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Season 4 Episode 10

Stephanie and Jimmy have a chance to learn the sex of the baby. Jimmy does not want to know and wants it to be a surprise. I want to see the gender of the baby. I am more of a planner and would rather know what to expect. Will Stephanie be able to leave it alone or spoil the surprise of knowing the gender? 

Jackson has a big football game coming up, and everyone depends on him. He feels the pressure and does not know if he can handle it. I hope Jackson plays the game and does his best. It is his talent to play football. He finally found something he is good at, and he should not give up so easily. Will he try to get out of the game or tough it up for his team members? 

Jesse has joined a Daddy and Me class and is worried about how it will go. He worries that he is not parenting Pamela the right way. Jesse is a wonderful father and should not question his parenting. Will all of Jesse’s worries go away once he goes to the daddy and me class?

Boy or Girl

Stephanie, Jimmy, and Kimmy find out the sex of the baby today. It is an exciting day in the Fuller house. Jimmy does not want to, but Stephanie sure does. He loves surprises and does not want anyone to ruin the surprise. Kimmy and DJ decide to give Stephanie and Jimmy a gender reveal party. Parties are so much fun, but for the Fuller family, there is always a surprise. 

Boy or GirlStephanie and Kimmy went to get the box with the gender reveal balloon in it. I wonder what Jimmy and Stephanie are going to have. It is a magical time when finding out the sex of the baby. 

Everyone is at the park to celebrate the gender reveal party. Stephanie tries to pop the balloon, but it would not budge. It was fighting her, and it was like the balloon did not want her to know the gender. She ties it to a chair that Max was sitting on and gets up because of the dog. The balloon and chair fly away into the sky. Now, they will not know the gender until the baby is born. Kimmy got upset that the chair flew away. It may be a good thing that they do not know the gender until the baby is born.

Sprained Ankle

Jackson is named “Player of the Week.” Congratulations! They have a game coming up and are playing their archrivals, Potrero High. Jackson feels the pressure now. He starts to freak out and comes up with an excuse. Jackson gets up and says he twisted his ankle at practice and that he will be fine. Did he twist his ankle, or is he lying? 

Jackson has to keep his foot elevated, put ice on it, and get some rest. When everyone Big Game Nightleaves the house, he gets up and does not have a twisted ankle. He is perfectly fine. Jackson was faking his sprained ankle, and Ramona catches him in the kitchen dancing. Jackson said he is going to tell his mom the truth, but will he? 

Jackson does tell DJ and Steve the truth, and he wants to give up. He should not give up just because it starts to get tough. DJ and Steve teach him a life lesson on never to give up on your dreams. They are right to never give up on your dreams. It is your life, and everyone deserves to have their dreams come true no matter how ridiculous the idea may be. If someone tells you that you cannot do something, prove them wrong and go after your dream.

Big Game Night

Jesse is in town and lays the kids down for a nap. DJ, Jackson, Max, and Ramona come home from Jackson’s game. Jackson kicks the ball and makes a touchdown. Way to go, Jackson, for making a touchdown! He is getting better as he keeps practicing.Jackson's Big Game

On the night of the big game, Jackson made his two kicks, but the star quarterback ended up in the dumpster. Yikes! The star quarterback must feel awful losing the game and ending up in the trash. The students should not have put him in the dumpster. That is no way how to treat a person. The football team lost this game, but it was not Jackson’s fault. Everyone needs to fail at some point in their life; that is how we grow as a person and become a better individual in life.

Daddy and Me

DJ is watching Pamela while Jesse goes down to the Smash Club. It must be nice for Jesse to own the Smash Club again. It is his second time buying it and hopefully the last. I hope he keeps the Smash Club forever and passes it down in the family. 

Jesse goes to daddy and me group, and Josh Peck guest stars as Ben. They step on each other’s toes for a bit. Jesse is an old school parent as Ben is the new generation kind of parent. Even though I may be young and do not have kids myself, I am with Jesse being Daddy and Meall old school. Kids do not need all the different types of electronics for them to learn. All kids need is to be cared for and feel loved. 

Jesse is worried that he may not be raising Pamela the way he should. Jesse is a wonderful father and should not doubt that. He helped raise Danny’s three little girls as well as his two sons. He is a great father and should feel appreciated for it. 

Jesse goes back to Daddy and Me group, giving all the kids real donuts, not the gluten and sugar-free ones. The kids are running around like crazy. They have the sugar rush, and it is driving Ben crazy. Jesse starts to sing and play the toy piano, and the children begin to calm down and listen to the song. Jesse has nothing to worry about his parenting. He has this parenting thing down and knows what is right for his child.

No Reveal, No Gender. 

Stephanie decides that she does not need to know the gender of the baby. I believe that she made the right decision for her. If it were me, I definitely would want to know because I am a planner. Stephanie and Jimmy want it to be a surprise, and it should be. Stephanie and Jimmy are going to be wonderful parents. They have a house full of people there for help and support. 

Jackson has a big game coming up, and he is nervous. Everyone gets nervous, but should not let it stop them from doing what they love. He makes an excuse that he sprained his ankle during practice. He did not sprain his ankle, and he is afraid of losing the game. Everyone is counting on him. It is okay to be scared, that just means you are human. It is part of life, and everything will be alright. After DJ and Steve talk to him, he goes to the game and makes his two kicks. The football team did lose but not on his count. Jackson did not give up, and that is what matters. 

Jesse went to his first daddy and me class. He was afraid that he was not parenting Pamela the right way. Jesse needs to remind himself that he is doing his best, and Pamela is loved. Children are unique in their way. Jesse is a wonderful father, and that will never change. Everyone parents differently, but want the same outcome. Individuals need their children to be safe, happy, love, and healthy. 

What will Stephanie and Jimmy have, boy or girl? Do you think Jesse is a wonderful father and doing his best?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Gender Reveal Party

  1. Stephanie and Jimmy will have a girl, and I hope they name it after her mother. Jesse is a wonderful father, and he raised two twin boys. Jesse can handle raising a little girl. Jesse needs to believe in himself, and he will be able to make the right decisions for Pamela.