find out that she is considering someone else to be the father. She did not want to put that kind of pressure on him. Kimmy slips up and accidentally tells Jimmy that Stephanie is not choosing him to be the father of her baby.

Having a Baby

Everyone is getting on a plane to head to Japan, and Jimmy gets to the airport to tell Stephanie that he is the perfect man to be her baby daddy. Stephanie was concerned that it was too much for him, but he proved her wrong. Jimmy wants to be part of this child’s life, and he wants to be the father. So, Stephanie and Jimmy are going to have a child together.

When everyone comes back from Japan, Stephanie starts taking in vitro shots so she can have a baby. Of course, Kimmy is there to support Stephanie because she has a fear of needles. Since Stephanie got her shot, she has been having a lot of mood swings because of the hormones.

The next day, Stephanie and Jimmy go to the fertility clinic and make an embryo. They have three viable embryos. Stephanie and Jimmy look at candidates to be their surrogates. DJ could not be the surrogate because she had a difficult birth with Tommy. So, Kimmy was a match. She is Stephanie’s and Jimmy’s surrogate.

Kimmy lets Fernando know that she is going to be Stephanie and Jimmy’s surrogate. He is so excited for them. Kimmy and Stephanie spend the whole day together so they can bond. Kimmy and Stephanie have a great day bonding.

Today is the big day for Stephanie and Jimmy, and Kimmy is having one of their embryos implanted. It was successful.

Stephanie has a weird dream about a couple of guys dancing, a dark, ominous cloud, a masked man, and Kimmy does not get pregnant. Fernando and Jesse were dancing in the backyard. DJ and Steve stay in because of the fog, and Jesse wears a face mask. Kimmy does not believe that she is pregnant.

Baby on Board

The next day Jimmy tries to cheer Stephanie up with a box of kittens. She is appreciative of what he is doing, but she is still a little upset that Kimmy does not think she is pregnant. The rental kittens have escaped the box, and Jimmy chases after them.

Well, Kimmy announces that she is pregnant at the 30th Dad Anniversary, and everyone is excited. Stephanie will become a mommy. What do you think Stephanie and Jimmy’s baby will be? A boy or a girl? What will they name the child or children?

The Japan Wedding

Everyone is getting ready to leave and head to Japan, and they are flying coaches, but Fernando does not want to. Grandpa Nick watches Tommy and the dog when the family goes to the airport.

At the airport, Kimmy and DJ are sitting on the plane together, and Kimmy had to help calm Fernando because Steve could not. Kimmy and Steve have swapped places on the plane. DJ is wearing a night eye mask and earmuffs. She does not realize that Kimmy has left, and Steve is sitting right next to her.

Steve hears her say that she was going to pick him to be her boyfriend over Matt and that he is her soulmate. Steve feels very conflicted about what he knows. Will Steve break off the wedding to be with his one true love, DJ Fuller (Tanner)?

Matt tells Stephanie that he is planning to propose to DJ! That is amazing, but DJ is in love with Steve. Stephanie is very excited about her sister.

Everyone arrives in Japan for Steve and CJ’s wedding. Uncle Jesse still has a billboard promoting “Forever” cologne, his #1 Hit song in Japan. Steve meets CJ’s parents, and everything is going great. Everyone meets up together for dinner. DJ gives a toast to the bride and groom. Then Matt pulls DJ away from the party to propose. She says, yes.

No Wedding???

Today is CJ’s and Steve’s wedding. Steve is dressed and ready for the wedding. CJ, on the other hand, was prepared until the Japanese toilet sucked up the bottom of her dress. So, to save the day, the She-Wolf Pack stole the clothes off the manikins in the front lobby. CJ got ready, and the wedding began.

During the wedding, it was time for the rings too, but DJ accidentally tosses the ring into the water. Then a fish swallowed it. DJ goes after the fish to get the ring, and Steve follows her. She jumps over the edge to get the ring, but Steve jumps in to save her. They get the ring and go back to the ceremony.

DJ was staring at Steve, and he was staring right back. DJ and Steve both knew that they had to give their relationship a second chance. If they did not give it a second chance, they might regret it for the rest of their lives. Steve called off the wedding. Then DJ called off her engagement with Matt. So to cheer up DJ, the She Wolf-Pack went to get matching tattoos.

Steve Hale and DJ Fuller

After the wedding, everyone is back home. DJ takes the boys to an amusement park. Well, Steve shows up to talk to DJ. Every time they try to speak, they are being interrupted. After the end of the day, DJ and Steve get their chance, and they both agreed to wait a month to start dating each other.


DJ goes to work at Harmon-Fuller Pet Care, and Matt lets her know that he is planning on leaving for a while. After a while, someone drops off a big box, and they decide to open it. There was a gigantic alligator, and they get trapped in the room with it. DJ and Matt eventually escape.

Steve surprises DJ with twelve roses representing 12 days till their big date. Steve is a very romantic person. Matt forgives him for breaking him and DJ up, and they are friends now.

Ten days later, there are only two days left until the big day. Ramona has her homecoming coming up. Ramona wants to plan it all by herself. So she did without anyone’s help. The She Wolf-Pack is planning Dakota’s birthday.


On the day of the homecoming, everyone arrives, and they did not enjoy it, so they left. One of the popular boys throws a party at his house. The She-Wolf Pack comes and saves the day. They shut down the party, and everyone shows up at the homecoming dance. They used Dakota’s birthday party for Ramona’s homecoming, and It worked out great. Everyone is having a great time.

Steve shows up close to midnight. He kisses DJ. They start dating, and Steve says, “This is the beginning of our happily ever after.” They dance the night away. DJ got her fairytale night.

It is DJ’s and Steve’s third first date. DJ is all dressed up for her romantic night out with Steve, but the fog is terrible, so they stay in for the night, and the family prepares a meal for them. They enjoy their dinner together even though it is not the date they were looking forward to.

The Lakers

DJ and Steve’s relationship has hit a bump in the road. Steve has an offer, and he could be working for the Lakers. Steve did not know who to choose. He wants to stay with DJ because they just got back together, and working for the Lakers is just a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Lonzo, one of the Lakers, accepted a push-up contest from DJ Fuller. If she wins, Steve stays with her, or if she wins, Steve works for the Lakers. DJ won, so he declines the offer.

DJ wants Steve to take the job offer with the Lakers. She says, “I will be right here waiting for you when you get back in six months.” DJ says that “You are worth waiting for.” Do you ship DJ and Steve being back together, or do you think DJ made a big mistake choosing Steve over Matt?

30th Dad Anniversary

Uncle Jesse, Becky, Pamela, Joey, and Danny come to visit and celebrate 30 years of being a dad. Danny surprises the Tanner family with a red convertible that looks just like the original. Still, he is renting it by the hour. They take it for a spin.

Becky, Jesse, and Joey got jobs. Danny, unfortunately, does not have a job. Becky got a job as a woman talk host. Jesse and Joey brought the Smash Club back, and they suggest having the 30th Dad Anniversary party at the Smash Club. The theme is the 80’s.

Danny has a special guest sitting in the living room waiting for him. He was hoping it was the Beach Boys, but it turned out to be someone even better. It was Vicky Larson, the woman he almost married. She is in town, so she is coming to the party.

Everyone arrives at the Smash Club, which was a laundromat. The laundromat was originally the Smash Club, and the Rippers are there doing their laundry. Danny and Steve are both dressed as Don Johnson.

Moving Back Home

Jesse announces that he is moving back to San Francisco with Becky and Pamela, and so is Joey with his four children. No one is excited that Joey is bringing his four children with him. They are a handful. Danny is also moving back right into his old room.

Stephanie sings the song that she wrote called “You Bring Me Luck.” After Stephanie is done singing the song, Kimmy makes an announcement. Her shirt read “Your Baby on Board.” Stephanie will become a mother, and everyone is excited for her. Danny tells Kimmy that they were always family. How many babies do you think Stephanie and Jimmy will have with the first embryo? Twins do run in the family.

Second Chances

DJ and Steve are together at last, but he has to leave for a job. Will they last? I think they will last, but there may be obstacles. No one is perfect, and we will not know what happens in between the time Steve leaves and comes back to DJ.

Stephanie is going to become a mother at long last, and Jimmy will be a father. To see how Jimmy is as a parent will be fascinating. Of course, I believe that he will be a great father, and Stephanie will be a wonderful mother. I have a feeling that they will have twins because twins do run in the family, and we already had a pair of boys.

Everyone is moving back to San Francisco, and Danny is moving back into his old room. Is Vicky staying in San Francisco, or is she leaving again? Will she and Danny get their second chance?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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  1. Everyone is moving back home! I hope that Vicky will stay and reconnect with Danny. Maybe, he will get his happily ever after. I hope she does not leave for a second time.