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Season 5 Episode 7

Jane and Rafael are having relationship issues. Michael regained his memories and has asked Jane to go to Montana with him. She has decided to go to Montana with him. Jane and Rafael are still not in the right place. He does not want to talk to her and needs his space. Jane is nervous about her trip with Michael. She needs to figure out what her heart desires. Does she want to be with Michael or Rafael?


Jane is going to Montana with Michael. She is so excited to go, but the next morning she starts to freak out and does not want to go to Montana. Jane decides she is going and does not know what to pack. Rogelio shows up to help her pack for Montana. Her mom and Abula calm her down, and she is all packed and ready to go.

Love Lost

Michael picks Jane up, and they are on the plane to Montana. They had to wait for the luggage and missed the bus. “3 hours, 4 counties, and 4 pit stops later.” Jane and Michael stopped for gas, waited for 45 minutes until the cows unblocked the road, and she pees in a bush “twice.” It sure has been quite the journey for the two.

Missing Home

They are driving in the truck to his place and arrive one hour and forty-five minutes later. Jane texts her mom and says she made a mistake coming here, and she does not know what she is doing, but the text did not send. She wants to go home, but Jane needs to give Michael a chance to see if there is more between them. If Jane does not do this, she may have regrets later.

Jane wakes up the next morning and sees the beautiful view of the mountains. It is gorgeous. She and Michael go for a walk to have a picnic. Charlie is Michael’s rival, and Rick is “The Ranch Foreman.” Michael has to do some chores before they may have a picnic.

Michael introduces Jane to Shelby, which is a horse. Shelby is “The Tired And True Steed.” They cleaned the horse stalls. Michael and Jane started a hay fight. She fell in the pile of horse poop. Michael held the rope as Jane got all cleaned up. She put on fresh clothes.

Jane and Michael hang out with friends. Michael has to decide in 48 hours if he is staying at the ranch or leaving. They could not tell each other what was on their mind. They went to bed.

Jane found out about the decision from Keith, Michael’s dependable best friend. Jane and Michael ride horses. He may want to do the long-distance, but Jane does not know if it is the right decision.

Rocky the Bull

They fix the fence. Rocky, the bull is also known as “The Stud,” escaped, and they chase after him. Jane is not scared of Charlie and learns how to catch a bull from Michael. She goes to find the bull; instead, she finds Charlie. Charlie is known as “The Villain.” Charlie does not like Jane or Michael. She gets the bull and finds Michael. Michael and Jane camp out and they kissed. Did Jane or Michael still have feelings?

Prize Chickens

The next morning a gunshot wakes up Jane and Michael. Charlie shot the gun off and claims that he is a thief. He stole her prized chickens. Jane defends Michael and tries to explain to Charlie that he is a great person. Bo ate Charlie’s prize chickens. Jane makes a deal with Charlie. Michael has to replace Charlsie’s prized chickens in exchange for not shooting Bo if he crosses onto her land. Charlie accepts Jane’s offer.

Relationship Issues

I do not Trust You

Michael is still in love with Jane and wants to be with her. He wants to move to Miami and leave Montana to be with her. He will do anything for Jane, and she has made a decision. She is in love with Rafael and cannot be with Michael. Jane heads back home to see Rafael. Michael heads back to his place.

Jane gets on the plane and stops by to see Rafael. Rafael is known as “The True Love Interest.” Rafael is not happy with Jane at the moment. Jane told Rafael that she has said goodbye to Michael and wants to be with him forever. He has trust issues with Jane. She is going to fight for Rafael because he is her destiny. Jane is known as “The Determined Damsel.”

Sorry Jane, I Do Not Trust You Anymore.

Jane and Michael finally say their goodbyes. They explored to see if she could possibly see a future with him, but all she could think about was Rafael. Jane’s heart belongs to him. He is her true love forever. Rafael and Jane may be having trouble in their relationship of what’s left of it, but she is not going down without a fight. Is Rafael ready to be with her after what Jane has put him through? Rafael tells her that he is not prepared to be in a relationship with her at the moment. Jane has thrown Rafael through the hoops in the last couple of weeks. Will they be able to get past all the damage, or is this the end of Jane and Rafael forever?

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Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Goodbye Michael

  1. Jane made the right decision to be with Rafael. Michael and Jane have changed and are not the same people they were a long time ago. Rafael still needs time to cope, but at least he knows where Jane’s heart is now, and that is with him. He is the love of her life. Jane and Rafael will be able to get through it together. They have been through worse, and Rafael always comes back around. He needs time to adjust to everything that has happened.