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Season 4 Episode 3

DJ and Steve’s relationship has been going well after she broke up with Matt and Steve’s wedding. We have not seen Matt since they decided to do separate Pet Care clinics. Will they be able to forgive each other and become business partners again?

Stephanie and Jimmy have a baby on the way. They need to start figuring out how to save money. Will Stephanie figure out a way to make some extra cash?

Ramona and Jackson are only in high school, but they need to start thinking about the future. Ramona has her dancing to put on her college assignment for the school counselor. Has Jackson figured out what he wants to do in the future?

Danny has been living with his daughters. He has no job and is retired. Will Danny get his old job back and possibly move out?

Double Pet Care’s

When Matt and DJ broke up, they went their separate ways and opened each of their own pet clinics.

Matt is doing the segment on pet adoption as well. DJ and he scheduled it when they were partners. It did not go well at all.

Matt is still angry about the breakup. He printed out 50% off coupons for DJ’s Pet Care business. She is losing business because of Matt, so now she is angry.

Two Pet CaresMatt has given DJ a bad review on Yelp, and Kimmy and DJ plan their revenge on Matt. Their plan backfired right in their faces. DJ gives her a hat to this nice lady, and they leave. Matt thought DJ did not go because of the hat on the lady’s head. He pushed the lady in the wheelchair into the street, and he felt so terrible. I hope he gave the lady free service today. I would not want that lawsuit.

Matt goes to DJ’s house, and Danny opens the door. Danny gives him some advice in the kid’s bedroom. He says that he provides excellent information in the setting, which he is not wrong.

DJ and Matt have a heart to heart talk, and they made up. They became business partners again, and are also in debt. I am glad that they worked things out and are back in business together. It is just not the same when they are not working together.

Singing Gig

Stephanie walks in as Kimmy has her face buried in a bowl of cheerios. Kimmy says, “Do not judge me. I am eating for two.”

Kimmy and Stephanie are in a party planning business. They have a birthday party to plan, and the singer canceled at the last minute. Kimmy suggested that Stephanie sings at the party. It would be a greatKids Parties idea so she can make some extra money.

Stephanie is scared that if she goes down the kid’s path of being a musician, then she will not be a serious musician. It takes time to make your dreams come true. You have to start from the bottom and work your way up. It will happen in time, Stephanie, just gives it a couple of years.

Stephanie offers to be a singer anytime when Kimmy needs her. She wants to provide for her child. It is a smart decision that she made.


DJ and Stephanie are back to sharing a room again. DJ does not love it. Danny Tanner has moved back into the house with his daughters.

Danny has reorganized and cleaned the entire house since he retired. He has been missing work since he left and wants to go back.

Danny says that it does not bother him at all that he did not audition for the part at his own work. Becky has a new co-host on Wake Up San Francisco. Ron is Becky’s new co-host. He is not what Becky wants in a co-host.

CostcoDanny has gone a little wacky since he moved back in, and he went to Costco’s again. Stephanie told him that he has a problem and to give her the membership card.

Stephanie tells her father that she did not go to college. He is wondering where his tuition checks went to. She says, “It is water under the bridge, dad.” Stephanie tells him that he needs to go back to work.

Danny goes to the set of Wake Up San Francisco to get his job back. Becky is on stage with Ron, and their segment is sexual harassment. Ron decides to call Becky “sweet cheeks” and tap her on the bottom. Ron was fired in a second, and Danny was rehired.

Danny has rented a duplex and is moving out at the end of the month. It is time for him to get back on his feet.


Ramona has her first college counseling session soon. Jackson has not completed his yet. He does not know what he is good at, but he will figure it out. He is smart in his own way.

Jackson is having a hard time figuring out what he is good at in life. He gets mad and Jackson Kicks the Footballkicks a football into the air. It goes flying and then hits a car. The alarm on the car goes off, and DJ and Max are impressed with his kick. Jackson is going to audition to be on the football team at school. DJ is not so enthusiastic about it. She told him that “if he makes the team, he can play.” She is worried about his safety as any other caring parent would about their child or children.

Everything Works Out for the Better

DJ and Matt have resolved their issue about their coexisting relationship. They have decided to go back into business together. DJ and Matt have a lot of debt to handle and hopefully no lawsuits.

Stephanie has decided to sing at kid’s parties to make some extra cash. She is a fantastic singer, and I know she will have fun doing it. Stephanie’s dreams of becoming a famous musician will come in time, and her dreams will come true. It may not be until the child is almost fully grown.

Danny has gotten his old job back and is working with Becky as her co-host. He also has decided to move out and get his own place. Danny is renting a duplex. He should move out and have his personal space.

Ramona and Jackson both have figured out what they want to do in the future. Ramona is going to be a dancer, and Jackson is going to do football. DJ is concerned that he will get hurt in the process. Every parent worries about their child or children.

When will Matt move on and start to date, other people? Has Danny moved out of the house for good? Will everyone’s future turn out what they expect?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Harmon and Fuller Pet Care Reunite

  1. Matt needs to move on and start dating other people. If he does find someone, will it be someone that DJ knows? Does DJ get along with her? If he began dating Gia, that be funny because DJ does not like Gia or gets along with her. Danny has moved out and hopefully for good because soon there may not be any more room for guests with the baby on the way. I hope everyone’s future is full of positivity and happiness. Hopefully, everything will turn out for the better.