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Season 4 Episode 13

The she-wolf pack is headed to go see Hamilton. They are so excited. It is one last girl’s trip before the baby is born. Will Hamilton be the only thing today that will be exciting? If Kimmy gives birth, what will the baby’s gender be, and what will be his or her name?

Fernando and Jimmy have been planning to go get Monty’s sandwich for a long time now. They are so excited to go get one because they have not had one since Kimmy got pregnant. Will the lunch be something that Jimmy enjoys, or is there something else that will make him happy?

Jackson and Rocki hit a rough patch the last time we saw them. Jackson made fun of Rocki to his football teammates, and she was so upset with him. Will she be able to forgive him and stay together, or will they break up?


Kimmy and Stephanie are going little nuts at the end of the pregnancy. DJ has prepared a babymoon for the she-wolf pack, and they are going to see Hamilton. Kimmy is super excited that she jumps up fast and does cartwheels into the kitchen while being nine months pregnant. Kimmy is full of surprises, and you never know what her next move may be. How does a pregnant woman move so fast at nine months?

Kimmy gets dressed like the Schuyler sister in case they may need a new character. Why would they need a new role? What is she up to? She was trying to sneak out of the house with ball bearings and throw them up on stage for the actor to slip on, then she would be the main character. Kimmy will do anything to be part of Hamilton.Hamilton

Kimmy gets caught by Ramona about going to see Hamilton. Ramona says, “It is an interesting twist when the parents start lying to you.” Kimmy says, “And you were in the room where it happened. See ya.” She is hilarious and had a strong comeback as well.

The she-wolf pack arrives at Hamilton, and as it begins, Kimmy’s water breaks and goes into labor. Kimmy did not want to leave, but DJ insisted. She was not giving up on her Hamilton. Kimmy shows that she loves Hamilton and will not let anything stop her.

Uncle Monty’s Sandwich

Jimmy is making all the preparations ready for when the baby arrives. He is so happy to be a father. It is exciting to see Jimmy so happy for the baby and prepared to be a father.

Jimmy and Fernando are going on a road trip to “Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium of Alameda.” Is going on a road trip a mistake? Max invites himself on the road trip with Jimmy and Fernando. Max is funny about how he does not let people tell him no.Uncle Monty’s Sandwich

Jimmy, Fernando, and Max are headed to get sandwiches, and Max receives a text that Kimmy is in labor. The guys decide that they might as well get one after only five minutes from getting lunch. Then they will head to the hospital. It is so funny how men are about their food. It is a good thing that they went and got sandwiches because Jimmy also got Stephanie one. It was so sweet of him.

Jimmy is worried he will not be a great father. Max talks to him and helps him see how wonderful he is to all his loved ones. Jimmy will be an amazing father to his child, and he should not have any doubts.

Jackson’s Breakup

Jackson calls and invites Rocki over to apologize about the prom. Rocki accepts Jackson’s apology, but they are no longer together. She cannot trust him anymore, so they are going to remain friends for now. Hopefully, in the future, they may get back together. Jackson’s BreakupJackson made a huge mistake and risked his relationship with Rocki.

Jackson and Ramona receive the text that Kimmy is in labor and call Rocki for a ride. She is the only friend that has a car and can drive. It must have been an awkward situation.

The Baby is Here!

Kimmy has gone into labor, and they are headed to the hospital. Kimmy insisted on DJ keeping driving because she is not having another car baby. Kimmy is definitely feeling those contractions. Hopefully, they do make it before she has a car baby.

The she-wolf pack is at the hospital, and Kimmy is at nine centimeters. They made it to the hospital. The baby is coming, and it is coming fast. Max knows what dilated means because he watches Grey’s Anatomy. Who lets their child watch Grey’s Anatomy? Max is too smart for his age. Max is too smart for his age, and he is certainly too young to be Baby to be Named Laterwatching Grey’s Anatomy.

The she-wolf pack, Jimmy, and Fernando are in the delivery room helping Kimmy through the birth. It is going well so far. The baby is here, and it is a girl! Everyone is excited and happy for the two of them.

Jimmy proposes to Stephanie, and she says yes! She will be an official Gibbler. How exciting that the she-wolf pack women are all getting married. It is going to be a triple wedding.

Baby to be Named Later?

The she-wolf pack went to see Hamilton and ended up giving birth to a baby girl. Jimmy and Stephanie are officially parents. It has been a long journey for everyone during pregnancy. Now, Stephanie and Jimmy have a baby girl to raise. They will have love and support from their big family, so they will not have to do it alone. What will they name their little baby girl?

Jackson and Rocki have hit a bump in the road in their relationship. Jackson had said some horrible words about Rocki to his football teammates. He apologizes to her, and she forgives him, but they are not together. Will being friends turn into something more later?

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Credit goes to Fuller House.

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  1. Stephanie and Jimmy should name the baby after her and DJ’s mom. Jackson and Rocki should remain friends. Them together, shaking things up and makes it complicated for DJ and Gia.