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Season 4 Episode 1

It is that time of the year again, the season for joy and good tidings, and DJ seems to be the only Fuller excited for Christmas! Everyone else is sitting on the couch, watching tv, and eating popcorn. DJ wants to deck the halls, but no one is feeling jolly about it, she may be doom to hang the holly all by herself.

The Fuller’s and Gibbler’s start to put up decorations and have the house ready for DJ when she returns. When they come back, Tommy is scared of Santa, and Max has lost his Christmas spirit.

Will DJ be able to help Tommy overcome his fear of Santa? Will she help Max overcome a bad case of the bah humbugs?

Tommy Fuller

Jackson said they were getting into the Christmas spirit, so they are watching Die Hard. Max and Tommy are in the Christmas spirit and want to decorate.

Seeing SantaDJ cuts off the TV and says that they are all on her naughty list for not getting the house ready for Christmas. Jimmy Gibbler says, “You are not gonna tell Santa, are you?” She said she is going to see Santa with Max and Tommy in 45 minutes at the mall. DJ says, “And when I get back, this room better be filled with so many Santas, that I could not even swing a red-nosed reindeer without hitting one.”

DJ comes back and tells everyone to put away the Santas because Tommy had a meltdown at the mall. Most every kid gets upset, sitting on Santa’s lap. Max did not seem to enjoy Santa, either.

DJ comes in and tells Kimmy and Stephanie to get rid of the Santa cookies before Tommy sees them. Kimmy then shoves all the Santa cookies in her mouth. DJ said, “Why didn’t you just hide them.” Kimmy said, “I did not eat lunch.”

Max has lost his Christmas spirit after seeing Santa at the mall. DJ and the family tried to bring out Max’s Christmas spirit, and it did not work. They all start to decorate the tree, and Max drops an ornament, and it breaks.

Max runs upstairs, and DJ figures out what is wrong with Max. He misses his father so much. DJ’s husband passed away a few years ago. They talk and work things out. It is hard for a child to lose a parent.

DJ and Max decide to watch some home movies of his father. The whole family joins in to watch. During the video, DJ’s husband receives a call. Kimmy’s intuition kicks in, and she takes off running. She came back with presents.

Kimmy says, “You know in the video when Tommy Sr. took the phone call, and none of Christmas Presentsyou could hear it? Well, I could, with my Gibbler hearing. Tommy wanted to give his kids the best Christmas ever. He even bought these special presents and hid them here at Danny’s house.” Tommy got an ornament, Jackson got a Wii U, and Max received a watch. As for DJ, her Christmas gift from her husband was a necklace, and she said it was ugly, but she loved it.

Everyone gathers around for Christmas dinner, DJ is giving a speech, Tommy gets up and says, “Santa, Santa.” It is Joey, and he is here to cheer up Tommy so he will not be afraid of Santa anymore.

As everyone starts to eat, Kimmy’s intuition kicks in and snows in San Francisco. Everyone goes outside to enjoy the snow.


Kimmy is throwing tinsel on the tree while leaning over the railing. Stephanie freaks out and tells her not to do that since she is pregnant with her child. Kimmy is getting bigger and bigger each day. She is in her second trimester.

Stephanie has been very overprotective of Kimmy during her pregnancy, and it is only going to get worse over time.

Taking Care of YouStephanie wants to make sure Kimmy is eating enough and is taken care of and getting enough sleep. She gives Kimmy a belly rub and enjoys it.

Kimmy wants to know why she is doing all these beautiful things. Stephanie wants to be part of the process since she is doing all the hard work. Stephanie calls Kimmy her friend, and she has been waiting for thirty years to hear it from her. Kimmy said, “I should have had your baby in Middle School.”

Jimmy and Fernando give Stephanie and Kimmy a present to remember the pregnancy. It is a picture of the baby’s sonogram. Jimmy says, “Do not worry. When the baby comes out, it will be in color.” He is so funny!

Clothes Drive and Love

Jackson has left Rocki five messages, and she has not responded.

During Christmas Eve dinner, Jackson receives a text. It is a Christmas miracle, and it is from Rocki. She responded to his message.

Ramona did a clothing drive for the homeless. It is a school assignment, but it turns out that she loves giving back to the community.

I Quit

Steve is not going to be here for Christmas with DJ. He is working for the Lakers.Let It Snow

DJ receives a video call from Steve on Christmas Eve. He surprises DJ by coming home for Christmas, and she is so excited to see him! Steve quits his job with the Lakers. He wants to see where their relationship goes as a couple.

Let It Snow

The Fuller House has celebrated Christmas with the family. Max overcame his Christmas blues, and Tommy overcame his fear of Santa. DJ’s husband, Tommy Fuller, left his family Christmas presents.

Stephanie and Kimmy have a heart to heart. Stephanie wants to make sure Kimmy and the baby are taken care of because they are friends. Fernando and Jimmy gave them a picture of the baby’s sonogram.

Jackson and Rocki are a cute couple. He is so excited when she texts him back. Ramona did clothes drive for a school assignment. She enjoys giving back to the community.

Steve surprised DJ by coming home for Christmas. He quits his job to see where their relationship will go.

Everyone enjoyed their Christmas. It also started to snow in San Francisco.

We know that Kimmy is only giving birth to one child. Will Kimmy have a baby be a boy or a girl? Will DJ and Steve’s relationship take off?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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One thought on “Christmas with the Fuller Family

  1. I hope Kimmy gives birth to a baby girl. There are way too many boys in the house. It will be a nice change to have two girls in the house. DJ and Steve have a long history. I think their relationship will take off. They still have the spark, just like when they were teenagers.