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Season 5 Episode 14

Jane and Rafael are back together and engaged! Now they have to decide where they are getting married and plan out all the details. Jane and Rafael do want to expand their family as well. Will they want to after everything that has happened?

Rogelio and River have finished shooting all the scenes for “This is Mars,” and they are waiting to see if it turns into a series.

Xo is going to Nursing school. She has filled out the application and is waiting on the results to see if she gets in.

Petra has full ownership of the Marbella. She can now make all the decisions. Rafael was the owner of the Marbella, but now he is a real estate agent.

Wedding Plans

When Jane was 25, she got married to Michael. Rafael had to let go of Jane so she could come back to him in the future. Now they are engaged and planning the wedding of their dreams.

Jane and Rafael go to her parent’s house to talk about the wedding. Everyone is too distracted, so Jane and Rafael go home and do some wedding planning themselves.

Wedding PlansRafael and Jane have to reschedule the appointment with the minister. He is busy working at the hotel and his real estate job. Rafael did not do his questionnaire for the minister, and he missed the appointment. The minister has concerns about Rafael’s commitment to Jane and her family. Jane looked a little disappointed but understood.

Later, Rafael goes to see the minister and convinces to give them a second chance, but when he heard that Jane stood up for him, he was so happy and proud of her.

Rafael does not want any more kids now, and Jane is okay with that. They have a big family, and Rafael has three kids. He has his hands tied with the kids, work, and the wedding.

Alba is going to be Jane and Rafael’s officiant. She is so happy to marry them. Everyone is excited about the wedding.

Jane’s Eggs

Lina comes to visit Jane, and she is Jane’s matron of honor. Jane is very close to finishing her novel.

Danny and Lina are having fertility issues, and she asked Jane if she could have one of Jane's Eggsher eggs. OH MY GOSH! I do not even know what I would say in this situation. She told Lina that she will consider it, and she needs to talk to Rafael about it first.

Jane mentions it to everyone at dinner, and they think it is a bad idea, but it is her decision. I do not know if Jane can handle knowing her child is out there, and she is not raising him or her.

Jane has a few questions about the process if Lina raises her child. Jane does not know if she can go through with it.

Jane explains to Mateo the situation about her having Lina’s baby. He tells her that she always makes the right decision. Mateo is supportive of what his mommy will do.

Jane asks Lina more questions, but she thinks Jane does not believe she would be a good mother. That is simply not the truth. Jane explains it is a big decision for her, and she just wants to make the right choice.

Jane picks Mateo up from school, and he told everyone that she was having a baby. Jane is not pregnant, but he misinterpreted last night’s conversation.

Jane and Lina talk and figure everything out. If she goes through with it, it will be after the wedding. Lina answers all of Jane’s thirty-seven questions.

Lina decides not to take Jane’s eggs and, in return, be the baby’s guardian. Jane accepts her decision to be the child’s guardian.

Rogelio’s Heart

Rogelio is on the phone with Barry, his agent, and he needs the pick up of “This is Mars,” and Rogelio will do anything to get it done.

Rogelio is so distracted by his pilot that he is not paying attention to Jane about her wedding.

Rogelio’s HeartRogelio is struggling to know if his pilot has picked up yet or not. Xo is worried about if she got into nursing school or not. Everything will work out like it always does.

Rogelio was Instagram live and started to have heart complications. Rogelio had surgery, and he will be okay. He needs to relax and stop stressing over the pilot. Everything happens for a reason.

Xo got into nursing school. I am so proud of her for going back to school. It will be tough, but I know she will do great.

Petra’s Marbella

Petra is so happy that the Marbella is all hers. She has big plans for The Marbella. Rafael misses the hotel and wants to go back to work.

Rafael goes to see Petra about the hotel. Petra offers him a job at the Marbella, and he takes it. He is still working as a real estate agent for now. Rafael is out with Petra and the chef having drinks and will not be home till late.

Petra and Rafael have an argument over an idea for the Marbella. She rubs it in Rafael’sMarbella Decisions face that he ran it into the ground, and she had to save the hotel. Since she owns the Marbella, she feels that she makes all the decisions. I think Petra needs to take in Rafael’s feelings. He had the hotel ripped away from him. Petra should make him an equal partner to the hotel. It was his family’s hotel.

Petra and Rafael make amends, and everything works out. Petra is driving home, and her mother is in the back seat of her car. Petra gets into a car accident. I hope Petra will be okay, but her mother needs to leave her alone. Petra needs to make sure that if anything happens to her to leave the hotel in Rafael’s name.

Complicated Family Decisions

Jane and Rafael are planning the wedding of their dreams. They have hit some bumps in the road, but everything is working out for the best. Rafael has missed the meeting with the minister that they have rescheduled several times. Jane and Rafael have decided that they do not want any more kids, but we will see if that lasts.

Lina comes into town to help Jane get a wedding dress. She tells Jane that she and Danny are having a hard time getting pregnant and asked if she could get Jane’s eggs. Jane was shocked and was not sure if she could give up her child and not be a part of his or her life. Lina told Jane she does not want her eggs and that she will ask one of her sisters instead. They understand where the other is coming from and are okay with the decision.

Rogelio has been so stressed lately because he has not heard back about if his pilot took off. He has been Instagram live his entire life for two to three days. Rogelio started to have heart problems and was sent to the hospital. He had surgery, and he will recover. Rogelio needs to relax. Xo, on the other hand, got into nursing school. I am so proud of her.

Petra has full control over the Marbella. Rafael asked to come back to work at the hotel. He set Petra up with this chef, and he liked Rafael’s idea better than hers. She thinks Rafael is overstepping, and she explained that she owns the hotel. Well, they got into a disagreement, and he left. Later that evening, he calls Petra and apologizes. Everything is good now except Petra’s mother came back. She scared Petra in her car, and now Petra was in a car accident. I hope she is okay.

Where are Jane and Rafael getting married? Will Rogelio’s pilot take off? Is Petra alive, and if so, Is Petra going to make a recovery from the accident?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Jane the Virgin.

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One thought on “Big Changes

  1. I wonder where Jane and Rafael will get married. I hope they have an outdoor wedding. That would be beautiful and romantic. Rogelio’s pilot will take off because I have a feeling it will be a success. Petra was in a car accident, and I hope she is alive. It will not be the same without her if she is gone. Her mother, Magda, was also in the car. I hope the two of them are okay and will make a full recovery.