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Season 5 Episode 15

Jane’s novel is this multigenerational story of the lightness and darkness. She has been working very hard on it for quite some time, and Marlene has given her excellent feedback on it.

Mateo has been struggling in school and has been diagnosed with ADHD. He struggles with reading. Jane and Rafael have been working together to help him focus and learn.

Rogelio has been stressing over if his pilot is going to take off or not. He wants answers as soon as possible. All that stress landed him in the hospital, so he needs to relax.

Luisa has decided to work with Bobby and Rose on her particular assignment. Luisa has made the wrong decision just to be with someone she loves.

Petra got into a car accident with her mother also in the car. I hope they are alright.

Will Jane’s novel get picked up from an agent? Will Mateo learn to read? Will Rogelio remember what is really important in life? What is Rose’s plan have to do with Rafael? Will Petra and her mother be okay?

Jane’s Novel

When Jane was 30 years and six months old, her life changed forever. Right now, Jane is 30 years and five months old.
Jane realized that she has to make some changes to her novel and finishes it off. She focused on her book for three weeks to get it done. I am so proud of Jane finishing her book.

Jane receives a call from Marlene, and she loves the novel, but Jill is not going to represent her to publish the book. Jane is going to send her book to every publisher out there.

Rejection LetterJane has received her third rejection now. Rogelio comes up with a brilliant plan to get her manuscript to the last producer, but Jane gets a phone call from Rafael to pick up the girls.

Jane picks the girls up and goes back to drop off the manuscript. She gets stopped by security when the girls open their mouths, and she forgot the box in the car. The girls save Jane from the security man.

The girls helped Jane get her book upstairs for the agent to read. They have bonded so much.

Jane is worried the publisher will not like her book, and so far, no publisher will publish Jane’s book. Mateo started to read her book. Jane and Rafael were so excited that they started kissing, and Mateo says, “Ew! No more kissing. More Reading.” He is so funny.

Jane receives a call from an agent, and she wants to publish her book! Jane is so excited!

The Girls

Jane wants to expand and make some changes. She wants to make sure that Rafael’s daughters feel at home at their house as they would at home. Rafael is so happy she is making these changes in her life.

Jane is watching the girls for Petra, and the girls try to get 20 minutes of iPad time, and Petra said no. Only ten minutes after dinner, so the girls went to play in their rooms.

Jane catches the girls playing with their iPad after she specifically said no. Petra comes by to get the girls and asks how it went. They are starting to bond.

Jane picks up the girls, and they are upset she tattled on them to Petra, so they are The Girlscalling her “Lame Jane” now. The girls run and knock some lady’s luggage off the cart and told Jane that she needs to get a hold of the kids. Jane said, “just because she is Latino does not mean she is their nanny.” The girls hate Jane for telling on them. That lady was a little racist to Jane. What was her problem?

Jane drops the girls off at Petra’s, and she told her that she had an issue with the girls today. Petra yells to tell the girls to get out here so they can explain what happened.

Petra was mad that she involved the girls in her plan and made them lie. It was not Jane’s fault. She was just trying to bond with the girls and get to know them.

Rogelio’s Career

Rogelio’s pilot went for some testing to see if the people loved it or not. The studio people are going to give it to the network to decide if it is going to air. Rogelio is worried that the young version of him and River are going to be what the Television network wants and not them. Rogelio and River are not going to let that happened.

Rogelio and River are going over the footage and getting it cropped. He has to bail on picking up Baby from Darci. It was supposed to be Darci’s and Esteban’s romantic night before he goes off on a yoga retreat. Rogelio needs to spend time with his daughter because these are the moments he should be cherishing.

Rogelio’s CareerRogelio and River finish editing the footage and ask Rudy to send the tape to the studio to give it to the network. Rudy had to get the latest footage in by three, so she sent the last tape in, and now they will have to wait.

Darci stops by Rogelio’s with Baby. Darci has to go to New York for two days. She points out that Rogelio has been more focused on work than on Baby.

Rogelio is watching Baby and River is going through with their plan to give the last footage to the studio. Baby started to walk, and Rogelio was so excited and happy.

Rogelio is ready to slow down his career, and River is not. She does not have anyone besides her daughter that is not speaking to her. Her daughter is Rudy! Rogelio has agreed to help River win Rudy back!

Pull the Plug

Jane goes to see Petra and her mother in the hospital. Petra realized if she had died, the girls would have Rafael and Jane as a stepmom. Petra hurt her hand, and her mom had hurt her leg.

Jane goes to see Petra, and Petra asked her to watch the girls later for her. She gives Jane a list of rules for the girls.

Petra’s mother’s doctor calls Petra to come down to the hospital and talk to her mother. Her mother will not do the surgery to have her leg cut off, and Petra did not care what her mother does. If she has the surgery or not.

Petra received a call from the doctor that her mother is on life support. Petra gave the Pull the Plugdoctor permission to pull the plug in a text. She sent him a plug and thumbs up emoji. The doctor explains that he needs it in writing. Petra is so funny, and I do not blame her for her actions. Her mother treated her very horrible.

Jane and Petra get to the hospital, and Petra feels nothing for her mother. Her mother was so evil and selfish.

Magda started to wake up and grabbed Petra’s hand. She is alive! OH MY GOSH! She is going to stir so much trouble in Petra’s life.

The Plan

Luisa and Bobby have a plan to get the tie tack. What is the tie tack?

Luisa goes by to see Rafael as part of Rose’s plan. She apologizes and tries to convince Rafael to give her her father’s tie tack, and he said he will take it straight to the police since she wants it and figures it is all part of Rose’s plan. Rafael is smart.

The PlanRafael gets it out of the safe, and Bobby planted cameras in his place. He now has the code to the safe, but Rafael took the tie tack out.

Bobby and Luisa are stalking Rafael. He leaves to go see Petra at the hospital. Luisa and Bobby break into his apartment. They retrieve her father’s watch, which has a fingerprint that opens a big safe full of cash!

Rose’s plan is coming into place. All of her goons are dressed like her.

Bobby Broke into Rafael’s Apartment

Jane has finished her novel and now wants to get it published. She hands out her book to numerous publishers and received rejection after rejection. Rafael has been so supportive through this tough time. When she was ready to give up, her dad told her to never give up and came up with a plan. The plan worked, and she has a publisher that will publish her book.

Since Jane is going to be the girl’s stepmother soon, she wanted to have some quality time and get to know the girls. It sure has been a roller coaster with them two. They may be a handful, but Jane loves them so much. The girls helped Jane get her book to the publisher to read it. They have bonded so much, and the girls love Jane.

Rogelio has been having some career issues lately. He finished his pilot and has been waiting to hear back if it is going to take off or not. The studio wants the latest cut version of his pilot in by three, and Rogelio and River did not know. They came up with a plan to get the final cut to the studio. It did not work, but Rfogelio realized what was important in life than his own career.

Petra and her mother were in a car accident and sent to the hospital. They were both okay after the accident, and then her mother took a turn for the worst. She had to have her leg cut off, and then after surgery, she was in a coma, and Petra told the doctors to pull the plug. She did not feel any empathy for her mother. I do not blame her, she was an evil mother.

Luisa and Bobby are trying to get the tie tack, so they broke into Rafael’s apartment and safe. They stole a fingerprint from her dad’s watch. It unlocked a bigger safe full of cash.

What is Magda’s mission with Petra now since she owns the hotel? What does Rose want a safe full of cash for? What is her big plan?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Bonding

  1. Magda has always wanted the hotel, but she will never own it because if she did, she would run it down to the dirt. Petra knows how to run the hotel and is very good at it. Magda needs to back off of Petra. I wonder why Rose wants the safe full of cash. Maybe she plans on escaping and leaving the country.