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Season 5 Episode 1

Stephanie and Jimmy are coming home from the hospital today with their baby girl. They have not picked out a name yet for her, but that is okay. They are officially parents and now get to raise their child that they have been waiting for a long time.

Everyone is preparing a welcome home party for Stephanie and Jimmy with the baby. They have put a banner to welcome the couple and the baby home. It says, “Welcome home, baby-to-be-named-later.” Danny has also come to help welcome another grandchild home. He is so excited to see his first granddaughter.

What do you think they will name the baby?

A Doula and A Marriage?

Stephanie and Jimmy are home from the hospital, and everyone is excited to see the baby. DJ was holding the baby, and a woman comes in and takes the baby from her arms then runs into the kitchen with it. Who is the woman, and why did she run off with the baby? DJ was about to call the cops on the woman if Stephanie did not stop her.

The woman is Stephanie’s doula, Melissa. Stephanie does not like the way that Melissa is helping out with the baby. She said Stephanie was doing everything wrong. How rude! The doula is practically raising the baby instead of Stephanie. The doula is about to have another thing coming because DJ is most certainly not going to put up with her.

Jimmy has to ask Danny’s permission to marry his daughter after the fact. Danny does not know that he has already proposed to Stephanie. He chokes up and does not ask him. Jimmy is so scared of how Danny may react to the situation. What if he finds out that he proposed to Stephanie without his permission?

A Doula and A MarriageDJ is trying to sabotage the doula and get rid of her. She wants to be the one to help Stephanie with her child, and not the doula. There is a house full of people living in the house that may help with the baby. Stephanie does not need a doula because she has a family. The family will always be there for you, no matter what happens.

Stephanie comes running upstairs, screaming in a pillow, and DJ catches her. She threw it down the stairs and said she was not doing anything. Stephanie catches DJ spying on the doula, and she says she was calling Steve when he is standing right next to her. Real smooth DJ, Stephanie caught you spying on the doula. She knew what you were up to, and she was not happy.

Jimmy asks Danny for permission to marry Stephanie, and he laughs in his face. Danny already knew he asked Stephanie. Danny gives Jimmy his blessing and wants him to make sure she is happy. He found out because she came walking in wearing an engagement ring. Stephanie never took the ring off, but Danny is delighted to welcome Jimmy into the family.

DJ and Stephanie talk through their feelings and are going to be there for one another. Stephanie decides to fire the doula, and DJ has taken upon herself to do it. She has been planning it all day for this moment. DJ is funny, and the way she handles situations is even more entertaining. The doula has left, and we will not be seeing her anymore.

I am Pregnant Free!

Fernando and Kimmy come home from the hospital. Kimmy goes to the top of the stairs and purposely falls. Has she lost her mind? Kimmy should be resting after giving birth and should not be doing anything dangerous.

Kimmy and Fernando went rollerblading, and he cannot keep up with her, plus he is not I am Pregnant Free!the best. He keeps falling and cannot keep his balance.

Kimmy has taken this “I am not pregnant anymore” way too far. She has been running, rollerblading, and dangling to avoid her feelings. Kimmy misses being pregnant, but she gets to watch the little girl grow up. Kimmy should be happy that she has been able to bring another life into the world, and she gets to be part of her life as well.

Baby Clothes and Memories from the Past

Baby Clothes and Memories from the PastThe kids go up to the attic to look for baby clothes and find some old memories while they are up there. They found Joey’s flintstone costume, uncle Jesse’s Spray Guard 2001, and Michelle’s Rigby doll. It was the good old days before technology has become so advanced.

Baby Name Reveal Celebration

Danny feels like no one needs him anymore and that they have everything figured out. Stephanie helps her dad realize that they will still need him in their life; it will just be different than from before. When Stephanie gets done talking to her dad, she realizes what the baby’s name is going to be.Baby Name Reveal

Everyone gathers around for the name reveal party. Stephanie and Jimmy name the baby after Danny. Her name is Danielle, and her middle name is Jo. She is not only named after Danny but also her sister DJ. The baby’s godmother is Kimmy Gibbler. The baby is named after everyone that Stephanie loves and has been there for her throughout the process. The baby is so adorable and precious.

Welcome Home Danielle

The little bundle of joy has been named Danielle Jo Tanner. Her nickname will be DJ if that is what she chooses to be called later in life. Danny and DJ were so happy to have the baby named after them, and Kimmy was ecstatic to be named the godmother. I guess the godfather would be Fernando. They never said so maybe he could be.

Now Stephanie and Jimmy are engaged, the wedding must be coming soon. When will the wedding be, and where will it take place? Will Steve also propose to DJ soon? Are Kimmy and Fernando engaged, or are they just divorced and been dating? Will there be a triple wedding?

Please leave any comments or questions you may have, and I will get back to you shortly.

Credit goes to Fuller House.

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  1. The wedding should be soon, and it is going to be exciting. It should take place in the backyard. Kimmy and Fernando, and DJ and Steve may be getting engaged soon. There will be a triple wedding.